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  1. That is not chance, basically you pay for said item you see there or you don't. If your item doesn't come up you don't pay for it. It's not like gacha at all, where you would have to pull time and time again until you got what you wanted. Now if you see the object you want, you pay for it. And then the machine randomly changes the next item available for purchase. So yeah you are wrong, there is no ethical issue here. It's more of an annoying system, if you ask me. If I can't buy what I want, right away and have to wait for a bit for it to pop up. Why buy into it at all?
  2. But that is the thing, you are wrong. Conveyor systems are not like Gachas at all, they are literally two different systems. One is a convoluted sales mechanism the other like a slot machine. Gacha is literally a slot machine all these conveyor systems are convoluted sales mechanisms.
  3. What scientific data, you just shared YouTube videos and links that have nothing to do with this system. With Lootboxes it's like getting a birthday gift, whereas gachas is basically a slot machine. You have not provided any data for the conveyor system. Which at large is literally just an overconvoluted sales mechanism.
  4. I honestly give up with you. There is no gambling whatsoever with that machine. You buy what you see, and if it isn't what you want. You wait for your item to pop up. It's pretty simple really. But as I said I am done, I feel like you are just wanting to get rid of it, not for reasons you state. But you just don't like the system. I would call you a Karen. I don't like it, but I am not gonna selfishly make a stink about how we should get rid of it.
  5. I mean I wouldn't want to waste my money to get a loaf of bread. Lol
  6. I mean yeah addictions exist and I feel bad for these people going through it. But an addiction is usually a way to escape reality, and then they just can't stop what they are doing.
  7. No one is forcing you to play, so I don't see why you think it is predatory. I mean it would be predatory, if you were forced to play. But you still have a choice whether to buy from the system or not. So I don't see it as gaming the public. I feel like you have some very extremist views to stuff like this.
  8. I think this is just a weird, radical get rid of it all kinda post. There is really no substance to what she is saying and as you said. She has not given any rhyme or reason as to why they should get rid of it. The only thing she goes on about, is videos about lootboxes and that it's gamblign. And we have explained to her time and time again, that there is no elements of chance in these games.
  9. That is up to the owner of said conveyor or even of the old gacha system to tell people to play responsibly.
  10. The item that is revealed is the one you're receiving. That is the conveyor system, basically what you see is what you get.
  11. There is no game of chance involved in these conveyor system. For it to be considered gambling, by law it has to be defined as a game of chance. That being said, these new systems are just an over convoluted sales mechanism.
  12. I get no rush from gambling either, I actually got more of a rush from the soft drink lounge in the casino than the actual machines and tables itself. Lol
  13. With her logic, we might as well ban everything that we as humans can get addicted to.
  14. From a legal standpoint, Gambling is a game of chance. Meaning that since we know what we are buying, that takes away the game of chance aspect that gachas used. And we don't use neurological or mental issues to determine laws. With your logic, they should get rid of all the stores in SL and get rid of MP. As shopping gives the same boost of dopamine that gambling does in people's brains.
  15. We get that you don't like it, but as of now. That is not gambling, there is no mystery to what item you are gonna get. What you at that moment is what you are gonna get. I think I already explained it well using my shirt example. You see brown shirt, you buy brown shirt. Now put it into a machine, and add a randomizer, so after a certain amount of time the item changes to another randomly picked one in the set. But you still see the item you are buying. It's just a more complex normal sales machine. I don't like the system either, but I don't see it as much as gambling as gacha.
  16. What these new systems are are a sales gimmick. I will give you an example, you want to buy a shirt from a store and well you don't need to buy the FP. So you buy that one shirt. Basically this conveyor system, is that with a randomizer and rares and commons. So they basically just added more complexity to a sales system, we have used for over a decade. That is literally all it is. I mean with the time they took to create this, they could have put all that creative energy into normal sales items, and got the same amount of money back. But no, they make work arounds and act like if they don't have it. That it will be a great depression in SL, similar to that of the 1930s.
  17. I mean had they not had those stupid hardware requirements, I would update. But alas, I would have to rebuild my pc just to use it. I can't afford to just dump a butt tonne into new hardware. So thank you Microsoft. Lol
  18. actually if you read, going forward, items are not allowed to be transferable.
  19. I think that the rules state that items have to be no transfer, copy items.
  20. The only thing that bugs me about these new conveyor system, is that they are basically selling normal items with permissions that are similar to items you see in like an outfit from Blueberry. But now you gotta go through this whole extra thing just to buy it. I mean why waste your time building a new system, that is basically selling you normal sales items? Instead of actually just making more sales items.
  21. I mean the only thing I can say that media seems to be influencing, is people buying every new body. And then using the same statements about said body. Whether it be Kupra, Ebody, or even other new bodies releasing. I feel like people can't think for themselves and lack any sort of individualism, when it comes to new stuff in SL.
  22. I think Dyna Mole already warned us once about character attacks. So I think that we should listen.
  23. Can you please cite your sources on how the government is trying to brainwash us. I mean any language can be construed as manipulative. But due to the fact that we can't understand it, as we are not politicians or lawyers. Doesn't make it evil or manipulative.
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