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  1. Do i need to buy sparkles with avastar latest version ?
  2. I just completed with learning Marvelous Designer and planning to buy avastar for blender to start making clothes, so is there anything else i need apart from this and any suggestion to best start with making clothes. Also i heard about getting some body dev kit so how do i make request for that? Please guide me with your suggestions as am new into this field.
  3. I recently created my shop in market place but iam not able to upload my shape product to it, i made a copy of product and pasted it in inventory, even after that " Copy to marketplace listing " is not enabled. Viewer used : Firestorm Please help.
  4. Thank you ^^ ... i just exported it in .dae format and yes there is a bit of difference than seen in blender but my first upload is finally successful ^^
  5. Editor : Blender I have made an mesh object with coloring it in shading editor with multiple Material and need to export that. So that I have a file with my textures and a obj file for my mesh. but i cant figure out how. Screenshot Attached Please help.
  6. I Started creating mesh object where i successfully got UV create but confused as i have different color material for that object so do i have to export texture for all material separately or is there any way to export all in one texture . please let me know how to export it properly. Using Blender 2.82a version
  7. Its Working Fine Now. I just added head first and then attached the body and the Neck issue was solved. I still got the script error while adding head but its not showing after that plus animation is working fine as well, so i guess maybe the script issue had something to do with the sim not so sure . Heartily thanking you ^^
  8. Error Shows Script trying to take controls from owner but PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS permission not set! Also its neck is not attached to Signature Body Even after adding a proper shape. Shape used -> https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TOO-Layers-Geremia-Shape-for-Daniel-Jake-Gianni-Legacy/19000127
  9. I'am confused about which head should i buy for Signature Body(Gianni). I have max budget of 7K Linden for head can anyone suggest. Thanking You ^^
  10. Not able to teleport to Social island 1, is it removed by SL ??
  11. when iam connected to public WiFi or to the WiFi in my relatives house sl works fine with no crash issue. Ill do try a direct connection thanks for the suggestion 😁🙂
  12. it is stable with no buffer issue or lag. rest things that needs internet works great with my home wifi
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