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  1. Hey All, Just posting looking for people who are interested in joining the largest modern combat sim in second life. Currently with 7 sims and still growing we have heaps to offer, post war apocalyptic region with vice combat we have air sea and land combat many groups are currently deployed here, 5th fleet, NATO forces, Us forces, Canada forces and even Australian forces. Settlements scattered throughout the region for RP community's, join a group or create your own, bases hangars ships and so many options here for rent even full sims!!. Weekly events with Linden Prizes. Rentals for groups or even role players, new RP full sim coming soon so come be a survivor, civilian or a combatant settle in one of our Settlements. Hope to see you there ! contact me inworld if any questions. BUCKLAND MILITARY REGION
  2. Looking for a ship builder! wanting a nice battleship (modern Only) Something with great firepower and can move, would like quarters and rooms within ships hull, i realize this is a big project full mod would also have to be available. Message me here on inworld.
  3. Just to let everyone know those who are interested. their is finally a modern combat sim with vice combat airstrips even rentals, Pvp. Pve, even Rp sim getting built. A must check out for all those modern combat enthusiasts,lets support it and keep it running. Buckland Military Region
  4. I have a military combat rp sim, what theme are you looking for?
  5. Currently building military sims for groups to rp, set home base etc. If you are interested im me or send me a NC in world for more information. Will accept military groups or individuals all are welcome
  6. In the progress of building 2 sims, that will be military, which will have options if base rental, just seeing how much interest we will have
  7. Ok Ethan Thank you il take a look
  8. Thanks mate, im sorta new to these bodys lol, was hoping to get someone who knows what they doing to do a make over i sorta suck at shopping
  9. Hi everyone, Looking for two sims together 1 full prim and 1 HS would be perfect with option to grow later down the track. im me inworld or reply here
  10. Hey All, Just wondering if anyone can give me advice on who to go to for a new Av,Shape and a complete makeover. Cheers
  11. Building a new sim at the moment
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