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  1. Thank you for your response! My boyfriend actually figured it out even though he doesn't play SL lol! It has something to do with the viewer... it must be a bug!
  2. Please... if you can help, I really need it. I'm blogging for someone and I need to be able to take pictures!
  3. Hey everyone! As you saw my headline, I'm not sure what's really going on when I take pictures... when I take a picture in world my whole screen goes black and I can't click anything now I can get to my toolbar and from there I can hover over the SL program and I can see that the "save as" screen is up after taking a picture, but when I click to go back into SL all I see is still black! So what I would have to do in order to see stuff I would have to relog back in world and not take pictures... I'm not really sure what's going on or how to fix that... because I've never had this issu
  4. Hey there, Thank you for much for the offer, but I'm actually looking for something with more prims and preferably live with a girl who we can become friends, shop, do girly things, etc. I guess I should have said that before. But I really appreciate the offer though! It looks like there is someone willing to take that spot you offered me
  5. Hey there, I'm looking to live somewhere... Either have a roommate and we find a place together and pay it or I'm willing to just have a decent amount of space at someone's place and pay for it. Something's about me: I love photography, music, TWD, AHS, TW, laughing, having a good time, hanging out with friends, shopping, decorating, blogging, making new friends, etc. I'm very easy to get along with I'm outgoing and love to have a good time! I'm not looking to be someone's lady on here, I'm here to make friends. Sorry! :) If you are interested please say something here or you can message m
  6. Thank you everyone for your advice and help it allowed me to know I'm safe in RL & SL! I understand all of your point of views and everyone is free to say what they want. At the time I was just in shock and scared because someone random sent me that, I was literally shopping and they just kept messaging me. I know how people try to hack people and get their information they can pretend to be an admin or what not and I've had someone do that to me before, not here on Second Life though. But this guy was very harash and aggressive saying really scary things that any woman wouldn't want to he
  7. OH dang, I didn't know that wasn't allowed my bad! I removed it! Thank you for letting me know!
  8. Hey there, I have a few questions tonight I was randomly messaged by someone telling me that I was going to be found in real life and raped, killed, etc. He was saying that he was getting my IP address and finding me and he was going to have people come find me and hurt me. I honestly have never had that happen to me and he said want me to prove it, so something did happen and my computer glitched and my Second Life ended up closing (I guess that ended up happening to the whole Sim) so I logged back in and he messaged me again saying that I needed to be his slave or else I was going to lose my
  9. OMG IT WORKED! :matte-motes-kiss: Thank you so much!<3
  10. Hello Everyone, So ever since the maintenance Second Life did yesterday it messed up my avatar I'm now an orange cloud... I've tried a couple of different things to fix it but they all didn't work for some odd reason... I've tried taking all off the items I'm wearing and when I detach them they attach themselves back on and I'm not sure why?! Can someone please help/tell me why my items aren't detaching and how to fix my orange cloud problem? Thank you :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: <3
  11. Hey everyone, So I have another question so I figured I'd come to the forums to ask since you all have been such a great help! I've been having problems with my computer for some off reason... My computer is brand new and it's a gaming computer, so it's pretty great & and was an expensive computer. Sadly, I'm not good with computers when there's a problem with it. This has been happening for a month or so since I've been playing Second Life. I'll get on Second Life play for a couple of minutes then my computer has a blue error screen telling me it's going to shut down. It says this when
  12. Thank you for your advice, I'm looking for something realistic, human looking with a cute appearance!
  13. Hey there, I'm always up for making new friends! I started SL in Septemeber, but I caught on pretty quick. So if you have any questions feel free to ask me! I also love shopping too! Message me in world sometime! maritzababyxo <3
  14. Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of some good places where I could get a cute Asian shape (female)? I'm looking for a shape that is very kawaii! If you can help me, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you <3 :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
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