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  1. I think it's cool, I would try it ! By the way since you digitally transformed your real life body into game, you can make yourself looking as cool as you want. Who wouldn't like that?
  2. Totally uncanny, but I just liked the horse, jeans, sword, Camo shirt and new skin today, feel like me. Lighting is terrible.
  3. Is there anymore anime hangout ? because I think they had become extincted compare to the moment I first join SL
  4. I respect that value as well. On the other notes, I would still have my preference. Maybe one day it will change? Also 'preference' means that I do not really compel anyone to reveal their RL details to me, in fact, I can't, it's their choices.
  5. In some culture, baby face is cute face, youthful looking face, doll face, it never only meant for children. If you are speaking from a different culture perspective, I hope that other culture's perspective be listened to.
  6. Sorry for the term I chose being easily tweaked in the way I did not intend, people can have baby face even though they are older than 20s, even 30s, it's a beauty standard. To emphasize only once, I DO NOT like tween. There's nothing more about that. What's wrong with stating my interest, and that I put it in the adult section ?
  7. If so, anyone who has experienced watching a video content together on a SL TV? Which SL Viewer that you use? How was the experience? What SL item that you used to watch? I want to make a personal living room to watch like a horror or drama or comedy together in SL, but the last time I remembered trying with someone, she wasn't able to see anything though I could watch the content normally (I think I was using Youtube viewer on the TV).
  8. Yes that proves the point that everybody is different in their personal view ^. My view is only a minor so probably it wouldn't affect anyone else.
  9. I always wonder if people feel insecure in their RL so that they wanted to separate these 2. To be honest, I am not interested that much in your personal RL details. Just make it a fair exchange, people who doesn't like to share RL details shouldn't be friend with people who like to share. That makes things simple. I like to make friend with people who are attractive to me in both in RL and SL (both are important). At least I don't want to be with a SL person for year or even month without knowing their real face, or gender and at the end (maybe one day) knowing that he or she is 60 or 70 year
  10. I don't have many friends on SL. But I like it when both are visually attractive and when people are not so shy about their RL. I still can't make friend with a person too older than me in RL no matter what they look in SL.
  11. hey there, been gone for a while, anyone interested in catching up with me?
  12. just chatting to see if we could get along???
  13. Hi, I've been to SL for 6 years now back and forth, It takes me so much time to meet a good person in SL world, so I post on here (like an advertisement). Let me know.
  14. I am keen for playing with asian avi, but it seems like hard to find those. Some sims people are not very attractive in their personal taste ~ I personally likes asian cute style, baby like and sexiness is minor to what I actually concern. But really is there anywhere there are baby face avis (not neccessarily asian) to hang out. sorry for my descriptive questions.
  15. hm do you require specific quality of male? I got mesh ava and cannot find a decent female avi
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