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  1. She meant consensual sex, between two adults. Not pedophilia, I don't know how you went to that sudden extreme.
  2. I honestly don't know, I have never had one. But I can imagine they probably smell good.
  3. The Vape juice I ordered, is gonna smell like Watermelons and Kiwis
  4. That does sound good, roast lamb. Now I am craving Lamb Chops. Thank you. Lol
  5. That is probably a weed vape, or even someone is actually smoking weed. Lol
  6. In better news, I had S'mores flavoured Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry's. It was Delicious, that and today is my first year anniversary with my partner
  7. Watching Lucifer is also more interesting than what this thread devolved into That and eat Ben and Jerry's
  8. I would say this response is laughable, as well the issue is. Kids can't consent to sexual acts. What in the absolute fudge is wrong with you? But why are you bringing up pedophilia, and slavery and smoking and saying that is comparable. That is disgusting to go that far.
  9. You really can't pick and choose what depictions of smoking is bad or not though. As with censorship, if you censor one depiction, you have to censor them all.
  10. No it is not, the art is for the individual to interpret. If they somehow can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, that is not my problem. That is their problem. I feel like you need to understand, I am not responsible for how someone interprets my art. If I post myself in a dark corner smoking. Maybe I am trying to convey a message of sadness or depression, or maybe I am trying convey an escape from something. But hey instead of doing that, I will just show why I am really depressed or stressed. Wanna see a picture of someone dead in bed, and I am crying over them? Wanna see that? I mean I could get very graphic. My dad died, and I don't want to show that, I want to show my way of escapng from that thought and using smoking as a method to cope. Is that glamorizing smoking? I don't think so.
  11. But you are expecting everyone else to do the same. Like somehow freedom of expression and imagery if it pertains to that, should not be allowed.
  12. You might as well censor all other vices or anything that could have a bad influence on all people too. And well we have a right to freedom of expression, that comes hand in hand with freedom of speech. Meaning we are unhindered in what we say or depict. I mean if it is hate speech and it incites violence. Then it is wrong. But depicting smoking in an SL pic is not classified as hate speech nor does it incite violence.
  13. Let me try to word this right. By telling people they are influecing someone to do something, IE gluttony, addiction through art. You are practically telling them that they shouldn't put it in there. Then to top it all off, by saying we shouldn't glamorize smoking. Basically it means take all that out of your picture or that you need to somehow give warning to what is in the picture and explain why it is bad. So either we censor ourselves or we put a warning label.
  14. The topic is literally about self censorship in art. She just used that persons smoking quote as an example.
  15. But the issue I have with this, is that you are blaming the form of media for somehow making you do something. Instead of taking responsibility. I mean yeah I see people smoking weed in pictures on SL Flickr all the time, but I never once thought. I am gonna go right back to it. I have impulse control. But back to the cigarettes thing, no one influenced me to smoke. I chose to smoke myself, as it helped with my attention. I am taking responsibility for my actions. That being said, the picture is not telling the person to smoke. It is just showing someone having a good time and smoking a joint. We see this all the time on social media, are we gonna automatically blame the person for it? No that would be stupid.
  16. I am just gonna stop you there, the girl was smoking weed in the photo. But somehow it has devolved into smoking cigarettes. But here is the issue, if someone were to make the same post about SLex. Then people would lose their minds, call that person a prude and tell them to scroll forward. But since it's smoking " another vice" I might add. Then that is free to attack. I mean there are so many pictures on FLickr depicting violence or violent sexual acts or even drug use or self harm. But no one is batting an eye.
  17. We don't go after or say that media influenced us, for graphic forms of violence, or sexually explicit content. We don't go after content that portrays self harm or anything like that. We are demonizing art that portrays smoking, as if somehow the artist is responsible for the actions of others.
  18. But I think what she was getting at, is why are other vices not demonized as much as smoking? I mean people are okay with sex, alcohol and drugs. But smoking, oh no that is a problem and artists need to take responsibility for what they put in their art. But it was only focussed on smoking, and the picture was actually of a chick smoking pot.
  19. And studies also find, people on the autism spectrum and people with ADHD smoke, due to stress, inattention, anxiety etc. There are so many reasons why people smoke. I mean I can admit it, I used smoking as a tool to help my ADHD, specifically my inattentiveness. I found that I could concentrate better when I did it. As again, studies show that nicotine therapy can actually help with a plethora of issues. Due to nicotine hitting certain receptors, the same receptors that are associated with that.
  20. I grew up in the 90s, and it was the same thing. But I also had a dad, I was raised by my dad mainly. My mom was an uber alcoholic and barely took care of herself let alone me. Who taught me responsibility and accountibility. That all being said, I dislike that we use any form of media as a scapegoat, to not take responsibility or accountability for our actions.
  21. You really can't blame media for that. I am sorry, if the girl stabbed the dude, there was prior ideations before she saw the anime.
  22. What is going on, is the OP wants people to self censor or be more careful what they put in their art. As they feel like it is propogating or glamorizing smoking. We might as well get rid of art all together, because if it doesn't make you think, doesn't bring forward emotions that the artists wants. Using that imagery, then what is the point in art.
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