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  1. The easiest thing to do would be to just turn off the things in groups that are a strain on the system unless the group creator pays a weekly fee for it. Most of the groups don't need to see who is online all the time or have live chat. A small fee of just 30 lindens a week, same fee if you want to be in search with your place, will have a huge overall effect I think. All I want for my groups is them showing up in peoples profiles, send out notices or let people rez stuff on my land.
  2. So. little update: Been asking some people that know more about this. Because they call them self an investment company and claim the interest rate is an "investment fee" they are not breaking any tos rules. Its all in the wording apparently. The good news: The only info that was given is a name (that was not even checked by asking for an ID) and that name is so common, good luck finding him real life among the hundreds of others with that name. I also showed the contract to a legal expert, it will not hold up in court. She will be offered the money she lent out back, and if she knows what's good for her she takes it, or she risks losing it all. My bedtime now, thanks to everyone for the answers.
  3. have rl now, thanks everyone for the answers, will look back here tomorrow and act on it. Reading selene's respond makes it clear something is realy wrong here
  4. he got scammed rl, leaving him short on money, temporarely... So he went ahead to get scammed here too..
  5. I agree with you on that. I could have helped him myself if he came to me first, at no cost.
  6. I still wonder if its aloud by tos to lean out money like this so people can pay for their land
  7. And I agree he should pay back what he loaned or it would be stealing from his side. He is not like that.
  8. he did not gave a fake name, but she seems to be in the usa, and he is from england, making it hard to get their money back. Its about 132.00 usa dollar in linden. 80 without intrest
  9. I justnow found out they made him give his rl name..... Making it posible to sue him rl.
  10. Yes, I seen his contract "a note card" Looks like a bad joke to me. They claim that linden lab is okay with them doing this, I find that hard to belief.
  11. he rented money from someone for an insane amount of intrestrate, and now he can't pay back in time. So he got in to trouble with them, but I feel they can't put a claim on him like that My feeling is that renting out money like this is illegal in sl
  12. thats what I said, he needed money to pay rent, that does not look like an investment to me its just another resident renting out money.
  13. A friend of mine got in trouble because he loaned money inworld for a whopping interest rate of over 60%.... All to be paid within 30 days. I told him this is forbidden by linden rules (please correct me if I'm wrong) They have in their business name that they are not a bank, I assume in an effort to get away with it. But I think, when you do banking stuff, you basically a bank, even if you claim to be an investment company. What is the best way to deal with this?
  14. I think in the past we could just type "Dog -gacha" and you got just dogs that were not gacha. That way you could filter lots of stuff, not just gacha. It does not seem to work like that anymore sadly, so now we are buried under lots of stuff you're not looking for. Personally, I would like to see it back, it made browsing in the shop a lot easier.
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