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  1. Thanks Luna! As soon I finish Chic videos I'll search for those!
  2. Thank you Chic! They all are wonderful, I'm learning a lot <3
  3. Lol. Thank you for this, I was thinking it was a LOT cheap than this, Jesus.
  4. Hi everyone, hope you're having an lovely day. I'm about to return to SL, since I have been away for some RL issues, and I would like to return using my creativity. So, I would like give a try to build stuff. I would like to know how I can create a mesh house. There's other ways to create a house, without being on the game? What are the best programs? Blender? 3ds Max? Thank you all!
  5. Hi Callum! Thanks so much for your help and time. I'm in this moment looking for what you and Ethan told me, but I believe I've expressed myself wrongly, it wouldn't be a trully conversation, but more a guide/helping thing! And I loved Lubly! She's exaaaactly what I'm thinking. She can give NC, ask to simple questions and walks around! Thank you! I wish you an amazing week! <3
  6. Hello Ethan! Thank you for the help. I'm going to search about it, hope to find what I need! Have a wonderful week darling!
  7. Hey Liv! You, like anyone else, will be ULTRA welcome on the hotel once it's open! But for the moment, it's just a project that and my good friend Johann are working on! And of course we don't mind darling! Roleplay it's exactly it: creating a character for yourself, in that ambient! I'm anxious to see you around once the Hotel it's full build up and ready to the public! I wish you the best week!
  8. Hi everyone! I hope you all have a great day! As the title, I'm looking for some good and cheap bots. The perfect one would be a Bot that can send messages to the residents, interact with them to answer questions / doing "tours" talking about the land when they answer on the IM things like "Yes/No" to them. It would be nice to dress them up as well, but this is not a need (they just need to look cute in a basic way! Lol). Thanks for your time! <3
  9. Hello Lady! You should check some palm and tropical trees to do something like a arid scenario. And for furniture, I'm a real fan of ~BAZAR~. They have wonderful mesh itens with PG versions! I hope you enjoy it! Have a wonderful week <3
  10. Hi Lady! Awwwn, thank you! It's really important to me see that you guys liked the idea. I really hope the Hotel come to be a good destination in SL! Have a wonderful and magical weekend!
  11. Hey Miranda! Thank you girl! That's really sweet. I'll try, but just as Forrest remember, advertising aren't allowed here, and I believe when it's finishing, I would be advertising when posting here, and not making a research! But I'll do be on other foruns trying to bring tenants and roleplayers!! I wish you a wonderul weekend!
  12. Hello Animats! Thanks for sharing this sad reality! lol. I really hope it don't end up like this one you're talking, I'll work harder to bring people and to make events to keep the land with some good visitants! And since it would be a RP Hotel, I believe people would get more creatived and help me just being there, roleplaying haha. Have a great weekend my darling!
  13. Hello Lola! Thank you for your opinion! I really hope it ends up like a big community, with a lot of people to chat. Like Franks Jazz Club! And I'm sorry, the Hotel isn't up yet, this is just a research to see how the community would answer to such a place like it! And don't be surprise if I send you an IM asking help hahaha. I hope you have a amazing weekend! <3
  14. Hi there Forrest! Thank you for reminding the rules! But this is not a advertising, or something like. It's a research, as you can see, doesn't have a link/teleport or anything, just me talking about what I want to build and if SL Community would enjoy it, since it's my biggest concern in the moment, and asking if you guys would enjoy it, like future destination you would recommend here. I believe this isn't the appropriate place to it as well, but I really didn't find place to ask the community opinion (accepting help with this! looool). I'm sorry if it seemed like a advertising, or if
  15. Hello Quinn! Yes, it would be something like it, I believe! A fun and pretty space to hang out, live and meet new friends hahaha! Have a wonderful weekend! <3
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