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  1. Currently building military sims for groups to rp, set home base etc. If you are interested im me or send me a NC in world for more information. Will accept military groups or individuals all are welcome
  2. Mardy Slade

    Searching for active militaries RP Group

    In the progress of building 2 sims, that will be military, which will have options if base rental, just seeing how much interest we will have
  3. Mardy Slade

    Searching for active militaries RP Group

    Did you find a military sim king?
  4. Mardy Slade

    Male Makeover

    Ok Ethan Thank you il take a look
  5. Mardy Slade

    Male Makeover

    Thanks mate, im sorta new to these bodys lol, was hoping to get someone who knows what they doing to do a make over i sorta suck at shopping
  6. Hi everyone, Looking for two sims together 1 full prim and 1 HS would be perfect with option to grow later down the track. im me inworld or reply here
  7. Mardy Slade

    Male Makeover

    Hey All, Just wondering if anyone can give me advice on who to go to for a new Av,Shape and a complete makeover. Cheers
  8. Mardy Slade

    Active Prison RP's?

    Building a new sim at the moment
  9. Mardy Slade

    Military Force Looking for a Home away from Home

    did u find a home?
  10. Mardy Slade

    Looking for makeover

    Just returned to sl after long break, looking for someone to help me get a make over. My current is not mesh and ive had it when i was a model for bellezza many moons ago lol. Anyway feel free to add me and lets do some shopping.
  11. Mardy Slade


    Add me just returned from long break so looking for new friends, to chill with
  12. Mardy Slade

    harassed verbally by owner of a public spot

    hmmm interesting read
  13. Mardy Slade

    How High Are Your Standards, Actually?

    If there is choc chip cookies then im happy "P
  14. Mardy Slade


    aww yummm thanks
  15. Mardy Slade


    choc chip cookie anyone Pleasssseeee