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  1. Thank you do much! this worked TT^TT!!!
  2. I can't back roll back my graphics because it'd mess up some of my games besides SL, so that option is not for me. Is there some other way to stop this weird blue tint? Will that be fixed eventually or will my game remain blue for now on? This is my first time posting on this tech forum so i'm not sure if this is the right place for this!
  3. The fit for today! Decided to go to a little self photography studio and snap some shots.
  4. Lol, i've had men on SL question both my gender and age due to how i speak and act! Which is funny and crazy since i literally have my Instagram linked in my profile on the RL part of my profile.. I guess people don't really read profiles before speaking to other people! It's always been men too, never women. I usually just let it go, you either believe me or not! that's up to you.
  5. Thanks for reading! ❤️
  6. I just quickly want to say hey! SL black person here and i'm always looking for other SL friends, i'll PM if you don't mind 🙂 Also, Thick socks person. It would be hell if because of the history behind all white places. Black people from my 9 years on SL are hard to come by, it's hard finding friends who are like you on SL. You want friends who can understand your struggles and who you can relate to. You contributed NOTHING to this post bro, if you can't provide any info then go to a different post. OP i hope you find some places where you can meet more black and LGBTQ+ people. 💗
  7. Would love to get to know you! And anyone else feeling like an outsider, SL can def get lonely!
  8. My Second life definition? Hmm, i don't think i have one other than the one the official site says it is. My Second Life experience? It's been good to me, i've had my ups and downs. I think most people on SL keep to themselves or stick to their tribes/families making it hard to get to know people and make more friends. I've been harassed, bullied and had racist remarks throw my way on Secondlife but it hasn't made me stop loving the game, i've been playing since i was in middle school and have made real friends on there. In middle school i was bullied a lot, it was hard and i needed an
  9. Decided to throw have a mini photo shoot in a little town i found. (Car not mine just thought it was a cute add on)
  10. Nah, plenty of men playing female avatars on SL and that goes for women playing male avatars. If people can do it on MMORPG's you can do it on SL !
  11. I'm feeling pretty good right now. I've gotten off twitter for the past month i believe and it's help a lot with my mental health and keeping me sane during these times. I'm feeling better and i'm glad i can say that. Just playing my video games and Secondlife, oh and doing a lot of self care.
  12. Decided to take my avatar to the beach today 💗
  13. Hi! I'm Fawna! I'm 21 in real life. I've been on SL for 9 years now and i've drifted away from my friend group. Well.. more like they stopped getting on 😅.I'm looking for SL friends who can turn into RL friends! In secondlife: I basically dress in whatever i think is cute, so my style goes all over the place. One minute i've got cat ears and a tail the next i'm dressed like an e-girl. It all depends! I love shopping. exploring, sitting around chatting, photography and going to clubs. I'm quite active now a days so you can catch me online quite a bit. In real life: I'm into playing vi
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