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  1. So we might as well just not have anything bad in media at all, especially in film, tv shows video games or art. It might just influence someone to do a bad thing. Do you see how moronic that sounds? I do, it is a form of censorship. And there has been tonnes of sad songs out there, and i mean yeah it can influence feelings. But if you have ideations about suicide, maybe you should seek some help. And not blame it on the artist.
  2. So what should we as the creator put a warning label in our descriptions, telling people that this is harmful and why it is harmful. I feel like this is what you and the two others are saying. Oh if I have cigarette in my picture, I should tell the viewer that harmful effects of smoking and that they shouldn't do it.
  3. Here is a good example, someone did a picture of them in the hospital a few years back. They were hooked up to IVs and everything, and they had people who clearly cared for them in the picture. I do actually get it, but I also realize that it is not there to promote anything. I realize that there is a deeper meaning, and sometimes a cigarette isn't just a cigarette. There is a much deeper message to get from it.
  4. No one is promoting it, they are using it as a tool to set the mood. Especially when you see most of the pics, are of someone escaping reality, dealing with lots of crap. This helps to portray that, without having to show what they are escaping from or what kinda bad stuff they are dealing with. In any pic I took, that had a cigarette in it. It usually was a dark pic, and it was used to signify escaping from something. So I would assume, that this is what the artist is trying to convey.
  5. Again, why are artists or even YouTube content creators responsible with what they put in their content? Why must they basically censor themselves, and they do. Since someone will always get triggered and the artist either gets a strike or even kicked off the platform. So now as a creator, we have to be mindful of others, and not realize people are accountable for their own actions? Do you not see how stupid that sounds?
  6. Okay this is where it is very black and white, you have a choice to do the thing or not. This is where you are responsible for your own actions, and the artist is not responsible for imagery or depictions in their art, influencing others.
  7. But here is the big thing, you chose to do it. No one influenced you whatever, you saw some wine on the TV. You go oh I want wine, but then realize you don't need it. See it is all about choice. You have a choice, to let the influence get to you or not. That is all on you. I see a tonne of ads that make me want something really bad, but I don't get it.
  8. Like I said before, if you don't like it and it affects you or anyone negatively. You can easily unfollow the person and block them on Flickr or any form of social media. Artists should never be responsible for what others do with their art or how they perceive it. Stop putting the onus on the creators, and start putting the onus on yourself.
  9. But if you don't like it, you can just easily scroll on by. I mean you are responsible for yourself and what you take from the image. That is my point, no one is forcing you to look at it. No one is forcing you to keep your gaze on it, that and I mean example on Flickr. If you don't like it, and feel it is influencing you in a negative way, unfollow and block the person. Stop putting the responsibility on the artist and hold yourself accountable for your own actions.
  10. We are individuals at the end of the day, and we do have to take responsibility for ourselves. I mean I shouldn't have to censor my content, just cause some Karen gets offended at the fact that I put a cigarette in my hands. When they can just as easily scroll on by.
  11. No I am not influenced by anyone, If I put a cigarette in my hand in my pics. It is to literally set the mood of the pic. That is it.
  12. But here is the thing, you are not being forced to look at that image. You can just as easily scroll on by, to avoid getting triggered. So the accountability and responsibility doesn't lay on the artist, it is on the viewer. We need to stop putting it on the creator, I mean YouTube is a fine example of that. Creators have to create content that is either family friendly or has some kinda warning of adult content. As somehow they are responsible for their viewers who watch it.
  13. I mean here in Canada, companies have to legally put their ingredients on the item. So I usually just read the side of the bottle to check if it has it. That and I buy from the same company, so I know for sure what I am getting. That being said, everything in moderation as you said. But I feel like moderation is just a fantasy today, and everyone is just a glutton to their addiction.
  14. New pet peeve, people who can easily change the channel, scroll down or just go to another Youtube video. These people who complain about something triggers them, when they have the power to just scroll change the channel or even find a different video on social media. I mean I am sorry that you feel that way, but it makes it hard nowadays to create content. When someone is triggered by anything.
  15. I am not talking about dispensary marijuana, and smoking marijuana is just as bad as smoking. Again, due to the combustibles. That all being said, I think it would be far healthier and wiser to vape it. Making sure the product you get, does not have Diacetyl in it.
  16. I don't know, I feel like the OP is making mountains of molehills here.
  17. Yes, but if you don't like the content. You can easily just scroll on by, or if you don't like what you see on the avatar. You can block and derender. There is no need to make a scene.
  18. Yes, but you are comparing instant injury and death, to injury and death that happens over a period of time. Smoking doesn't instantly kill you, but jumping off a building depending on the height does. You are using an analogy that is totally wrong to the situation. A better one would be, comparing smoking to say that of heroin use.
  19. I mean the only way it is dangerous, is if there is diacetyl in your vape juice. Whether it be nic salts or a thc vape. Vape juices made without that chemical, do not cause that issue.
  20. You really can't compare jumping off a building and smoking cigarettes. They are two totally different things.
  21. But THC can be used in vape pens and actually be less harmless than it's smoked counterparts. I don't see why people need to demonize it, I don't smoke it, however I am not gonna demonize it.
  22. Okay but I mean who is actually ingesting this stuff? Minus kids. Again I don't get why people demonize smoking cigarettes and even the administering of nicotine. Yet they don't don't do that with weed or thc. Like it perplexes me, smoking in general is terrible for your health. The combustibles created, getting into your lungs. Can do a number of things. But I digress, what is the actual issue with someone smoking in an SL pic?
  23. I just want to say, it is being used in a controlled medical scenario to help people with dementia and alzheimers and adhd. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC526783/
  24. Here is an idea, and it will be revolutionary I know. How about instead of trying to censor things in pictures, like smoking, alcohol use, cuts bruises and what not. If you don't like the art, just scroll on by.
  25. I was literallly talking about nicotine with tobacco, like the patch or vaping or any other way to adminster it. Without the use of tobacco or combustibles or chemicals.
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