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  1. i would very much like to see some pics of your work plus pricing list if possible thank you
  2. I am more than likely not on the correct section of the forum for this but here goes anyways I am looking for someone to set a living room for me in a home i am about to rent (someone told me its called staging ) i would of course be more than happy to pay the required amount to use this service i would ask that i can see pictures of your work before hand thank you kindly vicki
  3. I seriously never thought I was going to get married in Second Life, or First Life for that matter :) But it seems its going to happen ( cue dramatic music ) Now the problem I have faced is as much as some of the wedding dresses already available in second life are very pretty , they are just not what I am looking for So I am here with the hopes I can find a designer to create a dress for me .. Preferably a mesh based dress , I have a very good idea of what I want and hope that this thread will help me find the person to turn that want into a reality
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