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  1. Not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was cooked with pork fat and/or beef fat. Beefaroni, after all is made up of ground up bits of beef and filler, and I seriously doubt it's prime steak. Even steak has some fat. Ground up beef would probably include ground up fatty meat and it wouldn't melt away any more than the fat on your steak melts away when you cook steak. I've come across small chunks of fat (probably something like a bit of pork belly) in canned 'pork and beans'. Cooked well, it added to the flavor because fat holds flavor better than either protein or carbs. Most of those canned things come fully cooked, so i doubt it was an issue, though i imagine it would be a bit gross if you were expecting vegetarian. Of course, this isn't 'quality food' - lots and lots of 'filler ingredients' 'textured vegetable protein' etc... Truth is? If we thought hard about the food we ate, most of us would be revolted. Food is grown/raised, harvested and 'processed' under some pretty awful conditions for the animals and those who work with them. There's a lot of reasons that we have 'e coli outbreaks' in our salads on a semi regular basis... "don't buy the lettuce, it's contaminated' often means either the workers or the water sources for growing the vegetables has become infected. The people who plant and harvest our vegetables often don't get paid enough to take proper bathroom breaks... fastidiousness and cleanliness are only practical if you've got access to hot and cold running water and flush toilets... and breaks... So a little fat... meh.
  2. In the Caribbean, particularly 30 plus years ago, people's homes were open -- windows were open, and doors were open. No AC, hot. There were house lizards in most people's houses... about 3-4 inches long, not much thicker than a finger, completely harmless... and with skin and flesh the color of chicken... So... lizard inside the house wasn't that remarkable. It was uncommon for them to molest or even come near food. I don't remember ever seeing one in my kitchen. That story which happened to my friend is the only instance I've ever heard of that happening. They didn't seem to be that fond of the heat of kitchens... they tended to live in cool, dark crevices or behind wardrobes etc... and they ate things like flies and mosquitoes, so they were actually good for your environment... they mostly ate the things that actually could do us harm. Mostly you saw them at a distance. Not sad to live in a place where they aren't, however. I prefer my ecosystem to be outside, except for me and cats. (and whatever random microbes we carry around)
  3. I think I spent too much time working in health care... gross out just isn't what it used to be.
  4. had a friend whose grandparent was cooking soup... with pork tails (very good btw) but he had the misfortune to eat... the back half of a lizard that had apparently fallen off the ceiling into the soup... and didn't know why it tasted so awful... until he found the front half... needless to say, a barf-ful time was had... and he never looked at soup the same way again... I think maybe it wasn't fully cooked? or maybe half-lizard just doesn't taste so good... so grateful it wasn't me. Yes, there are minimums... because the entire world is contaminated... There's no such thing as sterile... except inside the autoclave until you open it and air touches things... As they say in medicine, the poison is in the DOSE. Anything is poison in a high enough dose (yes, even water and oxygen)... and most of us eat all sorts of things inadvertently. There's a really good reason we have HYDROCHLORIC ACID in our stomachs! Our bodies are actually well adapted to kill off things that will harm us... within reason.
  5. I feel your pain. Xnay on the Snakenay.... or whatever is the correct pig latin for that! I have eaten just about everything else... as long as it's not excreta, pus, puss or rotten, I'm game at least once...
  6. I love spiders. I feel sorry for the poor creature... if it were real! Of course I would eat the -- whatever it is, as long as it tastes good. The thing in the body looks a bit like blood... which i can't imagine eating raw, but I assume it's tomatoey something and that definitely is edible. I'm not into eating things that are wriggling, but i will eat most cooked food... at least once. When I was little, I used to have a hard time eating chocolate Bunnies b/c they were shaped like cute life creatures... I no longer eat chocolate, so it's not an issue anymore. Things that look like creatures I like are the hardest for me to consider eating, tbh. I don't think i could eat anything pet shaped, no matter what food it actually was.
  7. Aww Timmy you were so pretty! Jaws: I read the book and saw the movie. For once, I think i actually liked the movie better.
  8. I remember bell bottoms, the original mini - the car and the skirts - and something unfortunate by the name of Crimplene. Yes, Virginia, I had a lovely orange pair of Crimplene bell bottoms!
  9. I won't ask how you know what dead sewer rat smells like. Nope, I don't want to know. 😎 I prefer the yogurt I make. All it contains is milk and 'special' bacterias!! 🤣 I like jellies and will pretty much eat anything... at least once. Sadly, after 10 years on the back of an ambulance, I can eat anything, anywhere, and in the presence of pretty much any conversation... or maybe that's a 'humble' brag. Other than the smell of decomp, pus or fecal matter, very little puts me off food. To be honest, if most people knew what they were eating, or worse, what the creatures they eat are eating, they might just be afraid to eat all together. Of course, there's those people who really and truly believe that the meat they eat was always in a shrink wrap...
  10. some of my best buys are from old listings that haven't been updated in a donkey's age. As with anything online, there's always a possibility they won't respond if something happens, even when the people in question haven't left SL. And as people have said, there's more than one kind of 'left'. People who have stopped logging in, but haven't deleted their accounts are fine to buy from. Those who have deleted accounts... have had their MP store removed. This happened to me with one of my favorite stores. In world store closed. For about a year, the MP was active. Then for whatever reason (I suspect they died and their children got involved) the entire thing was just gone. Depressing!
  11. Thank you so much. They make great hair. I'm fond of colorful hair, as you can probably tell... so, it appears are you!
  12. Well, I'm grateful you are so organized, and sad, because that probably means I am out of luck. At least now it has a name... 2015 was a long time ago in SL world😞. Thank you for responding! All i need to do now is get me one of those scary cats (finding one on MP is what reminded me to post this here, actually - i have been searching for this place ever since i found the picture in my files)... i already have a skeleton and several mushrooms on my land... come to think of it, i have cats too... but not scary whimsy... SL has been a wonderful life. There is so much here. In spite of the annoying aspects, I would not give it up for anything! Thank you
  13. HELP!! WHERE in the Worlds is this? The topic is simply this... I want to go back to this place, if it still exists. PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS PLACE! In my earliest times in SL i visited a variety of sims... some of them I still go to, some are gone... but there's a few I loved that I simply cannot find. Yes, I know we have history, but I don't have the first computer I registered on anymore, and so, my history only goes back as far as the second computer I was on... BUT, I have pictures, and a description... forgive the noob avi, but I've come a ways since then, I promise! This was taken in September of 2015 only days after i joined Second Life, so I had no idea about saving landmarks. It's a fantasy sim -- i think the giant mushrooms and the scary cat kind of gave that away... If you have any idea where this is, I'd love to know where it was and if it still exists. NOTE: There's a better than even chance it was in the SL destinations b/c I didn't know where anything was at that point. I've looked through the SL fantasy destinations, but I didn't recognize anything that I thought was it. Thanks so much! Please feel free to share YOUR long lost requests... if there is someplace or some thing you found or visited in Second Life and for whatever reason you've lost track of where it was or who made it and you'd like to try to find it again... please post it here. I think there's also an underwater area on this sim but that third picture may just be another place i went to that same day... Anyway, the important part is the psychedelic space that I totally adored... Scary kitty cats, mushrooms and my own personal skelly for company🐱💀. As you can see from my day-one indigo glow hair and tie dye painted on shirt, i fit right in! Definitely worth a revisit now I know how to take pictures and dress just a bit better, even though I still can't walk in a straight line!! Thanks for your help! Blue Remember: PLEASE share your lost places (and pictures) with me too!
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