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  1. Getting in touch with my inner colorful cat faery...
  2. please don't. Love the look... and btw, what skin is that? I love how 'unhostile' he looks -- too many guys look like they want to hurt someone... my boy toy needs this skin and maybe to steal other aspects of this look. Not every boy needs to look like an assassin with blisters on both feet.
  3. You totally rock... promoting of the droollage...
  4. Yeah, getting nekkid in sand is way overrated. Abraded bits are not sexy. Now nekkid in water... that's a whole different creature... one that purrs and snuzzles you...
  5. Or... they're afraid of you and want to know when you are online. They don't unfriend you because if they do, they might end up somewhere you are by accident. I have not unfriended someone i consider a predator for that very reason. i want to know when they are on so I can try not to be where they might be. When you use block tools, it doesn't notify others... not sure what notice they get if you delete them from the 'show when online' list. Alternately, they may have died like a couple of my friends did, and I only found out by chance months later. Sadly, if someone never logs on again and their family doesn't attempt to log on to their account to tell friends, or don't even know they have an account, they will simply vanish forever. Since you cannot see the friends of your friends, there isn't an easy way to check with them to see if they know something. I gave my spouse specific "notify" wishes, but he's a techie, so SL is not a challenge the way it might be for some others' family members.
  6. sometimes i dress up and go to space...
  7. First, I'm so sorry for your loss. Widowhood sucks. I think coming back to something you both loved is a great way to honor him, and being in a place where you can have support, distraction and even fun when you need it, and be able to log off of people and being 'on' when you need to be left alone is a good thing. I have found SL to be a healing place. It could be what you need. And of course, the chance for creativity is a very cool thing and this place has lots of opportunities for that. People love it when old and beloved vendors come back. trust me. So many times I find something i love, but the vendor isn't around anymore... so come on back and delight people. Yeah. When I joined SL in 2015 (i think it was 2015!! it feels like I've been here forever!) I thought it was dead.. there was no one here... then I found out that there were people all over if I only knew where to look. I made friends. I got lovely free clothes... eventually, after about 6 months, I decided not to wear the same clothes every day!! I think as long as there are people who can dress up in clothes they could never wear in real life, fly and teleport & wear wings... dance to the music of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.... and have lots of pixel sex and of course kitty cats😎🐱, there will be some form of second life. I've visited other grids -- they're no second life. No, IMO, SL is not going away anytime soon. And if you come back, there will be one more cool person in second life! Look me up sometime! Blue
  8. Welcome to SL! If you don't know the basics of SL you will need to learn them before you are able to help others. A good way to do this is to volunteer at a newbie island -- then you can help newcomers with stuff you understand, and you'll have more senior people who can help you learn enough so you become a competent user of SL. A lot of the jobs in SL involve helping people who have gotten stuck, and sometimes that will be because they are newbies, or need someone who understands whatever it is they're trying to do better than they do. So... you may not be quite ready for the paid job... just something to consider. Of course, if you are already a whiz with some skill needed in SL, then you're golden... but you will probably need to figure out which area you want to work in and approach the owner/manager/creator directly. Regarding jobs: I would go to your favorite clothing store (or other store if you're not into the clothing acquisition thing) and then write a notecard to the owner and see if they need help. Some store owners hire assistants and/or managers or just people who are willing to come and help their customers via their groups chat. You will of course need to: a) look presentable (unless you are helping out only in the group chat). You will be representing the store in question. b) deal well with others and especially, be helpful c) learn the product (or service if it is a service) d) be willing to occasionally drop whatever you are doing and go to their store to assist someone. Other places that hire are dance/music clubs that need DJs (that requires that you are one and know music) and Hosts... you will need to help people in the club -- and what form that takes will depend on the club owner and/or the DJ you are working with. Again, I recommend notecards to the owner of the establishment unless they are present at the sim in question and willing to talk to you at that time. Often, when you see an owner in their store, they're already dealing with something or helping customers. The notecard is also useful as it gives them your name and availability in a form they may keep instead of an IM that gets lost. If you aren't a friend, they may miss your IM unless they are online (and not busy) when you write them. If you send IMs to busy store owners, they're liable to get capped (SL stops sending messages when a person gets too busy) and often they never get seen... Read how they prefer you to write to them. Many people list this in their profile. Some people do prefer IMs b/c they download their IMs to their computers and get them offline -- but notecards are more the norm. Good luck! Blue
  9. You are either not a weirdo, or my kind of weirdo... either way, you're just fine. As someone else has said: this is MY second life. (yours too) -- it's up to us to do what we often cannot do in real life. PLEASE OURSELVES. Enjoy ourselves. Be who and what and where and when we want to be. Sometimes I just go to a beachy or fantasy space, and just listen to the ocean, the birds, the sounds of being outside I often cannot enjoy in my real life where it may be winter and I am definitely not sitting on a beach. The only wrong way to do SL (other than hurting ourselves or others) is to live it up to someone else's expectations and not enjoy it. Want mesh, be mesh, want to walk around as a rooth, do that too... just as long as you are happy. No ___ are owed to anyone!
  10. I have one or two people I like to hang out with for doing nothing or doing stuff like going to dances and shopping, but I also have a ball exploring on my own. I did that a lot of necessity in the beginning as I wasn't all that into shopping and that seemed to be where people were. Slowly, I found communities I liked and regular activities (weekly in most cases) and so I have a social life... but mostly (when I do) I build on my own. I explore on my own or with one particular friend whose company is fun even when I'm feeling mostly asocial. she's no drama, I'm no drama, it's a thing. Tinkering actually is easier alone as I don't do voice (I like to listen to the radio or music while I'm on SL) and I cannot type and tinker effectively at the same time. I'm not a big builder, however. I do periodic reordering and add new things to my place but mostly I like having a 'home' and don't really churn it as much as some others I know. I actually find avatar tinkering and dressing for dances more fun with my friend... we give each other feedback and kid around -- kinda like getting ready for any event in real life with a friend.
  11. If you want to have broader (natural looking) shoulders, do not get a Maitreya body. It isn't proportioned so you can make the shoulders look natural. It is proportioned for the shoulders to be very narrow. When you widen the shoulders, the arms look more and more skinny and the proportions look odd. Also, the sliders don't really respond as you increase the proportions to try to get a normal shape. I would get the demo body for ALL the major mesh bodies before you buy any... I recommend wearing it for a day or two and playing with the shape. It can take a few tries to get any mesh body to look the way you want. Bodies with reasonable proportions in the shoulders: ebody, slink, altamura. You must, of course, use the sliders to create a shape you like. The shapes that come with bodies are usually based on the aesthetics of the person who designed them and tend to be a bit 'stylized'. Notes: I don't have much of an opinion on the Belleza (sp?) body shoulders, but I think it can probably be made to look ok. I don't remember anything glaring wrong with it. I just didn't like the overall body for my personal image (any of the three versions) so I didn't wear it for very long, but I do remember it being better proportioned than Maitreya. It has been a while since I tried any Belleza body. I believe Eve can be make to look OK, proportionally, but it wasn't one I liked that much either. Haven't tried it lately, it may have been updated. (If you get eve, do not use the Eve shoulder fix, if you want natural looking shoulders - it is designed to make the shoulders look abnormally narrow. apparently, some people like to look as if they are too weak in the upper body to pick up a book!!) I own ebody, slink and altamura bodies on my various alts, so I have played with them a lot. I chose them BECAUSE I can make them look naturally shaped and well proportioned.
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