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  1. Sorry that there isn't much to show of it, but I'd like to find this tattoo!
  2. Hii there I am on the search for more stores that create female clothing that have the undress option. Please let me know ♥ Thank you. I already know of Vanilla Bae and [I<3F]
  3. I am also from imvu! I transferred over here though... GASR isn't what it once was anymore now with the new owner. I do commissions, if you're interested, in world I have picks and my flickr link. My in-world name is Heartlesslittlered.
  4. Hii, I'm Lee. I have my prices set pretty low already but I was curious for future reference, what do you guys think I should set my photography prices at? I do some pretty heavy editing on some, and little to no editing on some as well. I have separate pricing for both standard and advanced editing too. Here is some examples for reference. (warning; link may contain NSFW content) https://www.flickr.com/photos/heartlesslittlered/ While I am here, what things do you guys think I could improve on? Constructive criticism only, thank you! Hope you guys are having a wonderful day.
  5. Hi there, I do a lot of SL photography and have a lot of experience when it comes to profile pictures. Standard: (not edited) Portrait: 450 Mid: 650 Full: 850 COUPLES: 1,000 Artistic: (edited) Portrait: 1,000 Mid: 1,450 Full: 1,800 COUPLES: 3,000 Here is a few examples (artistic and standard) I have more on my flickr if you're interested. https://www.flickr.com/people/heartlesslittlered/ Feel free to drop me a notecard inworld @Heartlesslittlered or on my flickr if interested. Have a nice day!
  6. Hi there! I've been in the photography scene for a while now but I've always wanted to get more photography land marks as I adore in world photography instead of the good ol' greenscreen. HOWEVER it's hard to find places that'll let you rez on the sim (for example- pose balls or AnyPoser, etc.) So does anyone have any LM's for good photography sims? Thank you and have a good day! ♥
  7. Wow, sounds great. I have been trying to do quite a few jobs, so sign me up~!
  8. Hi, I'm Wynn. I need a job for modeling, I am willing to do most things. Adult or general is fine with me. I've been on for around 3 months. I recently started getting a better style but lower L$ so that is why I am in need of a modeling job. I am mostly looking for a job where I can stand in the shop wearing their clothes and be paid for that but I am also willing to do more if needed. I would need training though if I need to do more. I have never modeled on SL before, only when some guy went and took a few pictures of me. Other than that I have little to no expierence. In consideration to this, since I am not that expierenced on here, I am looking for a decent paying job or a tiny bit below that. I also want to mention that I have done modeling on IMVU but not on SL and I am not sure if it is different or not. I do have screenshots saved in my feed.
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