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  1. I was always able to see chat history of anyone that changed their username. Has that changed? Or did they make it so chat history for others is erased? I know the chat logs will still be the files on the computer but am referring to the SL chat window itself, if that will show chat history with previous username?
  2. Go to Avatar>Preferences>Move & View>Movement Make sure this box is UNCHECKED that says Turn avatars towards a selected object, screenshot: https://gyazo.com/e7ccda6b944683db90dcfb703e0f4b92 Then hit Ok See if that helps along with what you did above.
  3. My male alt had the male Slink body for years, unfortunately creators have been dropping it with their clothes etc. Therefore, I updated him with Gianni. I wish I would have waited, because Jake is now updated and only 1500L. Jake has a better butt and can get a better upper shape than Gianni, in my opinion. Gianni tends to be arm muscle heavy. In my opinion, I would say Jake is #1, Gianni #2 and Legacy last. Legacy is a great body but the way that the company has it set up, there are some cons. I am on my way to work so am sure others will explain about Legacy.
  4. https://youtu.be/txFeihoczb0 Someone introduced me to this song and I often play it on repeat over and over. I had no idea what he was singing about at first since I'm not Korean.
  5. Yes, tried the Hud deformer too. I'll add a pic soon.
  6. I'm having issues with the look of the breasts. I don't want them too big but when I get to 60 and under on the slider, they look awful. I've tried adjusting fat, cleavage and gravity but still look weird. Is anyone else having this problem? How did you set up your shape, the one included, did you custom make one, buy one?
  7. Does anyone know if it happened due to the club or FS freezing up or combo of both? Just wondering.
  8. Thank you, that worked, cleared inventory cache, relogged at Pooley region, opened inventory and let it run. You rock, Rowan!
  9. I was at a club that had high scripts due to light shows and particles. I tried to TP out and Firestorm froze up. Therefore I had to run my task manager (ctrl alt delete) and end Firestorm. I then logged back in. However, my Custom AO that I made in Firestorm is gone, no animations in it, totally empty. I then noticed my Fave Wearables list was gone as well (in the Avatar>Favorite Wearables in top left menu of FS). I then relogged and still they are missing. I am going to relog again and see if it works. Anyone have an idea what to do if it doesn't help?
  10. There is a cam hud that changes your view of sl. I'm not sure if it has an all mouse look option though. I'm on my phone so not able to look it up on the mp. However, do a search for cam view or cam hud.
  11. Also, do a search for these places: Burrow Muddy's Big Daddy's NCI Kuula Fog bound Blues Firestorm Social
  12. I made a thread about how to find friends
  13. Yes, there has been people there every day. I pop in at least once a day to play some games.
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