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  1. Thank you Lillith. I appreciate the suggestion. As nice as that would be for me personally, this would be a commercial SIM requiring the 20-30k prims.
  2. That's a wise suggestion. I may consider that. Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone! Do you have any recommendations for a good YouTube series, or website or something that is filled with everything I would need to know about how to manage and rent land if I buy a private region? I can't find any good resources on Google, it seems no matter what I search! Ideally I would like both a step-by-step guide to buying the region, how and when to restart, what needs to be checked for performance, other things I need to do to maintain a great place and a guide to renting and estate managing. I'm not trying to become a land baron and get rich. I just want a single SIM that I can use partially and rent the rest. So just the basics. I appreciate any info you may have!! Thank you, Bingo Update: I found the Wiki page. I guess I was hoping for more personal experience walkthrough. but this should do, unless you have personal tips to share! Certainly welcome please
  4. Hi guys! I am very new to mesh uploading, and am just figuring out all this LOD and Physics stuff. So I need to update Firestorm, but I am so confused. Do I need Havok or OpenSim? Please help! TIA <3
  5. Just to have another opinion, I actually kind of like the wrinkles. It makes the face more believable. I remember noticing wrinkles like this under my eyes in my late teens even. And some girls had lots of them. These aren't old lady eyes at all. It think it is a lovely skin. My personal preference is a narrower bridge as well though.
  6. The HUD that came with my Vista head has that option, but not the LAQ one. I do like to be able to position my eyes somewhere other than straight too Rhonda. I will try the Firestorm prefs, thank you Solar!
  7. I found a beautiful snowy scene at La Vie to frame this blue dress by Just Because.
  8. I tried to make one and Facebook didn't like my name. They said "It looks like you're trying to create an account for a business, organization or character. Please create a Facebook Page instead."
  9. Looking good Danni! I was stuck on classic for a long time because I was frustrated with mesh and didn't want to give up my out of date looks. It scared me away from Second Life for a while actually. I did a whole mesh makeover vlog last week (https://youtu.be/NbeEcdZu798) and I'm pretty happy with all of it now. I got the Vista Lia Bento head and I love it. I thought the price was very reasonable and I'm happy with the lips, but I can't really compare since I haven't owned any others yet. The biggest thing that won me over on mesh is finally figuring out that having clothing that is rigged for the correct mesh body is key. I like a smaller chest and I kept buying things that left a giant peekaboo gap so everyone could see down my shirt.
  10. I've been using Ice Cream Screen Recorder. I've only had it about a month, but so far I really like it. I didn't know about the Win10 Xbox app. I will have to check that out for the other computer... curious!
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