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  1. holobebe No real life number or any RL information required on https://flirtvr.me the site clearly states you can put a virtual number aka something you make up on it like 110010101 it just needs a number any random number in the slot but does not require a real number. Nothing on any of my sites require real life into the only thing I ask for is a valid email for notices and forgot password but most people can make those up as well. I hope that clears up any confusion. The same goes for Social VR .me which has 1500 avatars on it which is alternative to facebook and Pixel VR .me which has over 900 digital artists and virtual photographers all 3 site don't require any RL personal information .. Even creator of SL has join one of the sites
  2. Thanks for sharing this, question what would I need to add to make it when the glow comes on to cycle or pulse colors at various speeds as well. ? I love the idea of it changing based on time of day or night.
  3. Coldash & Gabriel very good for the styles of clothing your looking for.
  4. I've made 1000s of boots in SL however as Blush Said what type of mesh body or avatar do you use. This will help point you in the right direction. Slink Has a deluxe foot with 6 sizes of ankles of foot. Maitreya Body has it built in for 3 feet fittings. Other mesh bodies I would assume similar. If your classic you'll need shoes or boots that also come with alpha system to hide your body up to the upper thigh if thigh high boots. If your a mesh body then you have access to using the alpha system that comes with your body and if the boots or shoes are closed foot vs toes showing you can get away with wearing many types or boots or shoes.
  5. Some times double clicking escape key helps as well.
  6. Jake body is a bit hard to use not sure how well supported it is although I do my best to support it being a mens mesh clothing designer in here, my personal favs for bodies and ease of use is the Signature Gianni Body, Cata Head, Birth for Skins, Doux for Face addons ears etc. Valt makes some great men's hair and stealthic
  7. L'Etre & Doux is my favorite shop for getting ears. They make great appliers for catwa heads as well, another really good skin store for guys is Birth.
  8. I made a site called https://flirtvr.me which is an avatar dating site however its relatively new. As for in world locations depends on what your looking for. I've been in SL nearly 15 years, I know a ton of really cool people, some good locations include energy (club) is a good place to meet people, Muddy's Cafe, The River and other clubs. Most people really friendly.
  9. Waves to Gia long time no see. Anyway I was pro dj for many years in RL if you want to get into mixing, this is a fun tool https://www.mixxx.org and its free! Other tips if you want to learn to mix is to get mixes from other dj's and listen to the transition between song s and practice yourself. it will go a long way towards helping you learn to mix. Again when I say mixing I'm talking about beat matching. Anyway can play two songs together but playing songs where your weave beats together that move the masses that is true poetry :D
  10. This is my avatar currently lots of work gianni body and catwa head, my own shape.
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