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Found 16 results

  1. We're Actively Hiring! Would you like to join an active roleplay community with Second life. That supports creativity, ambition, and a health work/life balance. Look no further! We're actively hiring. We're looking for avid role-players that would like to add to our ever-growing community. Which position(s) are you interested in? Fitness Instructor Massage Therapist Valentino Hair Stylist Real Estate Agent Dentist Nurse Medical Billing and Coder EMT Nursing Assistant Phlebotomist Police Department Fire Department Business Owner Administrative Assistant Recruiter Managing a Pre-existing Business Contact: Jrenee17( ALyssa Neuman Valentino) Instagram: Valentino Valley (@valentinovalley) • Instagram photos and videos Job Application: Valentino Valley Job Application Form (google.com) Residential Community: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Valentino Valley Residential/187/175/24
  2. The Blue Orchid District is a sim created for fun, dine, & shop - a truly unique atmosphere that combines our nature to shop and enjoy live music and poetry. The Blue Orchid District provides our patron an enjoyable roleplay dining experience that is perfect for a romantic diner while enjoying our beautiful landscape. Each month our owners host a Live Poetry Slam that includes some of the best spoken word artist in the community and is open for all of SL. In addition, residents can ride the trolley over 12 different roleplay communities or travel via our air balloon. In the spirit of diversity we at the Blue Orchid welcome everyone to be who they are while respecting individuality. If you're seeking a favorite spot in SL that focuses on a good time without judgement, a place to shop, relax or just chill, The Blue Orchid District is definitely the destination for you!
  3. ‼️HIRING‼️Come join our community!! We have paid job positions & affordable rent!! Please contact me or @khaotiq_bxtch💖https://forms.gle/QPSmERA28CB9hi288 Come Visit!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Every You/133/170/31
  4. ‼️Now Hiring‼️ Khao City is looking for at least 2 community managers!! We need friendly, energetic, easy to talk to and etc. We need someone whose goal is to make the sim the best it can be and love roleplay so if you feel like this is a job for you? Fill out an app! https://forms.gle/YRp2yzFFdmr2KsNx6 Come visit!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Every You/133/170/31
  5. Fox Hollow is Hiring Managers & Moderators Second Life's largest modern family roleplay community is seeking talented, passionate individuals to assist with the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running such a large community. We have a variety of open positions for varying skillsets, and would love it if you considered joining our team! Current Vacancies: Outreach Manager Website Moderator Project Moderator Landscaping Moderator Education Moderator (over Events for the PreK-12 school, Foxwood Academy) Crime Moderator Law Enforcement Moderator Medical Services Moderator Roleplay Quality Moderator Civil Engineering Moderator Marketing Moderator (2 positions - Inworld Marketing & Flyer Creation) Social Media Moderator Blogger Moderator Event Coordinator Floating Event Coordinator University Moderator ( 2 positions - Sports/Campus Events & Floating Moderator) To visit the community before applying, you can pop into our Welcome Center, found in my Signature. If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill out the Staff Application located here: https://forms.gle/de5Yus1Gdvy81ZXE7 Note: Marketing & Events positions, the Blogger Moderator, and University Moderators have their own applications - you'll find those linked in the description of the main staff application. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Imogen Atheria inworld or here in messages.
  6. Hearth Orphanage & Adoptions is Looking for an Orphanage Director! Hearth Orphanage and Adoptions is a safe space in a safe community where children can live while they wait for their Forever Family. They offer a home environment in Fox Hollow, NC with a top-notch school and local activities to keep you active and engaged. An ideal candidate for the Director position will possess the following qualities... --- A desire to work with child roleplayers in Second Life --- A desire to help children in Second Life find families --- Excellent communication skills --- Prior management experience preferred The Orphanage Director will supervise a team that consists of Orphanage Caretakers, CPS Staff, and Orphanage Mentors (volunteers). You will have 1 dedicated OOC Moderator to help liaise between yourself and Management. This is an in-character roleplay position with no out-of-character powers. The position is also paid! If you'd like to visit the Orphanage before applying, you can find it here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foxwood/65/148/33 If you are interested in being considered for this position, please fill out the application: https://forms.gle/XzLhbtQG7oV385JYA Any questions can be directed to Imogen Atheria inworld or here in messages.
  7. Vandermore University is Hiring Professors! Vandermore University is seeking passionate individuals who would like to teach a subject to the residents of Jasper County, North Carolina in a university setting. We aim to offer a little bit of everything for everyone, so that each student has classes that interest them and keep them coming back for more. Classes can be roleplayed subjects (i.e. Psychology, English Literature, Creative Writing, etc.) or practical skills classes (i.e. Meshing, Photoshop, Blogging, etc.). Just about any subject - within reason - can be approved for teaching. Expectations: - 1 hour class, once per week - Utilize your class' text channel in the University Discord for class reminders and homework assignments - Meet in-world for your class in the classroom location provided to you by the University (you will be free to decorate your classroom as you like within a prim limit) - You will also be provided with an optional voice channel for your class in the University Discord server if voice is necessary for the subject you're teaching This is a paid position - paid roughly every 2 weeks. To see the campus before applying, feel free to visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lion/62/98/29 If you're interested, please apply here: https://forms.gle/ibh6z3YNMAPHozVz5 Any questions can be directed to Imogen Atheria inworld or here on the forums.
  8. Jasper County Court is Hiring Whether you are experienced or new in the legal domain, Jasper County Court offers an opportunity for you to engage in meaningful legal work, while contributing to the overall development of the community. We are currently Seeking: Judge District Attorney Public Defender District Attorney Investigator Assistant District Attorney These (paid - small linden sum & 10% rental discount on a single rental) positions will allow you to learn more about the judicial system and participate in the community life at Fox Hollow. Please fill the following application : https://forms.gle/To4ZXsqQiwBe8hZSA Any questions can be directed to Isabeau Baragula (District Attorney) or Imogen Atheria (OOC Management), inworld.
  9. Jasper County Sheriff's Office in Fox Hollow is Hiring The Jasper County Sheriff's Office is currently hiring a Sheriff's Deputy for the family roleplay community, Fox Hollow. Whether you are experienced or new in law enforcement roleplay, Jasper County Sheriff's Office offers an opportunity for community engagement in a family roleplay community. Our department is active with 13 staff members that includes both Sheriff Deputies and dispatchers. We have jurisdiction over a highly active 19 sim community and are willing to train. These (paid - small linden sum & 10% rental discount on a single rental) positions will allow you to learn more about law enforcement and participate in the community life at Fox Hollow. Please fill out the following application : https://forms.gle/5ZTM3Bv5H3syj2wP8 Jasper County Sheriff's Office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Foxwood/20/63/33 Any questions can be directed to Damon Adler (bullet.hexem), inworld.
  10. This week we are taking a look at the innovative niche of maternity roleplaying in Second Life. For those who are curious, the Family Roleplaying section of the Destination Guide is a great place to start exploring options for your potential virtual family. Babies of all skin tones and ethnicities can be found at inworld adoption agencies, and vendors can help you find a bundle of joy that looks like you or even a combination of you and your partner. Once your love bug has arrived, feel free to go all out with tiny clothing and accessories! Chat away the new parent jitters with others at various family-themed regions. Carrie Tatsu has been one of the leading contributors to inworld maternity products for several years, with her first product line, Zooby Babies. This week her new product line, AvatarLove, is releasing the Love Momma: the first avatar capable of a live birth in Second Life. The body is streamlined to make it easier to use for Residents, with only one mesh layer. One of the key features is a HUD for both parents that aids in the baby’s growth and provides a mood meter for her partner. The partner and/or friends can do sweet things to boost the pregnant avatar’s mood or help her feel more comfortable. The layers of interactivity that have been woven into the creation of the Love Momma culminate in a meaningful shared experience. “I don’t want to say real and not real, I’ll say physical and virtual, because everything is real,” says Carrie. The roleplaying of relationships that Residents find in Second Life can mean many different things to people. Carrie points out that people often “reveal more about themselves in a virtual space than they necessarily reveal about themselves in real life,” and says that she creates these products to provide a segway into a unique type of emotional intimacy. “Communicating with each other is the ultimate connection,” she says. Just as we often say it takes a village to raise a child, it took over a year for Carrie and her extraordinary team to bring this latest model to life. Piscine Mackenzie is one of the Lead Developers, and Brias Stardust is the Senior 3D Artist. Other 3D and texture artists that contributed are chobii Resident, ming lu, NODNOL Jameson, Astralia Resident, blaiseowl Resident, Aurore Clarity, benjaminlucas Resident, Katarzyncia Resident, Hoshi Kimono. She would also like to thank YouTuber/Blogger Mousy "The Ultimate Clout Chaser” and Customer Service and Product Testers Anne Whimsy, cindy kiyori, RoseSilverShadow Resident, and lilymai1 Resident. The real life couple you see in today's video illustrating the live birth is Ayambi, a contributing 3D artist and owner of Lovies Maternity Clinic, and Lord Ra. Carrie invites other creators to play around with the mesh kit on Blender, and join the AvatarLove Group (secondlife:///app/group/fce15a14-4747-977d-e06d-65fc502547b7/about). Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres
  11. Hello...! My name is Amara or Amayan..I'm 15, and pretty shy... I'm into many things, such as the occult, magick, art and comics... In school, I'm not very good math or science so if my future family is any good in those subjects, maybe you could help me with my homework..? Heh.. I've always wanted a large family, mostly because I get lonely easily. So um...heh..I hope you can consider me..! OOC: Hiya! I go by either Iz or Amayan, I'm 20, still kinda introverted, but I absolutely love company. Makes 0 sense, right? I'm into geeky/nerdy things, I'm a digital artist.. and I'm a pretty serious roleplayer. I've had some sour experiences in the past, but I hope my pickyness doesn't seem rude... I don't want to be someone's trophy kid, I'm not into just existing in your "family". I want to actually roleplay. OOC is fine, but I'd love some structure. I'd kinda prefer living in a community, instead of just a private sim with no neighbors. Going to school is preferred, my character IS 15. My character is also androgynous and NB. She doesn't however care what you call her, neither do I care what you call me. This is just how we work. I do prefer a *true* family experience. Don't spoil me, discipline me if I act stupid. Meal times and outings are also neato. You don't have to tuck me in, unless that's just what kind of parent you are. I've seen parents tuck in their grown adult children irl. Just, be a parent, that's all I ask. You may reply here or message me in world.
  12. Acacia Falls Family RP Community is looking for some new Officers. With 11 sims now we are in need of more officers to keep our city as safe as possible. Contact Isaiah Rotaru Singh (Michaelthayer) , PerrisRaine or Ramesh Singh for more information.
  13. hello everyone, We are looking for a maid/nanny. This is a NON-SEXUAL position. Duties include: -taking care of Zooby babies (3 at the moment) and young children (1 right now). Either of those numbers could increase. -cooking and serving meals -cleaning/taking care of our home -serving and other duties as required What we are looking for is someone who plays between 19-25 years old, who is willing to do the chores asked of them. There are two other kids in the house (13 and 16) who will not need caring for, but who would interact with the help. The hours we would be looking for would be approximately 4PM to 9PM SLT (but these are negotiable). Having your own conservative maid's uniform is a plus. In exchange for maid/nanny services, we will offer you a free apartment (again, no sexual activity allowed there). And, hopefully, exciting roleplay opportunities. If you are interested, please IM Katie Monday (katietepes) or Tex Monday (tex monday). We will be conducting interviews with potential candidates. Thank you for checking out the post.
  14. Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking for two different things! 1.) I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to look for components, big or small, that could possibly be used to create an arid, semi-arid setting? I've typed the term "arid" into MP and found some neat stuff, but I didn't know if maybe anyone had any suggestions for places in game to look! I'm not trying to be super specific for this because I'm still in that design phase where I'm just browsing at objects and using them to inspire my setting, so I'm open for any suggestions to shop! I'm thinking something along the lines of maybe a landscape you might see in Nevada or Arizona, with dry-living plants, some desert, some canyons, maybe some streams and arid vegetation on the ground---sort of thing! Nothing full blown desert unless maybe components could be blended in with the right supporting objects. 2.) I'm also looking for PG rated furniture, but a little more specifically here, furniture that people might he able to use for a Family RP; ones with animations and poses for parents and children. I'm looking for all sorts of pieces you could fit into maybe a bedroom, a living room, a dining room, or just to fill little nooks. I'm not trying to find any weirdish stuff with disciplines in them or anything, just ones that maybe have parents holding their children or them playing with toys or reading together---sorts of furniture. --------------------------------------------------------- For either of these things, I'd rather not get specific with price, style, prim count, land impact, and all that technical stuff. ^^ it would just be easier, I think, if there were any suggestions, that they just be posted and I'll take the time to go visit the stores and decide their necessity in terms of price, technical, and style subjects for myself. <3 Thanks a bunch to everyone!
  15. Thank you for your interest in a Giano Properties. We strive to make this community a place that is fun for everyone.  Tired of "Lonely Island Syndrome"? Come check out Giano Properties. We offer family style roleplay in a friendly, modern, New England setting. Whether you are looking for a starter town home, the latest mesh family home or an XL large parcel to rez your own home we even offer homesteads your very own private island; you will find we have something for all family sizes and budgets. The original New England Theme family community. Longest running family community in SL We do own our sims they are not rented Responsive management team. No premium account needed Protected by covenant Child safe and family friendly We have never closed, reopened, split apart, or changed names. Amenities •L I F E 2 store and L I F E equipped amenities. •Quaint shops and restaurants •Daily Community Events •Bowling alley •Movie theater •Stables and horse riding •Parks •Boating (NOW WITH EVEN MORE WATER) •Usable Roads •Car Wash •Drag Racing Role Play •Police Department •Fire Department •Medical Center •Court House •Newsletter •Drag Racing •Bank We added more of latest homes Website Website GianoProperties.com Facebook Facebook
  16. Are you looking to be involved in a family roleplay community where you can have a true calling and a purposeful RP? Tribeca Falls is a young and growing community that has expanded to 6 sims since February 1st! We are seeking the most qualified candidates for interviews for key positions within our community. Tribeca Falls prides itself on being a educated, but light RP group, and we expect the highest standards for those who wish to represent us. Candidates interested in positions should have the following skillsets: Organized No Excuse Leadership Attitude Ability To RP Using Emotes & Quotations PROPERLY Ability To Help Teach RP To Those Of Lesser Skill Team Oriented But Self Sufficient Multitasker RL & RP Experience Are Both A Plus Currently, the positions we are seeking for Tribeca Falls upper-rp management are: Currently the available roleplay (These Include Benefits & Pay Potential) positions to interview for are as follows… Firefighter Firefighters are on the front lines of keeping the community of Tribeca Falls safe from harm. Whether it’s fighting a brush fire, running into a burning building, or putting on an educational seminar, they are here for the community. Tribeca Falls is willing to train the right candidates who show motivation, teamwork, the ability to listen, and the desire to be the best RPer they can. Police Officer Police Officers are often the ones in harms way at a moments notice to protect their community. They are expected to be exemplary citizens capable of exquisite interpersonal communication and a law enforcement oriented mind. Tribeca Falls is willing to train the right candidates who show motivation, teamwork, the ability to listen, and the desire to be the best RPer they can. Nurse The nurse is a vital part of any medical facility. They are the doers who ensure that the patient is being cared for between operations and consultations with doctors. They provide a welcoming face and a helping hand to the community they take part in. Tribeca Falls is willing to train the right candidates who show motivation, teamwork, the ability to listen, and the desire to be the best RPer they can. Doctor (G.P., M.D.) The doctor is one of the keystones of keeping a community healthy. They provide services ranging from simple cold & cough remedy to advanced surgeries. This position requires a background in Medical RP, and the ability to clearly convey detailed RP. Dispatcher Dispatchers are a virtal piece of our RP in Tribeca Falls. They are the eyes and ears for our citizens and emergency responders. This person should be a good listener with strong and quick communication skills, as well as being knowledgeable about web programs to use our dispatch system. Specialty Sessions & Events Provider Are you a comedian? Do you have knowledge about a certain SL viewer? Can you sing a tune, or spin a track? We’re always looking for citizens to come on board to help us create the most exciting and immersive community possible. So if you have a talent, and a desire to be part of a community and help it flourish, we want to hear from you! Teachers Are you excited to educate to people both for RP and practical purposes? Tribeca Falls Hornets is K-12 facility that is on the cutting edge of SL Schooling, and we are looking for qualified candidates to help educate our students! Real Estate Agent Are you great at communicating and overcoming objections? Then we have a wonderful opportunity for you. Come sell in a community that sells itself and earn commission on every sale. Be your own boss and make as much as you want, your earning potential is unlimited! Events Team Do you love being a host/hostess? How about DJing? Are you great with people and know how to liven up a party or event? Then we're looking for you! 100% tips and other benefits available for qualified candidates! Minister Tribeca Falls Chapel is seeking a full time minister to provide regular church services to our non-denominational church. Many benefits and a wonderful community of RPers who are looking for someone to fill this role for us! Mechanic Are you a wrench monkey in the real world, or have you always wanted to be one? If you have the knowledge to RP as a mechanic, we are looking for you! Contact us today! Insurance Claim Inspector Are you good at RPing specific events? Would you be interested in working a unique RP position that allows for lots of interaction? Contact us today about this position! Receptionist/Administrative Assistants Are you excellent at multi-tasking, handling multiple projects and personalities, and clearly communicating to get a job done? Do you excel at working on your own and as part of a team? Then we're looking for you! Contact us today! *Please note that all RP work positions offered through the community of Tribeca require either A) A residence on a community sim, or B) A PO Box. A PO Box is purchased at our local post office for 200L/month, and you can pay for as few or as many months as you’d like at a time. (This policy is to ensure that the people who take part in the roleplay here have a vested interest in the community and want to help it succeed, just as the community is providing them with the job position and the opportunity to have amazing RPs!)* For more information, contact Vehkst OR ZeFenrir Resident in game, or stop by at Tribeca Falls, Axton County!
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