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  1. i'm looking for someone to professionally edit some photos i have. must have reference photos and/or flickr account available before receiving funds. i'm willing to negotiate prices based on the quality of your reference photos. you can reach me inworld @yoriexo or send me a notecard.
  2. need someone to take & edit some photos for me. please have references ready. willing to negotiate price. IM me at yoriexo or send me a notecard ♥.
  3. i need someone to furnish a prefab for me. bedroom, office room, single bathroom, longue area, kitchen & living room. willing to negotiate price. IM me at yorie.amore or send me a notecard ♥.
  4. does anyone know how to tint the neck part of a hair base? my hair base has like baby hairs on the back of the neck & i tried messing around with the neck tattoo tab on my hud, but the hairbase on my neck is still white instead of the color i'm trying to change it to.
  5. thank you, the steps are working perfectly for one of my eyebrow appliers, unfortunately not for a particular one. maybe there's a glitch in the product & i'll have to keep messing around with it.
  6. not quite working for me , if you could upload a video of you showing me step by step i'd appreciate it very much.
  7. hey, i've been having this issue with multiple eyebrow appliers i've bought and i dunno how to fix this issue. it's like my eyebrow layer is slightly covering my eye shadow layer whenever i apply one. (like in the photo.)
  8. a tattoo applier i bought for my maitreya mesh body isn't applying to my bento hands. i was told to update my mesh body/hands if they werent working? but i dunno how to do that, help needed 😄
  9. parts of my maitreya mesh body aren't showing. i recently switched viewers from firestorm to alchemy due to my entire avatar not loading and it just being a big swirl of red dust, but now when i log in, my breast area and butt area are invisible. there are also these tiny yellow triangles by my mesh body that appear when i first log in, like there's an error or something. i've tried relogging in different regions and even re-rezzed my mesh body. i dunno if this is a viewer issue like before or if my connection is bad (which wouldn't make sense, it's pretty good.) does anyone know what can fix this?
  10. Hey everyone, I'm new to second life and i recently spent quite a bit of money on items for my avatar, such as mesh bodies, heads and clothing. But recently when i logged in, my avatar wouldn't load. I use the firestorm viewer and normally there's a red dust cloud that pops up when i log in, but it normally disappears and my avatar loads up. That isn't happening anymore and it keeps saying things like "Failed to find body part named [AK Deluxe] Jun Shape in database. I've tried clearing my browser cashe and even re-installing the viewer. I would love to get this issue resolved due to the fact that most of these items not loading weren't cheap lol. Any solutions will be appreciated.
  11. yoriexo

    omega heads.

    okay, this must explain why an omega hair base i previously bought isn't working on my mesh head right? and i should probably purchase the omega system kit for my mesh head?
  12. yoriexo

    omega heads.

    can anyone tell me where the omega mesh head are in the market place? being that i'm still a little new to all this mesh stuff, i can't find it. i keep finding the omega skin appliers and omega compatible mesh bodies but not the heads.
  13. most of my tabs and buttons are missing in my akeruka jun bento mesh head. like the cosmetics tab, hd layers tab, extras tab, and eyes tab. its also missing some selections on the basic tab that is showing, like the tint layers tab. i watched the video tutorial on the mesh head, but can;t figure out why the tabs are missing. i need this fixed so i can change my lashes back from white to black, please help ty.
  14. yoriexo


    i bought a demo hair base for akeruka mesh head to try out and now i can't figure out how to remove it. its a tattoo applier hair base and i've tried removing my mesh head and messing around with the head's hud but i cant get it off. please help ty.
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