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Found 14 results

  1. Are you looking for a fun place to work in SL? We have great news! Eclipse Restaurant & Events is hiring!!! We have several positions opened currently. Please complete the application here - Eclipse Job Application ** Be sure to read the application fully, and complete only areas that apply to the position you are applying for. We cannot state this enough. If you do not fill out the application properly, your application will not be considered! ** https://xalassrax.wixsite.com/deviantsims/eclipse
  2. Simply Sexy Strip Club and Bar is now Hiring! We are a local Strip Club and Bar A Great place to hang out and relax We are like a Family and treat everyone with Respect We are looking to Hire: - Voice, Cam, or Text Escorts 18+ Years Old - Must be High Quality Mesh Avatars - Confidence, Sensuality, Individuality - Have an outgoing personality - Earn 90% of all tips - Cheap Ad Boards for Employees - Earn Bonuses ! - A lively, playful, and enticing atmosphere - Drama free environment no fighting over customers - 3 well furnished VIP rooms - Completely woman owned- no creepy bosses! Simply Sexy Strip Club and Bar has been open for a few months and we are slowly growing With your help we can be a great place to work and hangout. Unlike some new clubs that open, our cost are manageable So no worries if club will be gone in a week or month. We are here for the long term! If interested stop by the Club and look around and fill out an Application Brandy or Misty will get back with you as soon as possible for Interview! TAXI http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Charlesville/71/16/35
  3. Euphoria Spa is currently looking for spa specialists who can give detailed role play. this is a PAID job. Must be willing to be trained and committed. Please apply by clicking on the link below or contact xqueenvictoria in world or on instagram https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfOcKs8K4g3dcU1sBqiOtKujzz_wdQLZKh6FQWmSfQ2h6b1iQ/viewform
  4. Euphoria Spa is currently looking to hire spa specialists who can roleplay in great detail and are willing to be trained. It is a PAID role. Only two people are needed for this role currently so make sure you do not miss out! Please click on the link below to apply or contact xqueenvictoria in world or on instagram if you are interested. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfOcKs8K4g3dcU1sBqiOtKujzz_wdQLZKh6FQWmSfQ2h6b1iQ/viewform
  5. Simply Sexy Strip Club is Now Hiring Dancers/Escorts Female/Shemale Dancers/Escorts wanted! Simply Sexy is looking for outgoing ladies to join our family. We are looking for girls who are motivated, personable, friendly, attractive, and dependable with a flexible schedule from all around the world. Work when it's the best time for you! Keep more of your tips.. 90% compared to other Clubs. Simply Sexy is female owned and operated Lounge area, Dance areas, 3 VIP rooms, 1 BDSM lounge, SPA Area Simply Sexy caters to all of Second Live Requirements for Employment ** MUST BE 18+ ** Must be mesh, as we only hire top quality ladies If interested come on out to Simply Sexy and take a look around. Fill out an application and have an Interview with Yuri, Brandy or Misty Hope to see you soon MistyRai Manager http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Charlesville/71/16/35
  6. Endless Infinity Clinic is hiring! Please come on board with us! We are a fully roleplay based immersive clinic striving for the best possible Maternity Care for moms, families, and pediatrics (prim & real) in Second Life! We are also looking for partners who will let us advertise at their business which those partners will have a 1 L$ ad-board (paid by EIC owner) at our location! IM RaidenRose or contact on here for more info! ∞ Working for us ∞ ∞ Paid Work ∞ Staff Incentives ∞ Lots of Opportunities ∞ Small Staff ∞ Requirements to be Hired ∞ ∞ Discord ∞ Gmail ∞ Room for up to 2 Groups in-world (depending on position) ∞ Roleplay Experience (3+ Months, paragraph & medical rp is a bonus) ∞ Real-Life Experience (Optional) ∞ Friendly Customer Service Oriented Demeanor What we are looking for: ∞ Counselors ∞ Doctors ∞ Midwifes ∞ Nurses ∞ Receptionists ∞ Lamaze Instructors ∞ Baby Shower Coordinators ∞ Baby Shower DJs ∞ RP Attendants (Spa & Dinners) ∞ Photographers ∞ Videographers ∞ BeYou Doctors ∞ BeYou Pharmacists Fill out the form below to apply! Please do not contact us to ask about your application via in-world or facebook, we will get to you within 24 - 48 hours, sometimes sooner! https://mayivy.wixsite.com/eichome/apply
  7. I am looking for a secondary paying job that could really help me to paid my rent on time. Plus, I am looking for a spa, event planner, wedding planner, advertising, logo designer, and own my own business store. I will need a good paying job to make my dreams come true happens. I do want to be a receptionist that booked appointments, clients list, people that is very helpful and clients payments for the work that i do.
  8. I am looking for a job graphic designer, massage therapy, and etc. I am a loving and caring person that is willing to learn and work hard here. My goals are getting my dream job and get my first place on second life. Later on down the line love will find me till then I am focusing on my goals. I am available on Friday through Sunday. I am a mother of two sons in real life and my business is taking care of my sons.
  9. Are you interested in being a part of a quality role play experience? Are you also looking for an opportunity to have fun while showcasing your skills? Look no more, Batista's Getaway Resort is looking for you! Applicants that are interested in diving into various roles, including dinner serving, Bar Tending, Spa services and more, please select the link below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Q4XjM8mYH3UjpvIH2SK6rXGGn2ah5g_7WuSfb7xQavI/edit
  10. Sandy Bottom Rentals, A Public access Beach located on mainland with Open access to linden waters for your sailing needs. Several houses available on ground level. Access to a full on adult furniture group access boat rezzers, spools and spas. Hidden secluded areas for play time including an under water tunnel leading to cave hidden in the mountain side. Come take a look and come hang out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Comfrey/129/199/22
  11. Please take the time to read this before moving on to the job application. єlσísє mαdrugα (eloiseelfwood) is currently opening up a family friendly resort. It's quiet large so she will need help to run it! The name hasn't been reveled yet, because she is having a reveal party. What Is she looking for ? Someone who has always wanted to run a restaurant, daycare or a day spa, but didn't have the money. You must be an avid roleplayer! The restaurant,daycare, day spa will essentially be yours. You will do all the managing, We will decorate together, and you decide who you hire. Eloise will just make sure that the businesses run together smoothly. Looking for both American and Euro shifts. Thank you for making it this far! Please follow the link to apply. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScYZuT4SuztSk7ygsAVj7Ehh4Cclx44kNYyDg9sapb_P4fFEw/viewform Hope to hear from you !
  12. Silver County is hiring residents for multiple service providing facilities. The Farm to Fork country side restaurant,specializing in comfort foods and fresh produce from local farmers, is hiring Chefs (DFS food) and waiters to work regular weekly shifts or by reservations. Fill an application form HERE Resort Spa is seeking staff for massage sessions, face and body beauty treatments , mani-pedi and more. Contact Dita Southmoor inworld for more info. Feel free to visit Silver County and see the many opportunities our town has to offer.
  13. Del Renee Villas Spa is currently looking to fill (Two positions) REQUIREMENTS: Must be atleast1 years old! Must know how to roleplay! Must be dependable! Must show up to work on time! Contact Giavonni Hunniton inworld!
  14. Del Renee villas spa is currently looking to hire more staff... JOB PROTOCOL: - You will need to come in for an interview (Questions will pertain to things about you and your overall experience with RP) - You will need to be trained on all services offered (We have several services we offer you will need to know how to RP so you can create your own scripts) - You will be given the links to the uniform we wear (We wear all white) PAY: - You will get paid 200 per person that you provide service to + Tips if the client offers it. (Del Renee Villas is well known so we stay getting bookings.) VERY IMPORTANT!!: - Please make sure if are someone who is available to work, we need dependable staff who shows up for work and there on time! - You have three times to miss work before you are terminated. Our fb link: https://www.facebook.com/DelReneeVillas/ If you have any further questions or you are interested in a job position, please contact Giavonni Hunniton inworld or Mariyah corleone Lombardi via facebook
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