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  1. I love my Kalhene body and use it the most (my Kupra is my second most used body). The only thing that makes me really sad is that almost no one makes nails for the Kalhene. The creator of the body has french nails and french nail fades available and I have found only two other available nails on the marketplace. I would LOVE to find fingernails for my Kalhene or some blank ones that I could texture myself even (I dont have nail textures but Id figure it out). Id be over the moon thrilled for some super long (like the nails in the attached image) nails that I could texture myself and play around with. Id rather just buy pretextured nails honestly but learning to do it myself would be fun and useful. So, if anyone decides to make Kalhene nails please (please please) let me know. Or if anyone can make me some all permissions blank nails, that would be amazing!
  2. Lil Peep - Awful Things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOujzvtwZ6M&list=LL&index=4&ab_channel=LilPeep
  3. Lakeshore - Mountain View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEWCzxZGuxY&list=LL&index=9&ab_channel=Spaceuntravel
  4. As a big fan of real life snail mail, I think this is a very cute idea!
  5. Here's what I looked like when I was logged in last!
  6. My avatar is on the smaller side and the feet are a problem... The problem is the feet are a bit to large even on the smallest possible setting. Are there any deformers I could use or any other preferably BOM friendly small mesh feet that I can use with my Kalhene body? I tried to look on market place but didnt come up with anything. I did find some smaller feet but they were listed as being for photographs and I dont think they would work with my body (unsure), also they came with their own skin hud (no mention of BOM). Does something like this exist? Or am I stuck with slightly too large feet? I love my avatar and am satisfied with her overall look (other than the feet that is) so Im willing to run around with the large feet if I have too (I mean they are usually wearing cute shoes), but Id LOVE to have them smaller if at all possible! Thanks in advance to anyone who takes a moment to answer my question.
  7. I have never heard that little thing cats do referred to as making muffins before, thats cute! We always say they are ''making butter''!
  8. Hi! I was hoping someone would know what to do about a skin issue Im having with my ebody. It started randomly, just out of nowhere, and I cant figure out what went wrong. Theres been a weird patch of skin on one of my avatars breasts and some discoloration around the neck. Its more noticeable on pale skins and less noticeable on darker skins (I mainly use very pale skin tones). I didnt change anything, my ebody is up to date, and as far as I know my viewer is up to date. Anyone have any suggestions/thoughts?
  9. Thank you! I decided to just hit the button and see what happened and it wasn't what I was expecting but that's okay. Thanks again for taking the time to answer
  10. One of the things that I love about SL is being able to move around and change my surroundings easily. However renting different homes from different places can really add up so multiscenes seemed to be the best option for me. I also like being able to customize my home which can be difficult with multiscenes because they usually lack prim allowances but I found a nice multiscene that also offers a huge empty dome and generous prim allowance to set up however I like. I have spent hours working on the house I set up and I like it. That doesn't mean I wont want to change it up a little from time to time though. My question is - If I decide to switch the scene to one of the ready made houses will the house I set up on the empty dome scene still be there when I want to switch back or will I have to set it all back up again? I know that might sound like a silly question or might be something someone of my SL age should know, but I seriously have no idea.
  11. The last few times I have logged in I have found my inventory messed up. I sort my inventory into folders (skirts, tops, hair, clothes specifically or ebody or kemono, ect). Well Id log on and find folders moved around: for example, I found the folders for ebody clothes scattered around in different folders. I log in today and an entire folder and all of its sub folders are gone. I checked my trash and I used the search feature to see if it was yet another folder that moved on me but nope its just gone. It was a folder full of tops, so now I have no tops. Has anyone else ever had this issue? Do I need to put in a support ticket or do I just need to forget about it and start collecting new tops?
  12. Real life me slept in late today and then went to my sons football practice. SL me hasnt got the chance to do anything because I came online during this partial login outage. When it does let me on I plan to do some inventory cleaning and maybe look for some new places to visit.
  13. I do it all the time and as far as I know its never offended anyone, and its very easy to tell Im white from my real world profile picture.
  14. You prefer spending time in your SL house over spending time in your RL house (I know my SL home is way nicer than my RL home).
  15. Thank you for the advice! I will download GetColor as soon as I get back to my desktop
  16. This might not be exactly what you all want to see, because I cant swear that theres no mesh hair or clothing on these (there probably is), but I can promise the bodies are 100% mesh free. Im excited to share these with other people (I annoy my facebook friends with pictures of my avatars all the time but its nice to share with other SL users for a change)!
  17. I know I have been here on SL for a while and should know this stuff but I dont. Mesh bodies and slink body parts confuse me and Im happy with my classic avatars (for the most part). I just bought a pair of cheap hands and feet (so Im not out much if I cant figure them out) and Im having a hard time matching the skin tones to that of the rest of the body. Is there a way to find out the skin tones RGB so I can enter it manually? These hands and feet have alphas and color huds. I can get really close but cant get that perfect match yet.
  18. Hiya! In real life Im a married stay at home mom (my only kid is almost a teenager so now my stay at home status is more health related than kid related) and we have multiple pets. I try to log onto SL everyday but if Im online during the day time hours I often wonder away from my computer so I dont always see messages right away but Im always happy to make a new friend and respond to just about every message I get.
  19. Im eating right now - wheat crackers and drinking an orange flavored water. I often eat while Im on SL (or online in general). If Im hungry and its something I can eat with one hand and isnt messy - I will eat it while at the computer.
  20. Im a shy, quiet, slightly awkward 30 something female who is always happy to make a new friend. Real life me is married and a mom to one nearly teenage son. SL me loves to shop, put together new outfits, explore interesting worlds, and take lots of photos. If your ever wondering around SL bored and Im online, Im always happy to chat so just say Hi and introduce yourself (odds are I will respond - I sometimes leave SL running when Im doing other things around the house so if I dont respond right away dont get offended because Im probably off doing some boring housewife chore like washing the dishes).
  21. I havent had my linden home very long but one of the first things I done was click on my home control panel and lock my doors. I just had a very strange incident where someone I dont know came into my house and started doing really rude things. Now I wouldnt mind having visitors over but this guy was flat out rude and I have no idea how he got in if my doors are locked. Locking the door on the control panel is suppose to keep people other than me from opening the door and walking in, right? Or am I doing something wrong?
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