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  1. You should look up Emory Haven. ^^ it's a family friendly, modern setting that allows supernatural/fantasy characters of all ages. ❤️
  2. Just out of curiosity, but what do centaur herds do? ?
  3. Emory Haven. ? (Dumb typos. ><)
  4. Ooooo! Thank you! ^^ ❤️
  5. Heyo! ^^ I was hoping you guys might have suggestions for places to shop that might have items that give (either temporary or not) plates/bowl attachments of food to those who click it? I've worn myself out with MP searching. >< More specifically, I'm looking for ramen/asian styled noodle dishes that can be served to others on touch---but since I'm on the topic, I am all for taking suggestions to look at anything food-related! I'm not overly concerned on if there's an eating animation coupled with the item given, but if there is, then even better! I'm also not being
  6. I'd recommend making the neck shorter just a smidge. Your avi looks awesome, btw! D8 i love the feather idea!
  7. Check out MXHADES-Hunter shape. ^^ it has a style card referance, I believe, so if it's not a skin as well it might reference what skin is advertised. I know it uses the Catwa Victor bento head. But I'd like to recommend maybe looking at skins and shapes first before looking for a specific head, since those two things are what give the most options when it comes to trying for a specific sort of look. ^^ And if you buy a specific shape referencing a specific bento head, generally those are tweakable if you want to just change a couple of things--like the chin drop or something.
  8. Redid my skyhome again...and relaxing after finishing!
  9. Lore has a small selection of scifi stuff. It's not on ground level tho, but there's a tele near the landing site that'll take you up to the skybox they're held at. And Breda Tech! I dunno if they have an inworld store tho.
  10. Took an outing today--enjoyed a drink and found a quiet spot to contemplate. <3
  11. WE WILL SHOW THEM TO HANG LIGHTS FROM US WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION! ))But if you have any questions about the sim or the RP, for real, let me know! ^^((
  12. All of these outfits are cute, but I reaaaaallly very much like the first one! It's my fav out of all of these. ?
  13. I love this thread. <3 All of these beautiful and inspirational homes and rooms, it's just so fantastic! I wanted to share my latest "sanctuary" sort of space. It's tiny but I adore it! And this is the first time I've taken pictures of any SL architecture as the subject focus, so I apologize if the pictures are not great. >< But the thing I loved the most that inspired me to make it was the Vibing-Kawaii Galaxy skydome I found at the Notice me Senpai event. <3 I feel as if I'm not fully finished adding knick-nacks cause I can't ever have too many gachas, but I think
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