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  1. General information ok, but a life story or a bunch of RL pics dont work for me.
  2. The best was my gf and I picked up another trans woman couple from a club for a foursome. The worst experience was this girl and she was stunning. She put a lot of linden into avatar but all she did was “ahh” or “mmm”. There was long pauses in the IM. I told her i had to leave because my gf was on.
  3. Whats the best and/or worst SLsex Play you had??
  4. I have dated a Bisexual guy in SL once he was nice and things went ok for a short time. I think you need to be honest when starting a sl relationship.
  5. guys dont care. Don’t fall asleep in RL and leave your avatar on a bed or perhaps a towel that has options for sex.
  6. I do the date roleplay too and have lots of fun with it.
  7. I guess I can’t call it date roleplay either
  8. Don't refund money. Ask the issue and apologize that they don’t like the product. 1 bad rating isn’t going to ruin you.
  9. You walked into the simLike you were walking on a yacht and our eyes met. You smiled as I was rezzing then my viewer crashed. Did you smile at me or the girl servicing 10 guys behind me..
  10. I think some do read it but they ask you stupid questions anyway
  11. Have you ever hooked up with a neighbor from a house or land next to yours in SL??
  12. I am a dickgirl and have a aero wang and that doesnt work...winkz
  13. Actually used this for my one night stand
  14. I have a place for one night stands
  15. Since most of the relationships I have been are open relationships and I am accepting of most things/kinks my partner/gf likes, telling lies to me about activities is bordering on stupidity
  16. Thats the reason why some people have alts and not usually the same group of friends
  17. being lied to by an sl gf or partner about their activities in sl
  18. Most IM me without reading my profile because they see an attractive curvy blonde and don’t realize I am not a biological woman in SL or I have to explain it to them
  19. How many have ever had someone ignore your profile and start talking to you??
  20. I was a dancer in a club occasionally usually just to pass the time when my partner at the time wasn’t inworld yet and to flirt with the other dancers. I made some linden but it was hit or miss. I escorted a few times but ended up taking up a lot of my time. I still will dance occasionally for some linden
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