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  1. The only main difference in 32 vs 64 bits viewers is reliability, 64bit viewers on a 64bit OS crash less. They are built from the exact same code, have the same features, and should run about the same speed. Intel stopped supporting some graphics when they reached end of life, which means no updated drivers or drivers for newer OS versions, ever. Time to retire that box.
  2. Reliability is not the issue, especially not in this comparison. If the SL marketplace had the same market reach as Apple /Google platforms then sure, let's compare. As things stand it's laughable to put them in the same sentence, let alone use one pricing model as a basis for the other.
  3. My (now adult) child thas been aware of SL forever, seen me on it enough .. did try it but didn't click, boring ...
  4. You want morbid ? I'm aware of many (including more than one high profile store owner / community figure) who stopped logging in out of the blue, vague rumors and presumptions at best. More often than not no signs of life in or out of SL, No social media. No obituary. No funerals. No closure. No one noticed.
  5. It's fairly common practice to over provision virtual machines (especially at lower price points) - you're often not buying a hard slice of the cpus and rams, you're buying a maximum 'peak use' allocation. This is why there is an acceptable usage in the T&C, if you had rented a actual slice of the pie, it wouldn't matter if you consumed all of it. If Opensim has proved anything, it's that cheap land is not enough to create sustainable growth for SL like platforms. LL are going to be seriously disappointed if they attempt the same exercise here. We might all buy a bit more land, but that's a short term spike and not the new customer growth that SL needs to survive.
  6. I find the lack of off-topic bee discussion, disturbing.
  7. I vote we talk about bees in this thread.
  8. So I can rent my waterfront belli home out to people I have a roleplay relationship with? Gotcha. If only I had friends
  9. Then look at what they are actually doing. Moving services to cloud hosting and taking a larger slice of the transaction economy (after a decades decline in land), the third string was planned to be Sansar growth and customer migration. End user feature development for SL has been ongoing, but it's painfully apparent projects are understaffed and competing for limited developer time. All projects seem to be backlogged (contrast this to the pace of Sansar development .. prior to staff downsizing anyway) Cloud migration (important to understand it's 'migration to' and not 'redeveloping for') and Tilly are two big changes that bring platform options to the table for the medium to long term. None of which we will like.
  10. Then factor in taxes ... Creators are very loathed to increase prices, ever. They tend to dramatically undervalue their time and work, production times since creation moved exclusively out of SL have skyrocketed, combined with a strong pressure to compete on price and people having an inflated sense of L$ value. It's all well and good a few people on the forums saying they will happily pay higher prices, but those few do not make up the volume of sales. Most customers still genuinely feel L$500 is a lot of money and have no concept of the time, tools and skillsets used to bring an object to market.
  11. Consent must be given .. clothing or lack thereof is not consent. I would go as far to say a t-shirt and group tag saying "I consent" is probably not consent. Even non-consensual role play is just that, roleplay .. which is almost impossible to effectively initiate stone cold with random strangers. IM's are considered OOC use them. Even if you're after a broadly non consensual encounter there will be some range or direction of interest, otherwise you can't complain when someone get's their robe and wizard hat. This is why themed RP communities exist. Standing about 'dressed for bed' and hoping someone will happen to you has never been an effective strategy, and why most adult hangouts (kink especially) tend to be full of people idling about in silence.
  12. I can immediately think of one particular guy who gets banned and makes a new account roughly every 3 days, and has been doing so for years. Being entirely realistic, there is nothing practical that LL can do to stop him that would be both 100% effective and not risk inadvertently affecting others. Permabans are the SL equivalent of that person who checks your receipt on the way out of wallyworld; They keep the honest, honest.
  13. As a means to raise delicate or controversial subjects, use of a throwaway in no way detracts from the points raised, if nothing else it shields the OP from harassment on their main account (which absolutely can and does happen here). Don't take this (or my previous responses) to mean I agree with the points raised. SecondLife is unique in that it offers a very broad brush.
  14. The Sansar side of LL just let 30 staff go ...
  15. How? Apple / Google do not require customers to purchase play money and charge everyone for the privilege at every possible opportunity. The vast majority of sales on app stores also include options for IAPs or other supplementary income sources (such as adverts). This makes up a substantial portion of total product income, even in apps that are not initially 'free'. There is almost no possibility for this in SL. In SL we are essentially selling a single game asset for a couple of dollars and unless you're in the top 1% of creators, you're at best working break even for minimum wage. Appstores will sell an entire game with hundreds of assets for the same price, produced by a studio of professionals with significant income potential. Appstores do not facilitate resale (legitimate or otherwise). Appstores are not minuscule niche markets that are entirely dependent on keeping and attracting new hobbyist app creators in order to be sustainable. A flat tax disproportionately affects the vast majority of smaller / low volume creators and does not confer proportional benefits from LL (exposure in marketing, builds, corporate level assistance / co-branding, or even staff accessibility). Both Apple and Google's appstore's continue to show customer growth. No one on any of the Appstores feels any emotional desire to help support said appstore, no one on an appstore feels 'in this together' with Apple or Google, neither of which impart a sense of fragility / hostility / disdain / ignorance for their own appstore, platform and customers. No one targeting the Google or Apple appstore feels the need to euphemise about their chosen profession, describing themselves as 'virtual content' or 'digital asset' creators. It's not possible to be accused of / say / do the wrong thing on either of those platforms and be immediately, permanently and irrevocably detached from your entire platform account, forfeiting any and all purchases, listings, virtual assets, remaining 'play money' and social connections. No one makes an SL account or adopts the platform with the singular specific purpose of profiting from marketplace sales. No real world companies are being formed with the SL marketplace as a primary route to market. No bank or VC would or will ever fund an endeavour to create content for sale on the Second Life marketplace. Any similarity is entirely superficial.
  16. Depictions of certain sexual acts are in some places just as illegal as committing the act. This is sufficient to end up fined / in jail / on a list / life ruined. No real anything need ever be involved or harmed. Yes, this includes zoophilia. Do not assume everything in SL being in some way 'pretend' grants any indemnity. The SL ToS are not the last word. It covers LL's butt, not yours.
  17. After all they burnt on Sansar .. doubling our fees is pretty hard to swallow. I wonder what they will be spending the extra cash on, please let it be another investor friendly buzzword infested white elephant no one cares about /s
  18. ... that's really bad .. probably a bug. In any case, your video cards ram is used for more than just whatever SL viewer or game is running at the time. The OS uses some, browsers, video streams, etc etc. No single application should ever even try to use it all.
  19. This seems a little all over the place so .... No viewer can use more than 2GB of VRAM. It's fairly rare you will find locations in SL that need more than 1.5GB A 512m draw distance is not viable on any computer running any viewer. 128m is about the practical limit. It's Catznip, not Catzip. One is a Second Life viewer, the other is a 501(3)(c) non profit for actual cats. Your PC isn't that great, certainly not great enough to warrant a CPUZ signature flex ... Haswell is how old ? For best results, I would recommend the OP Do a clean install of any SL viewer. Set the VRAM to the max the viewer of choice will allow, draw distance to 128. Do not mess with any debug or hidden texture settings. Be patient and accept SL is SL. Asymmetric dual channel memory is bad. Add or remove an 8Gb stick. Don't run Windows Server on a desktop (it's not part of any viewer developers test platform, it might work fine, it might burst into flames, good luck!)
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