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  1. But the thing is, what part of being financially ruined is safe or sane? She basically laughed that she did that. And had no empathy whatsoever. How is it okay to do that to anyone?
  2. No what I am trying to say is that if this person were to be a part of the lifestyle. She wouldn't be okay with using a man until he is financially ruined. She is absolutely using this lifestyle to pad her pocket. She is just a gold digger plain and simple. She has no empathy towards humans, if she can sit there and laugh at ruining a guy.
  3. I mean if it's a kink, a dom/domme has to be protective and not use the person.
  4. The one thing I dont get, is that if a man admitted to doing this. We would fry him into next year. But since a woman is doing it, it's okay? That really perplexes me.
  5. The one thing that irritates me about this. It's just that there is no ssc at all in SL when it comes to findomme. There needs to be limits, so people can't just take all the persons money and ruin them.
  6. Havok is actually used by Triple A Games. Big examples that come to mind are Elder Scrolls Morrowind and Oblivion and Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
  7. I was merely talking about Coffee saying the engine was entirely custom and not off the shelf. SL still uses the Havok Physics engine, which is prettyy much an off the shelf gaming engine.
  8. They do use an off the shelf Physics engine. So I wouldn't say it's entirely custom.
  9. Not a blog post, but I just wanted to take photographs. Actually I quite from blogging. However this look, it was inspired by Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural. Between her and Castiel, they are my two favourite characters on the series.
  10. I was more talking about the combustibles, irritants and carcinogens. They are both as bad for that.
  11. What I stated is that smoking Marijuana is just as bad as smoking tobacco. Not saying there is anything wrong with it. But I don't know why people are not talking about the other ways to use it, besides smoking it.
  12. I actually hate the smell of pipe pot and cigar smoke as well.
  13. I am gonna say this, whenever I see people glamorizing weed or somehow glamorizing cigarettes. Especially on social meda. I don' t go hmm I really need me a joint or a cigarette. I am more likely to want a cigarette, if I smell cigarette smoke in a building.
  14. I wasn't trying to demonize pot, but I barely see a post or stuff in the media pertaining to cigarettes, more about weed. But here is the thing, there are still dangers to smoking weed. People still use papers and still light up and you gotta worry about the combustibles. Also Marijuana smoke has shown to contain many of the same toxins, irritants and carcinogens as tobacco smoke
  15. Also Addictive Personality Disorder is a real thing it's in the DSM
  16. That and I am gonna be honest with you, I see more people glorifying weed smoking, than I do see people glorifying cigarette smoking.
  17. I feel like on top of better mesh optimization on the creator. That the same principles be applied to textures and scripts. I mean unoptimized scripts and textures can also effect the lag issue as well.
  18. I mean it would be better to take accountability, I realize addicts say that they don't have a problem. But usually those problems stem from other problems, and until they hit rock bottom usually. They won't recognize they have problems. That all being said, most of my addictions. And I have been clean from 2 of them for 7 years, stemmed from me hiding and self medicating during an abusive relationship. But when it comes to smoking, I started as I couldn't stand the effects ritalin had on me. So I picked up cigarettes when I was 19. I have since stopped and went to vaping, and I am loving it. As it is helping my concentration.
  19. They did this, as they didn't want to spend the litigation costs that it would cost if countries decided to sue actually sued the Lab.
  20. I mean I don't think media influenced most of us to smoke, I think it is the combination of seeing our parents smoking and having to contend with second hand smoke, that attributed to the addiction. That and Asthma.
  21. Do you have proof that it is asset store purchases retextured or you just blatantly and wrongly accusing something with no evidence to back it? Also no one is being tricked to spend more money, I mean we do have brains of our own and well we can decide what we want and don't want. You have been making baseless claim, borderlining character attacks and this needs to stop. Unless you have the proof that this system is the same and not going about making baseless claims. I think you need to stop slandering.
  22. The data you are talking about is all legal data, based on lootboxes and gacha systems. I have not seen an article on the conveyor system. The EU was cracking down on Lootbox and Gacha system in video games, as it was promoting early age gambling. Conveyor systems don't promote that, they promote direct purchase in a very convoluted sales mechanism.
  23. That is not chance, basically you pay for said item you see there or you don't. If your item doesn't come up you don't pay for it. It's not like gacha at all, where you would have to pull time and time again until you got what you wanted. Now if you see the object you want, you pay for it. And then the machine randomly changes the next item available for purchase. So yeah you are wrong, there is no ethical issue here. It's more of an annoying system, if you ask me. If I can't buy what I want, right away and have to wait for a bit for it to pop up. Why buy into it at all?
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