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  1. Looky here SL Destination Guide and on the left side are categories. You'll find lots of great sims to take some great photos!
  2. Yep, I've experienced this. It can happen a lot in SL for many reasons. Usually it is because the person is not willing to discuss the reason(s) why they are poofing. They may be just the non confrontational type or they are hiding the reason. It hurts, yes, to have that person in your SL life then boom they are gone. Sometimes they come back with some lame or an actual valid reason. Sometimes you never find out why they disappeared. It sucks but we need to grieve and move on.
  3. On the bright side, it is disappointments like this that make us much more grateful for the good people. "Life is all about sweet and sour, dark and bright, happy and sad... you can never appreciate the beauty of something without knowing how ugly other things are." - Ghassan El-labadi
  4. I'm usually lurking because am too lazy to sign in lol but I wow, I love this picture!! It has a lot of emotional depth to it. Great work!
  5. I tried to add a message a few minutes ago and it disappeared, ugh (or it is probably sitting at the end of this thread lol) But, anyways, I love that shirt!
  6. I am not necessarily bisexual in SL but I would be interested in meeting a male avatar, who is a female in RL. Why? Well, it would be interesting and something different. So, if you have a male av and are a female in RL, send a hello to me here or a private message. If you wish to send a IM inworld then a notecard is best, because my IMs get capped at times.
  7. I am not a techie person at all and I just wanted to put my feedback in. I downloaded the viewer for Bakes on Mesh, added my Omega relay huds for Catwa and Maitreya and added the Bakes on Mesh Omega hud. I was able to apply old system layer skins, makeup, etc. Omg, it was so fun!!! I am so excited about Bakes On Mesh!! ?? The only issue that I saw ( I only played around with this for about 45 min so far) was that my neck had a line in it still. Now, that could have been my problem, maybe I needed to turn off the Neck Fix in the Maitreya hud? Not sure, or it may have been the lightning tha
  8. Hey went to check out your club but couldn't find it? I saw an apartment complex?
  9. Hi, what type of personality are you looking for in friends? What do you do for fun in sl? I'm a happy go lucky person who loves to do all kinds of things in sl. Games, exploring, dancing, dares/pranks, photography, beaches, events, hunts, and so much more. I'm EST and am 3 hours ahead of SL time.. I'm usually on after 3pm SL time. I tend to be a night owl so am on late at night as well.
  10. I'm still looking for friends! Goofballs please contact me
  11. I don't have a solution as I am still using Windows 8 however I'm glad that I read your post because I was going to update to Windows 10. I'm wondering if others had the same issues that you had with Windows 10? Anyone?
  12. Hey there... I have no idea what KPOP is but am looking for friends too. Do you play any games on SL like Yahtzee, Uno etc? I'd love to have a game partner to get together once a week or so to play games. I also love to explore, do treasure hunts, dance, learn new things, etc. If this sounds like we'd get along.. send me an IM or reply here.
  13. A few places you should search for as they tend to have people late at night: Clubs Big Daddy's Lar's Castaways Muddy's Wild Angels Limelight Dance Island Also do searches for Events in SL, which will have upcoming things to see and do. The SL destination guide is also great to find places. Here is a link to the most current one: SL Destination Guide
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