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Found 14 results

  1. Region is currently hiring an Events Manager. Potential applicants should be a passionate and responsible individual, who has time to oversee our events (small and large) and work with the upper management team to create successful and interactive experiences for members and visitors. Responsibilities of an event manager for the Region brand include: Hosting events Managing events Hiring individuals to host events Creating/Planning Events with Management Advertising Events Responsibilities may also include the ability to type literate and detailed blogs about said events that are to be hosted. The Event Planner will work with the upper management staff to create and run events. The Chief of Events will be required to have an event hosted every other week. This is a Management position - a passion for your work, and a desire to accomplish a goal is required. There will be an interview process. Payment is currently L$ 4000 a Month; May increase or decrease in time, depending on the success of events. Applicants must be willing to use their own pay to help advertise and hire individuals. There will be a one week non-paid training process to ensure that you understand and are able to do the position, as well as learn the ins and outs of the Region Brand. Join our Discord Server to apply: https://discord.gg/cuAdpy93kA
  2. I will keep this short, sweet and simple. We, here at the Playhouse, are looking to hire! We are seeking DJ's, Hosts, Discussion leaders, Event planners, and Story time tellers. This is a tip only paid job. We are looking to build up our wonderful community and would like you to be a huge part of that. If interested, please message JasperMeadows Resident or MistyThompson Resident. Or feel free to come see the place! .: Babygirl Playhouse :. 18+ DDLG Community & Hangout
  3. Attention all go getters, jumpstarters, and party animals! We are looking for driven individuals who want and are capable of throwing events at the Hoolyville Sim on a weekly basis. The more events you manage to throw the better. We offer various locations sprawled out in the sim for you to use for these events such as a club, stages, open garden, a pool, a recording studio, and themed rooms to name a few.. Please visit our website or the sim to see the locations. https://hoolyvillesim.myportfolio.com/ Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Callenspire/48/156/52 Contact @Novel Popinjay or Maela X MaeBae Forcella for any questions or inquiries. Serious inquiries only please!
  4. Ultra Lounge Revving up for Grand Opening!! Vibrant, Trance, Techno, Hardstyle, Day/Night Club is Seeking BaD A** Dancers, DJ's, Manager/Event Planners for Immediate Positions. If YOU are RAWKIN, Friendly, Outgoing & comfortable in the Smok'in Hot Atmosphere and Genre of Music we provide... We Want To MEET You!! ☢ Dancers: EXPERIENCE is NOT REQUIRED! Your SmExY attitude Is!! ☢ BaD KiTTy is a Day/Night Club NOT a Strip/Emote Club. (Adult Fits are worn and Mesh Body and Head Required) ☢ DJ's: Experience is Required!! You are the RaWr to our MeOw!! ☢ We are not flexible on our Music Genre. ☢ Manager/Event Planners: Experience is NOT Required and based on personal skill. ☢ (LoVe of being in Charge and getting things DONE - Can You Do It?!?) ☢ During our start up phase we anticipate down time and offer an Hourly Rate plus Tips!! ☢ It's TiMe to GeT the PaRtY StArTeD!! ☢ Bonuses are paid for referred and Hired Team Members ☢ ☢ Applications are available at the Club Entrance ☢ However, make sure to shout out to Berlin or Eve... if on the premises. We Want to MEET You! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonlight Oasis/62/189/3205 ☢ Immediate, Flexible, Round the Clock Positions Available!! Are YOU Ready!! ☢ Think this is it?? LOL, it's NOT!! We have an even Sexier Project in the FIRE!! Soon you will have TWO Jaw Dropping Ultra Lounges to Choose from!! See you Soon!!
  5. The Palazzo di Basilique is looking for an experienced live music event planner / manager. Interested? Hop over to Basilique & explore than contact Niccoli Swee*****er in world for more information. Only serious applicant will be considered. Thank you!
  6. If you are interested in any of the above positions, please reach out to Stephanie Northman in-world or fill out the application linked below. Make it Perfect Application: https://tinyurl.com/wjluln4
  7. I am looking for a secondary paying job that could really help me to paid my rent on time. Plus, I am looking for a spa, event planner, wedding planner, advertising, logo designer, and own my own business store. I will need a good paying job to make my dreams come true happens. I do want to be a receptionist that booked appointments, clients list, people that is very helpful and clients payments for the work that i do.
  8. I am looking for a job graphic designer, massage therapy, and etc. I am a loving and caring person that is willing to learn and work hard here. My goals are getting my dream job and get my first place on second life. Later on down the line love will find me till then I am focusing on my goals. I am available on Friday through Sunday. I am a mother of two sons in real life and my business is taking care of my sons.
  9. Dove Events Is Know Open!!!!! { Weddings - Events - Party's } " Affordable Amazing " - Open House 6/12/19 11am - 10pm - Location - { Cocoa Bay -- Family Roleplay Community - BeYou Friendly, Mystic Fantasies (33, 102, 21) - Moderate }
  10. General Manager - Make it Perfect Weddings & Events is seeking a General Manager/assistant for the Owner CEO. If you like organization and know the skills necessary for updating a HTML website we are looking for you. Availability needs to be open, and it is vital that the perfect candidate know word, excel, and Powerpoint. This person will be required to handle scheduling and the day-to-day running of the company. Event planning experience a plus but willing to train the right candidate. If you are interested in this position, please submit a resume to Owner/CEO, Stephanie Northman in world. I will reach out to you personally and set up an interview. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  11. Officiates - Do you like to minister a wedding? We are looking for ministers, priests [for any International culture] or officiates who can do different types ceremonies. If you are interested, let's meet and discuss your role at Make It Perfect. Wedding Coordinators - Are you looking for a great team to work with? Are you looking for stability and a job in Second Life Job? Are you a people person and loves to be a part of someone's love story? We are looking for you. Yes, training will be provided upon hire. And the pay package will be discussed at the time of interview. For all the above positions, please send a notecard with your online time availability for interview to either GiaBlossom Resident [General Manager] or Stephanie Northman [Owner]. I will get back with you and we can discuss the details further.
  12. Hello ? Are you seeking employment ? Consider New Life Employment. New Life Christian Fellowship Church is seeking to fully staff all of it's offices in the church and community. We have a wide range of freedom and creativity needed for such positions. We are seeking open minded dedicated people to fulfill the following positions. All of the positions require good communication skills , ability to multi task , the mindset to help others and the drive to innovate the New Life Campus. Just to name a few positions... Church Secretary ,Greeters/Hospitality Staff, Security , Event Planner , Advertisement ( Marketing ) , Video Recorder ( Sunday Service ) , Sim Management/Estate Manager , Facilities Coordinator & Pastors Assistant. All positions are paid hourly except the video recorder. Please feel welcomed to apply to this wonderful company today at the following link below or inquire about the position further by contacting ( drjclarkson1 resident ) by way of a note-card. Thank You in Advance. New Life Employment https://goo.gl/forms/GmbZMMcnxd5aV6Uw1
  13. Hey all, I am looking for work! I am extremely versatile in what I can do, however I am looking for a paid position, this means an Event Planner, Manager... etc... (I can dance, host, etc on the side for tips) I am willing to work for these positions though and gain peoples trust. I have 4 years host experience, 3 years dancer / escort experience, and 2 years of management experience. I can work with: Google Calendar Google Documents Google Spreadsheets Contest Boards (if needed) SHOUTcast boards VIP group, Staff group, and if there is one, Management group I can also: Post events to in-world events calendar Look for covers for DJ, Host, Dancers...etc Make sure the rules are followed by staff and vips/patrons Work with other managers and the owners to make sure things run smoothly If needed, reset furniture if furniture stops working and needs to be reset Send Notices to VIP group, Staff Group, and Management groups (when needed) I am super quick with dealing with situations (griefers, drama, disagreements between people..etc) and can handle these situations in a calm and timely manner. I am super hard working and dedicated. I will put in 30+ hours a week if you let me... I keep drama far away from the place I work and I expect the same of other people who work at your establishment. As a person, I am kind, sweet, hard-working, stubborn, driven, friendly, talkative, and I am able to handle high-stress situations such as a super busy club or where there is a multitude of deadlines to meet to make your club grow and flourish, or to come up with new ideas for weekly / monthly events. Because of how insanely hard-working and dedicated I am, I ask for serious inquiries only because I DO NOT want to waste my time or your own. I also ask for adult clubs only or clubs on adult lands... I only have a few restrictions on music, no gangster rap and no country, and that is it.. all other music is fair game. I am able to start working as soon as possible!! If this post interests you, please contact me online in-game, my display name is Astra Solo, username is astrahlynn resident. Make note I am also Second Life Time + 3, since I am in the US Eastern Time Zone... I am available to talk to anytime except for 12am SLT to 6am SLT since during that time is when I sleep. Thank you for your interest... Astra Solo (Astrahlynn resident)
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