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  1. Hello! I am interested in getting a job on SL and earning linden, but due to my current computer's lack of tolerance for handling lag and crashing often, it's going to be an uphill battle until I get a new one. If possible, I'd like a job in a sim that's not very laggy/or too full or I can work off-site instead. I've been told an office job or a manager of some sort would be ideal for me, so if you know of any possible jobs I can do on SL, please let me know! If not, then I'll have to find my own way to make linden with my own skills in the meantime.
  2. Hello! I have an Intel HD Graphics Card, and I know it's not the best to play SL with, but that's all I can deal with at the moment. I could really use some help if possible. I use the Firestorm Viewer ( x64 ), and my laptop is a HP Stream Notebook. ( Windows 10 ) My game constantly crashes, lags or the screen/viewer freezes up and/or the screen turns black and I end up getting disconnected. My game has severely low FPS. ( Under 10-12 ) I've tried to do research on how to fix the problem, such as installing the x32 version of the viewer, but to no avail as it doesn't work with my gra
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I didn't know about this. Thanks for letting me know! ^^ Is it free or do I have to pay for it?
  4. I have the Altamura Valentina and Jenny bodies, and I love the alphas. ( I've tested out both bodies for my avatar) I'm currently looking for the Emanuelle and Juliet bodies to add on my list of free/inexpensive mesh bodies to try. However I found a body that I'm happy with from a freebie blog post :)
  5. Originally I brought/have the $1 L from AJUDA SL BRASIL - Voluntarios, then a few days later I heard it was also at the in-world Ebody shop so I went there to re-buy it. I'm not sure which version I have. Did I brought the wrong version of it? 😮 Is it possible to buy/find the right one?
  6. I've tried the buttons but they don't entirely cover the areas I need. ( Like the back of the legs or the entirety of her stomach ) But, I'm able to hide a few areas but not all of them. I wasn't sure if this was an isolated problem or not, so I wanted to ask around to see if anyone had this problem or knows a solution.
  7. This is how my ebody curvy and classic huds look like. So it must've recently changed since then. I don't have the additional tabs with it either. ( Like the alpha fine or thick tabs )
  8. Hi, I'm new to second life and I've been in search of free mesh bodies for my first avatar. I have two main questions to ask and need answers for. 1: I recently discovered e-body curvy and classic, but I especially love the curvy mesh body. But I'm having serious problems with clothing glitches and unneeded skin showing. I use the alpha hud to cover what I can but the majority areas where I need to hide the skin is unavailable. I saw reviews of e-body curvy on YouTube where someone had a free version with the full alpha hud available to use. But the video was made in 2017 so I don't know
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