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  1. So i can post to my profile feed then
  2. Can i post pics in Flickr of my avatar and another without permission? Does that apply to my profile feed in SL??
  3. SL sex can be very fun if you find someone that you connect with or with some friends with benefits. there is so many places to have fun either with another girl or a group too.
  4. What do you think is an appropriate time to tell someone you love them in a new SL relationship assuming there is no real life contact??
  5. I think its g and PG rated stuff. I was thinking like Mayberry in Andy Griffith show without Otis the drunk or Leave it to Beaver tv show.
  6. When you find someone to connect with in sl, especially in an sl relationship is when the best sex rp happens
  7. I am usually dating other tgirls so i keep things open. I dont mind someone bumping pixels when i am not around but want to be with them when I log in. Then its not all about sex,, i like some romance...spending time together...dancing.
  8. usedcars

    memorable RP

    What was your most memorable roleplay experience? I am talking about something beside sex roleplay.
  9. Its nice to meet someone in SL that you can connect with thats not playing games
  10. When I left a roleplay sim that got boring and slow I was told to watch how I use the word roleplay off the Sim in sl because people get irritated <points at someone>
  11. One time a group of girls I was with was roleplaying body shots in a bar in SL. That was fun
  12. I would look into this mesh for a male.
  13. Be nice to hangout at clubs together and be friends without anything sexual
  14. Col Sanders still talks about you
  15. I did the exclusive at first but didnt work for me
  16. i was with my sl ex for almost 2 years before we broke up cause of a time schedule conflict. We are still really good friends. Now she keeps the security on the beach house open for me.
  17. Nothing wrong with being a girl in SL. You might be surprised how many of your female friends in SL are men
  18. Nothing wrong with being a girl in SL. You might be surprised how many of your female friends in SL are men
  19. I like my romantic relationships to be open with some things we agree. I do not mind if my gf has friends with benefits when I am not there but that we are together when logged on.
  20. What of relationship do you like in SL? For example, The closed or exclusive relationship or perhaps the open. Maybe something else?
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