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  1. I wasn’t referring to his comment when I said that.
  2. It wasn’t a no. I’ve been Christian my entire life, and I’ve had friends who were satanists since we were in middle school and still are. We make a point to respect each other’s beliefs, and avoid disrespecting one another. I can be friends with who ever, as long as there’s mutual respect.
  3. Ah, I see, we bash people for their beliefs here. Interesting.
  4. So, I’m new on here and I haven’t figured out how to take quality pictures yet, that’s why I don’t have a profile picture, but my avatar is fully set up. I came from IMVU, if you’re on there add me at ( datshortyavi ). Anyway, I just want to meet some chill people, who just vibe. I like roleplay, I wanna go on holidays, and have fun with a group. I’m a writer, but not a professional one lol, I post on Wattpad. I love music, and I’m a follower of Christ. I’m 21, I recently turned that age. I’m just goofy, and I want silly, goofy friends that I can shop with, hang out with, possibly re
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