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  1. dont have anyone but would be nice to find couples like that.
  2. i meet most girls in SL by reading their profiles and making a comment to them.
  3. Gor and those like Gor are roleplay sims. you are there basically pretending to be some else. racial slurs and all kinds of rants might be used by someone who might not normally say those things....they are acting in a way
  4. similar to Persephone. I keep the relationship open but no other gf or bf. when i log on i want to spend my time with the girl i am with. If they are busy then we set a time limit from 30 min to an hour. I dont want to hours for someone. I wouldnt make anyone wait. Trust and honesty is a big thing for me in SL. If you lie to me about who you are with or what you are doing the relationship won’t last
  5. what kind of things do you require of your partner/gf/bf in SL as part of the relationship??
  6. you could go down to one of freebie areas to get one of the freebie avatars then get some of the free clothes then the god awful AO to remember “the good ol days”
  7. male: hey can you take off your male parts so we can have sex?? Me: you first
  8. has anyone ever met someone from SL in RL??
  9. what does the family do in SL?? I can see maybe a roleplay sim of some sort. these are adults playing child av’s??
  10. you need to overhaul your profile. Your profile is like an advertisement for yourself in SL.
  11. I have a couple, but if someone I know reveals to others my alts can I report them??
  12. HI my name is Sarah and I am a tgirl in SL looking for a girlfriend to spend my time with in SL only. I am on SL after 8 pm SLT. I like to have an open relationship with some rules to be discussed by us. I enjoy romance and snuggles, beaches, dancing, and spending my time with a GF when on together. IM me and lets setup an SL date
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