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  1. hey there, been gone for a while, anyone interested in catching up with me?
  2. just chatting to see if we could get along???
  3. Hi, I've been to SL for 6 years now back and forth, It takes me so much time to meet a good person in SL world, so I post on here (like an advertisement). Let me know.
  4. I am keen for playing with asian avi, but it seems like hard to find those. Some sims people are not very attractive in their personal taste ~ I personally likes asian cute style, baby like and sexiness is minor to what I actually concern. But really is there anywhere there are baby face avis (not neccessarily asian) to hang out. sorry for my descriptive questions.
  5. hm do you require specific quality of male? I got mesh ava and cannot find a decent female avi
  6. sorry wasn't knowing well, will post in right forum next time
  7. Hi, I'm someone who doesn't mind RL involement, with or without. I'd like to set the scene for a sensual roleplay that is genuine to me I'm actually an young office intern student (engineer) and finish work one late evening. As I have to come all the way to station to take the train back home, I have to go up to the stairs to get to the platforms. What happened is that was a windy day, and I tried to go my way against the wind, but a pretty lady go up before me hurriedly, she was wearing a short skirt with no attention to the wind force. Her skirt was blown up in front of me all the way. I knew I would have not to look up because her sexy panties would be shown, but somehow she did not push it down with her hands. The skirt blown upwards entirely leaving me see everything underneath it. Can be any color but realistically it was black. please pm me for rp. all good, Peotyre.
  8. I like korean/Chinese/ asian fashion and wants to make friends with those who have same taste. Thanks
  9. Hi, I'm looking for female partner in game. I like any lady who knows how to dress fashionable and unique. I prefer Asian Oriental lady but that is not as important. If relationship develop well, I want to share RL photos with each other.
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