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  1. I just think it is great he took the time to talk to the community like this. It is really not a given for an investor to talk to the consumers of the company he bought. For me, it shows he cares and I appreciated it a lot he finally did this. We will see what the future brings. The only thing we know for sure is that there will be people in favor and against whatever they want to improve/change.
  2. What a terrible loss for Second Life. My condolences to his family and friends that were near him.
  3. Thank you Oz, for all the work you have done for this world we love so much. I hope your retirement will bring you all you hope for. And if not, I'm sure you can always come back.
  4. True, but I'm just mystified that there is no indication in the title that it's about anything else but the cloud uplift. We were promised to hear more about it all after the deal went through. When they bring it like this I start to wonder if they changed their mind about that. But time will tell.
  5. I don't understand why this news is brought to us as a footnote to "news" that is really days old already. It now comes over as if they are thinking "Well, we have to tell them but we rather have that not too many see it"
  6. They are aware and working on it: https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/69s184bjgbfg
  7. Having read the explanations in this forum of the history and meaning of the logo it makes more sense to me now, but how many that see this logo know this? Especially people outside of Second Life will have no clue. To me it always looked like a stop hand with an eye in it. A hand that says "stop" is just very uninviting. Does it represent the wall people new to Second Life need to climb to understand how it all works? And the eye means we are always watching you? I never liked it at all and the blue did not fix that.
  8. Reading another forum thread I just saw someone saying this "Not correct, sadly. SIM owner account that only converts L$ to US$ to pay the SIM fees, never cashes out, had suddenly to provide ID before being able to sell L$ on the LindEx." This is incorrect then? No need for an ID? Asking because it took a friend of my 3 whole weeks to get her ID sorted out, and we have sims to pay Edit, some how copied the wrong quote before
  9. It may also be that your avatar is "wearing" a different group at the moment. Going to your groups and activate the group you put on your linden house may solve it.
  10. Before we could see the loghouses land I was focused to get a house near the water. But when it all opened I realized this new land is just pretty everywhere you look. You all have done an amazing job on this, and I just want to say thank you for that.
  11. No, videos start when you click on it. So only if they start the video at the same moment will they see the same.
  12. Why only 2 partners ? I have 4 partners that I all love very much. There is so much more they could do with the profile pages, like more then 10 pictures, a page dedicated to your shop(s) and so on.
  13. With the same argument, you could say all add-ons must be removed because some of them are ugly. When a shell is within the theme and tasteful it should be allowed. I would find it weird that people were encouraged to make addons at the release, and then shells are disallowed. Add-ons should be judged on how they look, not on what the add-on is.
  14. If this is really the reason, I can understand and accept that. But then they should have made that more clear in the offer and not make it sound like its open for everyone.
  15. I have the same as Sean, I don't get it either. My thinking was that it has to do with that my current renewal date is Thursday, 03-18-2021 If that's not the case I would love to add another year to it.
  16. The easiest thing to do would be to just turn off the things in groups that are a strain on the system unless the group creator pays a weekly fee for it. Most of the groups don't need to see who is online all the time or have live chat. A small fee of just 30 lindens a week, same fee if you want to be in search with your place, will have a huge overall effect I think. All I want for my groups is them showing up in peoples profiles, send out notices or let people rez stuff on my land.
  17. So. little update: Been asking some people that know more about this. Because they call them self an investment company and claim the interest rate is an "investment fee" they are not breaking any tos rules. Its all in the wording apparently. The good news: The only info that was given is a name (that was not even checked by asking for an ID) and that name is so common, good luck finding him real life among the hundreds of others with that name. I also showed the contract to a legal expert, it will not hold up in court. She will be offered the money she lent out back, and if
  18. have rl now, thanks everyone for the answers, will look back here tomorrow and act on it. Reading selene's respond makes it clear something is realy wrong here
  19. he got scammed rl, leaving him short on money, temporarely... So he went ahead to get scammed here too..
  20. I agree with you on that. I could have helped him myself if he came to me first, at no cost.
  21. I still wonder if its aloud by tos to lean out money like this so people can pay for their land
  22. And I agree he should pay back what he loaned or it would be stealing from his side. He is not like that.
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