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  1. Other than when my very old mum with arthritis comes on to SL, I never use voice. I have a couple friends who have arthritis who use voice to me while I continue to type. When I first arrived in SL my voice was so unreliable, I gave up on it. By the time my connection and computer (and probably SL) made it so voice was less unreliable, I had gotten used to not using voice. I don't go around trying to pick up people nor do i do the slex.... YMMV. I imagine people who are looking for SL pwornworld experience, will want the sound surround version, since it keeps their hands more or
  2. you can probably use a demo version of any body to test your clothing if you don't want to buy one. I just test my clothes on my friends who have bodies I don't have. i do have several different bodies, though i only really wear one of them.
  3. Of course it is possible or i would not have done it. But easy? No. Availability of non ghetto looking black male skins for example is *not* easy. There may be more Asian skins than I know as i am limited to sources in English, French or Spanish. I do not speak Chinese, Japanese or Korean. I do know AK offered an Asian male head, which is a good thing. The fact us that the offerings are mostly European and what is not European skews hard toward stereotype.
  4. It is hard to find any non white avatar components, particularly ones that don't look stereotypical. It is even worse for males. I have NEVER seen a decent Asian male avi. I created a black male avi for a friend and that was so hard. If i want to find a monstrous looking avi that is 'ghetto' they are a dime a dozen. creating a male avi that looks human and is not white... that is a major undertaking.
  5. Thank you for this thread. In spite of the ignorance of some of the posters, I think it's vital to make this a more friendly place for everyone, not just white folks. White folks are NOT the default people on the planet. Numerically, the default people are actually the rest of us... Better yet, there should be no default person... we are all individuals and there are many and sundry beautiful colours, cultures and traditions. All we would like is to be accepted and not to be portrayed in ugly ways. I really do hope Linden will take a look at some of the pages in the MP.
  6. You mean move to a body that you hate, that you think looks monstrois like most of the "well supported" fugly he brute bodies? YUCK. No way.
  7. well, just how do i access the new baked channels to create stuff for my asymmetrical clothing and tattoos? please let me know, b/c I have not been able to find anyone who could help me find out how to create asymmetrical arm tats.
  8. But people gave up bling shoes that were shaped like space ships drawn by 5 year olds... and no one is sad about this. I actually gave up my system feet and hands well over a year before i gave up on my system body, which I missed ever after and still wore occasionally so i could wear old stuff i loved... not because i was cheap but because it was gorgeous and the sellers are dead or have left SL a long time ago. Until BOM, I still wore my system body periodically, though i kept my mesh head, hands and feet on. I am not suggesting it would be easy, but going to BOM is a huge hassle for
  9. My point is that BOM becomes of less value if it cannot do all that appliers can do. BOM has been promoted for its ease of use -- but if there's no way to create some things for BOM, then it becomes less flexible than appliers. A lot of people who are creating may not bother. It is actually quite straightforward to create stuff for BOM layers, so that's unfortunate. Instead of BOM becoming a universal layer that everyone can use (including some of my fantasy friends who will probably never go mesh), it becomes just one more 'applier' that a creator must make. So, instead of making om
  10. I AM my favourite creator. I am not looking to BUY tattoos. I want to make them. I've created tattoos in BOM/system but they are always mirror images. I'm trying to figure out HOW to make asymmetric BOM tattoos. No one can tell me. The people I meet who have made them tell me it cannot be done, at least not in BOM. The Tats I'd like to apply to arms have writing. I cannot use them because the writing is fine on one side, and reversed (backward mirrored) on the other side. Currently, I have been unable to find someone who can tell me how to do it with BOM. I have not yet
  11. Not actually sure Robin is a guy... or that he/she created the template system, just that he/she made the most commonly distributed ones. Anyway, the biggest problem with mirrored tattoos is that if you WRITE words on the tattoo, then you have a tattoo with backwards words unless it's a mirrored word (visual palindrome, like 'mom' in certain fonts). I was thinking if i made a shirt layer, it could be asymmetrical, but if the template is one armed, i don't see how that is possible. Seems no matter what layer i use, if i go with BOM, I'm stuck with needing to use something without words
  12. You make a great point. Also... I don't know what happens when a store vanishes from MP and in world. Can one still get re-delivery from MP if the marketplace store is gone? I would imagine that (especially if the person's accounts are also gone, which happens sometimes) there would be no way to replace things... but the box... is forever. I'm actually rethinking things. I really like the folder delivery too... it's simple. Especially love it in a store b/c i can just put stuff on and look in the folders right away without wearing the box or hoping for instant open... But I'
  13. I have just decided to create an MP store because I've been making some clothing and want to share it. I also have some random gacha items I haven't done anything with and I think it would be weird to have those intermingled with my clothing... and distracting, particularly since the purpose of the gacha selling is to get rid of stuff -- I don't plan to run an active gacha business. I've mostly stopped buying gachas. So, once I have a moment, I think I will create a second 'gacha' store and put my random stuff in it and give it a completely unrelated name. I may even just put it up wi
  14. sounds like you need to open a trouble ticket with Linden
  15. ignore idiots. live and let die. block, derender, move on.
  16. Child avatars squick me, particularly the ones that look like ~2- 8 (those that really look child/babyish). I don't get the need to revisit childhood, but then again, mine sucked and I have no desire to repeat that much powerlessness or give up parental controls to some stranger on the interwebs... If someone finds healing in that, great for them. I have found that learning to trust others takes time and surrendering all my control to them right off doesn't usually serve me. My main issue though is that the first place I encountered child avatars was at Michigan Shack, a perveyor of all
  17. If we never think of the complexities and the possibilities, nothing ever changes. There are valid concerns to be addressed, but there are also changes that would make life better for a lot of people. I think if we don't discuss the things that don't work and how we'd like them to work, we cannot even BEGIN to look for solutions. So... I'm putting out all my ideas... what I hope and dream for, and what makes my life difficult -- putting it out there so we can talk about it and try to come up with work arounds and even completely new ways of doing stuff. One thing that I want the folks
  18. Yes some of it is complicated. But some of it is possible, Blue
  19. but I don't want to clothe my alt and steal anyone's money. my friend was out of town, never went to an event. I cannot give him or her the item, even if it's no copy. It is not always POSSIBLE to buy the item you want to give away. Sellers leave SL. And you have a perfect item for SOMEONE ELSE that you cannot give them... something they can NEVER buy anywhere. Sometimes I get something I have no use for -- I have been given things by people and I have a friend who wants the item and i don't care if i lose it completely... but I cannot transfer it at all... I either have to keep
  20. I try very hard not to buy anything that is no copy. I don't like losing stuff, period. I have some exceptions and I always worry when they're rezzed that what happened to a friend (a big sim crash) will happen to me and I will lose stuff from sellers who may not even exist anymore or who might not want to redeliver stuff... assuming I can prove it was mine. Not everyone has perfect records and even on my parcel, i don't think I could list everything that was in my house if it all went away. Modify is harder. I like to have modify b/c resizing matters to me and with stuff like hair, b
  21. Hating auto unpackers is great if you have access to land. If you are new or don't have money for land, you have to find (ever rarer, it seems) a sandbox to unpack or try to do it the hard way by attaching whatever it is to yourself and trying to dig the contents out. Most inexperienced users don't know how to do that. I do agree about the animated gestures though... I just want a simple 'accept' and done. I don't need sounds or special poses. No one needs to know (loudly and with bright lights) that I'm opening boxes. I tend to unpack the stuff in the auto unpackers first, and
  22. I am usually kind of uneasy with adults playing children, but to each his/her own. As long as no sex or sexualizing is involved, that is their business. As someone else said, sexualization of children does seriously bother me. Why a grown woman would want to be a six year old in world is a mystery to be. Been there, did that in real life, and I really didn't like it all that much, but that's me. That aside, I have one friend who presents as a tween male -- he looks like a 12-14 year old boy. I think he likes being free of the whole 'he man' and masculine stereotype issues. He doe
  23. I think it depends on the nature of the group. Store groups, I don't see a reason to hide unless I am being stalked by someone and want to just hide my presence everywhere. But if you're in a 'sensitive' group - for example: AA or NA for recovery or a suicide survivor's group or some health issue or even a fetish, you may want to hide that group membership from others because you don't want random people knowing you are ill or have a particular sexual interest or you are a recovering addict. Were I a business owner in SL, I might seriously consider hiding some or all of my groups. Whe
  24. RELATED ITEMS: If you have completely unrelated items to sell - for example, Skin/shapes on one hand and houses/landscape items on the other, you may want to consider two stores. I don't usually go to a house/homewares/landscape place looking for heads and skins. It would never occur to me to look for them in the same place... OTOH, I do occasionally go to a store that sells 'everything' - Lamu/Alb - comes to mind, but I shop them almost exclusively in world. It is set up a lot like a middle eastern bazaar, so you expect to find everything including the kitchen sink, but they
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