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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm looking for a particular kind of outfit; a fitted asymmetric dress or skirt, or a dress or skirt with a slit that can be worn with very long boots (over-knee, lower thigh or crotch high) extending into the dress with a bit of skin showing on the upper thigh, without clipping. It can be an outfit which includes its own boots, so long as it can be worn with boots without clipping. I love the long, floor-length asymmetric slit gowns from the likes of Moon Amore and Dead Dollz, but they fit very closely and aren't made to be worn with long boots; there's noticeable clipping. While I'm primarily looking for a dress, a skirt I can pair with a sweater, blouse and coat or a skirt suit would be awesome. I mostly like to wear elegant, formal outfits in darker colors, and most of my boots are of the pointed, stiletto variety in leather and the occasional latex, with no platform. - Charlotte Sinclair
  2. Hello everyone; I was looking for my favourite dress in more colours and I came across this one in plaid: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MYNX-Cowl-Neck-Tank-Dress-Brown-Plaid/7781264 However, I saw in the other image that it was paired with a gorgeous long coat and I was wondering what it is and where to find it! I may be wrong, but as far as I could tell, MYNX didn't offer this coat in their store. I already have the dress in many other variations - it seemed like the perfectly fitted coat to be able to pair with all of them! If anybody can help me identify it, I would be most appreciative. - Charlotte Sinclair
  3. I need fashion designers who are willing to provide creative clothes. For further information please contact me. SECOND LIFE:-Trisha1020
  4. First in SecondLife, wear the "No Way HUD" and get instant live information of all the available sales in the "No Way Event" each week. No more infinite notecards to search what you are looking for, shop inside SL, the brand new No Way HUD is here! "No Way" Event presents 2 days of special offers with our shopping HUD that includes an extense list of products from the best Secondlife Designers at special price of 60L$. The event runs every Thursday 9AM SLT until Friday 23:59 SLT. Our exclusive HUD connects you to all the special offers from No Way Event! Our free live HUD contains all the information updated each week (TP, texture, store name & item description), making it easier for everyone to shop without leaving SecondLife! ❥ Share the HUD with your friends, it's copy & transfer! Grab Your FREE HUD: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/No-Way-Event-HUD-v1/21371238 **How to use our free HUD** When the Event starts every Thursday 9AM SLT you will be able to click the coin to access the list and start shopping! The Event closes every Friday at 23:59PM SLT. You will be landed in the homepage until next Thursday 9AM SLT! with new items waiting for you. FAQs & Conditions: https://www.nowayevent.com/?page_id=619 *Designers apply here* https://www.nowayevent.com/?page_id=71 *Join our group* Copy paste in-world: secondlife:///app/group/4e4147d5-dcb3-1dd0-4750-b83d1766b528/about *Follow us on Facebook* https://www.facebook.com/nowaysl *Visit our site* https://www.NoWayEvent.com Thank you =D
  5. Anyone recognize the two hairs and dress? Also, I'm looking for some natural hair bases. So far I have tried two from Revoul which were pretty disappointing. Thanks for the help fashion babes!
  6. I have a certain outfit from an anime, Dragon Ball specifically that will take about 4 or 5 pieces to complete. Please get in contact if you have experience making clothing items.
  7. No more cardboard skirts? Yes please!!
  8. First things first: some people like to be fully dressed on SL, others like to be naked as often as possible. I fall right in between, I prefer to be topless on SL and over the years I have collected an okay number of topless outfits. It helps that I also like latex because there's a good amount of topless latex fashion in that area. However, I recently found myself going through my inventory and found that the majority of my topless outfits are system clothing, and I won't be able to wear that anymore on my mesh body, or at least not until BoM goes live. (and even then it may not look good enough for me anymore). And then there's lingerie, but I have never really enjoyed lingerie like others do, so that's a rarity in my inventory. So my question is if anyone knows of stores/a store that sells lots of topless fashion (gowns and dresses preferred) which would fit my Belleza Freya body. I really should start wearing something else than latex, no matter how good that looks.
  9. Come Join as we Party Greek style! Have fun, meet new people while listening to great music all in one place! Get the best in an Adult, friendly and respectful atmosphere So join us! DONT MISS OUT! Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serendipity Lake/86/197/2002
  10. Does anyone know what this dang dress is? I've been looking for it for a while now and no luck. Posting here on the off chance someone else recognizes it.
  11. Hi, could anyone tell me where I can find a 80s Prom dress please or point me in the direction of creators of 80s fashion..much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  12. Hello i am looking for someone to Create a Albedo Dress for me from Overlord anime. i am looking for it to be fully detailed to every part that includes the chest webbing and neck and the outfit must be on Avatar 2.0 "Normal Chest size" Contact me via Second life IM or threw this Post. Thank you <3
  13. Can anyone tell me who made this outfit and where I can purchase it? I was told it was a Utopia but it is not Utopia, I have looked and even asked saby Clary and the answer was no it is not a Utopia outfit. Thank You
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