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  1. This is how it should be. Not arguing and then blocking the other person because you cant deal with confrontations or cant talk like an adult
  2. My SL relationship is having a friend and lover in SL to spend time. Even though We might talk about RL we are not going to connect in RL. My SL relationships isnt something I would ever do in RL. For example I do not have open relationships in RL or have sex with multiple partners
  3. I am in an sl relationship with a girl and we keep it in SL. My gf and I are exclusive to one another so we spend our time together but when either of us is not logged in we are able to have playmates or friends with benefits. It works for us because we know what to expect and we talked about how the relationship was going to work. Communication is key to any relationship in SL. Also we both make each other a priority in SL. I noticed some are not willing to put their partner’s need/wants in front of their own.
  4. The castle was always busy with someone doing someone. I remember the eight person orgy bed.
  5. I was in the bloodlines and was a vampire. The clan I was in would always get together for orgies and at first was fun but after awhile I got bored and left.
  6. Going to bare sun little paradise and finding a dozen girls with dongs having sex
  7. some times there is an ebb and flow to it especially if you connect with someone
  8. Mesh. A lot of times a girl or guy won’t associate with someone without it.
  9. Do a search in secondlife for groups and places for your interests. List them in profile. There is a lot in secondlife that do not come to the forum and I am willing to bet do not know about it.
  10. So...your looking for a dom and your a subbie but not to be treated sexually??
  11. I get The name is unavailable while trying to view a friends profile. This friend uses firestorm I do not. I have tried my.secondlife.com and get the same result. My friends who use firestorm can see her profile.
  12. Read their profile and make a comment about something You read but try and not make it sexual. Be respectful and don’t be a smart ass either.
  13. I think it will be full of furrries and vampires
  14. That sounds good but there are a few that arent or act as grownups. Having a moderator there takes your place when you are absent.
  15. Sounds like an interesting Idea but I have seen quiet a few RP sims start up and then close after 6 months. I think you need to have a business sense about you. It is almost like running a non profit business where you are fronting all the costs
  16. Nudity does not mean consent but in RL nudity is associated with sex especially here in the US. And wrongly of course the less clothes a woman wears in public the more she will be assumed to be “sexual” or a tramp.
  17. There are some local candy makers of chocolate which are good, Sarris Candy, Boyer, and Jean and Boots Chocalate
  18. Being a girl is fun but adding some “extra bits” made it that much more fun
  19. I think rp sims might fail because of management issues. Starting a new RP area is almost like starting a new business. Just because your a 10 plus veteran of roleplay doesnt mean you can manage a sim.
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