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  1. Hi, the app is not in English, is the creator not native english? I want to get the latest version but I don't recognise the currency
  2. Talking about SL relationship, how do people establish it, honestly curious?
  3. I have always been wanting to be in a character from a game I really enjoy, and there are lots of rooms develop, even name and character is null, maybe I can make that. But I don't think there are any outfit in SL that is similar. Wish I could make something like that 😆
  4. To be honest, the same. I thought your character is from an anime.. not? I don't like to ruin my anime character by my weird acts lol lol
  5. Can I roleplay Rudeus Greyrat from another anime universe?
  6. You're right? There are so many genres out there.. I'm interest in the result of the ratings.
  7. I like these types too, hentai is quite cliche & typical so it's not something worth reading. Any recommendation?
  8. Okay I'm not sure I can understand, did anyone ever make this?
  9. Looking gud.. Vampire sure misses seeing themselves in mirror sometimes
  10. Just a curious question, I know we have threads for avatar dress up and stuffs. How about this? 😝💦 P/s: question from curiousity please show gentle criticism
  11. Hhaha it's what I heard, would be good if someone is able to organise >0
  12. Curious, is there a working mirror in SL?
  13. Im keen to meet and chat !!! Hit me up in world. I have my own rent apartment though
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