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  1. Currently looking for : Government Officials Police Fire Prison Guards Prisoners Criminals / Faction Leaders Citizens Head of departments. so if you have alot of RP in a certain dept contact me this is your chance to operate your own department structure is there, buildings are there just needs you !
  2. HI here at United Estates we offer full sims 1/2 sims and so on. Currently have full HS Sims@ $6990 per week, full estate rights, we can order new sims for $45k and you get to name them free. Hit me up if you have any questions
  3. New dawn city buckland military region once built will allow child avatars, check it up on the forums here
  4. BMR is having a face lift and will now introduce RP this 7 sims region is undertaken a rebuild details as below of backstory of rp sim. NEW DAWN CITY , is set in a city dominated by a totalitarian regime. It’s gleaming, clean environment is hampered by the presence of invasive surveillance, tracking all forms of electronic communication in order to reduce crime to nearly nonexistent levels. Backstory Before the factions in Dawn City , the city slowly started to become a new City regime. Though some didn't mind the new form of government or just didn't notice, many hated such change. So, having a new leader, they made protests against the government, hoping to change their minds before the process of becoming a new one is completed. Early demonstrations (rallies, protests, and marches) seem to be nonviolent as there was no break in the plans. However, soon Riot Control Forces began to attack the protesters, either without reason or because the protesters attacked first. With such violence, damage, and even death to some, these protests were known as riots. The protests stopped because it couldn't go on with the damage done. Known as a piece of history in the city, these events were called the Main Street Riots. As police (CPF) And private sectors controlled and took the city back, the police remained in power and sectioned the city for safety of their citizens, However damage was overwhelming caused by such riots, the government started constructing a new city above the old one. As the New Dawn City was finally taking shape, the police and private sectors of security was instructed to filter the new citizens, in factions and leave the Black marks as they called them behind. Thousands of people was left behind to rot in the debris of the city once known as Dawn City, they was forced to live and survive by any means they could. The citizens that were chosen to live in NDC was faction into groups according to their wealth and other factors, they was housed, and fed by the city. After a period of time NDC citizens seem to forget the people they left behind, and started moving on with their lifes. Once the old city ran out of food they slowly started to rise and populated areas of NDC, fitting in and trying not to look out of place they started to blend in, As crime rate sours the police controlled city started to understand what exactly was happening, and ordered these outcasts "black marked " citizens to be arrested on the spot, some was returned some were imprisoned, and most of them were just missing, presumed dead by their loved ones, executed by the tyrant thats control NDC.. As New dawn City Suffers by the hands of the outcasts by way of crimes, The police chief released a law for all officers to enter into the ruined city and by all force bring all those to justice, by any means, Join us now and create your own NEW DAWN!. IM me or send me a notecard in world looking for rpers and staff Buckland Military Region
  5. Hey All, Just posting looking for people who are interested in joining the largest modern combat sim in second life. Currently with 7 sims and still growing we have heaps to offer, post war apocalyptic region with vice combat we have air sea and land combat many groups are currently deployed here, 5th fleet, NATO forces, Us forces, Canada forces and even Australian forces. Settlements scattered throughout the region for RP community's, join a group or create your own, bases hangars ships and so many options here for rent even full sims!!. Weekly events with Linden Prizes. Rentals for groups or even role players, new RP full sim coming soon so come be a survivor, civilian or a combatant settle in one of our Settlements. Hope to see you there ! contact me inworld if any questions. BUCKLAND MILITARY REGION
  6. Looking for a ship builder! wanting a nice battleship (modern Only) Something with great firepower and can move, would like quarters and rooms within ships hull, i realize this is a big project full mod would also have to be available. Message me here on inworld.
  7. Just to let everyone know those who are interested. their is finally a modern combat sim with vice combat airstrips even rentals, Pvp. Pve, even Rp sim getting built. A must check out for all those modern combat enthusiasts,lets support it and keep it running. Buckland Military Region
  8. I have a military combat rp sim, what theme are you looking for?
  9. Currently building military sims for groups to rp, set home base etc. If you are interested im me or send me a NC in world for more information. Will accept military groups or individuals all are welcome
  10. In the progress of building 2 sims, that will be military, which will have options if base rental, just seeing how much interest we will have
  11. Ok Ethan Thank you il take a look
  12. Thanks mate, im sorta new to these bodys lol, was hoping to get someone who knows what they doing to do a make over i sorta suck at shopping
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