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  1. TL;DR version. I like my Slink Physique body and I'm sticking to it. If i ever had to change, it would be ebody, b/c both of these bodies can achieve decent normal proportions. I own Slink Physique because after trying all the major bodies and many, many, many minor ones (and building shapes for each of them) before i bought the Slink, I decided it was by far the easiest to make look like a normal, well proportioned body. The breasts and curves and crotch gap all look like a normal person could have them. Some of the other bodies look like cartoons, even especially when you try to proportion them like real humans. Some of them have a ridiculous bias toward huge hips and breast melons, and if you make them anything but emaciated, you cannot have NORMAL width shoulders or arms that aren't skinny sticks. This is not a look I have any use for. Those proportions, if they existed in reality, would result in a woman who could barely lift anything. Weakness and uselessness in a woman is not sexy to me. Many SL bodies are biomechanically improbable. Some are just impossible and look deformed. None of my friends have huge heads, tiny shoulders, and flipper hands with giant rears and 'headlight' sized melons...😜🙃 Nope! It's unlikely I would change my body. The only thing about the physique that I am less than thrilled with is the way the alphas work on the HUD. I wear some 5 size mesh b/c I do a lot of fantasy/unreal stuff and some of those clothes were made by people who are long gone from SL and unlikely to update and some of them are exquisitely made. Unlike some of my friends, I don't resize my body. I created a body to reflect my 30 year old self - though I was more athletic than I look in SL. Sadly, there is NO body or skin combo that I've found that looks like a female, feminine, ELITE athlete. Apparently, we must all look like porn stars on steroids or fainting maidens who cannot lift a pebble. Unless someone creates a body that can have muscles (but isn't a muscle bound fugly weightlifter body) I'm unlikely to change. I actually stayed with my system body for a long time because I could make it look more muscular, but after a while, I wanted a smoother less jagged look. When i wear my fallen gods skins, I wear the male part of the body skin with the woman's head applier - one reason I'm not all that turned on by BOM for skin. Most 'normal' male skins don't work as well, however because apparently, the SL male is supposed to be part monster! If I bothered to buy another body it would probably be the ebody. Runners up would be some of the better Altamura bodies (my alts have Altamura or ebody) or Belleza. There are several that I would never buy, either for weird proportions or unreality or for the lack of quality of their HUDs. Ease of use matters to people. Realism matters to some of us too.
  2. Hi... I know how hard it is to find really nice stuff for men in general, but it seems to go double for black/African American avatars. I'm trying to help a friend create a decent one that doesn't look like a caricature or a big 'monster' urban thug creature. (truly hate that look) Any suggestions that you might have would be appreciated. Also looking for clothing that would appeal to someone who appreciate things from Africa and the Caribbean in particular. NOT looking for the 'ghetto' or 'thug' look. Looking for something a bit more refined - something friendly and pleasant but manly that a normal person would like to go around wearing. Thank you much!
  3. It's funny... when I play with 'manvi' I channel the person he was designed to be... my late RL partner... and even my BFF here notices the difference in my tone and my word choices. But I think it's because I made him to remember someone... not sure how it would work if I were trying to go out and 'get some' though... i would never... bc that just would feel... icky In RL he would have enjoyed flirting, so I flirt with gilrs sometimes... which is easy for me as i'm bi anyway and I don't have a RL outlet for that and I know he would not mind if he's up there looking down, I bet he's wishing he lived long enough to join SL he loved playing online.
  4. that is bloody priceless. Like the idiots who are always calling offering to buy our house... I tell them... 3 million dollars cash, you pay closing costs, it's yours... well, it's a very small house... not worth all that... they usually get very polite and quiet... smiles.
  5. I like the slink male body. It actually resembles a real body. it seems they mostly make clothes for those burly-men monster-looking 'manly' beast bodies I hate so much in real life and second life. sad. There doesn't seem to be enough decent clothing for men in SL period, but the fact that men don't shop a lot is likely a disincentive to creators of menswear. I think that is why so many men walk around looking like monster man or channeling Mr Ruth. Not sure what the solution is, but my RL hubby is in SL and finding him a masculine but non-aggressive look that both he and I enjoy has been a trial. This goes double for men of color, btw. I don't know any 9 foot tall men who are 5 feet wide with 2 foot equipment. I don't want to. Edit: seriously though, if you look carefully, you can find Slink clothing and a lot of 5 sized mesh also fits OK, partly b/c a lot of men's clothing is usually symmetrical and covers blocks of their bodies, so it's easier to alpha things out than with female clothing. Slink may not be supported enough, but it is still supported a fair amount.
  6. Thank you. Manana. Gonna go to bed. If it isnt there in the AM i will file a ticket. Was an odd day in sl. The sim where i rent was offline/unavailable most of the day. No idea why. Tired now.
  7. No stipend yet. Nearly 9pm slt
  8. It's called society, in and out of real life. Respect for life and the agency of others.... Respect for the idea that other people have a right to live their own lives their own way is what makes society. No society exists when people decide to violate that. I've been in countries where there's a break down of society. They're not fun places to live. For some reason, most of us in SL don't like to live in that kind of world. Doors simply signal that people want you to stay out. There's nothing to stop people entering most places other than choice... real world or second life. Decent people who want to live in some semblance of order don't life the troll/thug life. You don't have a right to violate others even if they don't choose to live frightened, locked up lives... which is what you're saying is the ONLY alternative to having their space invaded. Basically, those who say this have two opinions of the rest of us: Those of us who don't live in security zones are idiots and they should expect to be invaded and abused. Those of us who do live in security zones are horrible people and should expect to be hacked and will be called mean and evil for trying to have private space. So, the only thing that is acceptable is that we should want to be walked all over? That's ridiculous. And that's what you're basically trying to create, right? A world where you can bully EVERYONE who doesn't willingly let you violate them. What does that make you? Sociopaths? Oh, OK. Thanks for the warning. Thanks for showing your true colors. I don't need permission to use space I PAY FOR. I don't need to have to kick you out when I want my space available for my use, YOU DO. And if you don't behave like a decent human, I reserve the right to exclude you.
  9. I like the life where I'm welcome and an active part of other people's lives with friendships and companionship. You are familiar with that, right?
  10. Odd. Because no one is shooting them, giving them 'health' or any other game type things. This doesn't function like a game unless you go to one of those sims where there's zombie killing or such going on. The fact that if you go flying in your early days of SL you'll get booted off private property, and generally get a notice saying you're not allowed there and will be booted... well, that should tell people that there's public and private. Linden would help some if there was a part of the initial tutorial that told about public and private. When you go to some sims, you get a covenant notice handed to you, but I know most people don't bother reading that. When I went to faery crossing I was educated that there were certain places not to go (not inside people's private homes), and certain etiquette (don't cam into people's private homes) not to do. And we were asked not to litter, not even in places where we were allowed to rez. I think it would be useful if there was more of that kind of education going on. No, you cannot force people not to go in -- bad actors will always do what they want, because they are bad actors. In real life, only thieves and home invaders go into private homes without permission. We generally put them in prison. If you are obstinate or narcissist enough to believe that your obnoxious, disruptive, childish and selfish behavior is the ONLY way to do things, then you will probably eventually end up in prison or jail in the real world. At minimum, you'll have few friends. In SL, the consequences are more that you'll be seen as a nasty little bully, a griefer and generally the lowest form of SL life. If that makes you happy, please yourself. But don't be surprised when people find ways of excluding you from their space and their existence. I've blocked and banned only a handful of people in my time in SL, but that, IMO is their loss. I've met others who after polite and pleasant interaction have become friends and who've been given invitation and access to my space and even my home. People have done the same for me. I love being part of their lives and having them be part of mine. I'm welcome in some really cool places in SL... places that rude, trollish people are routinely excluded from. Guess which life I like best!
  11. In spite of my expeiences and demands that my spaces be respected, I disagree with almost nothing you have written. I dont like the yellow crime scene tape/jail bars either and the black boxes or big parking lots are way too familiar forms of blight. I love open. I love privacy. I hate blight.
  12. Took me one attempt to fly and being booted to adult hub hell to learn about security orbs
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