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  1. Thank you. Good stuff to sift through.
  2. The great central valley of Northern California was visited briefly by Spaniards in the early 1800s, but mostly settled by immigrants from the States and other parts of Europe in the 1830s and 1840s. Then gold was discovered and the place was overrun by people from all over the world, never to recover. The Nisenan and others were decimated. Very few if any of their descendants exist today and their languages mostly forgotten, bar a few notes taken by so-called pioneers. So the back-story: Pombokom is a Nisenan word for the moon, and my house sits on land once roamed by the Nisenan.
  3. I look good in a skirt. My avatar could too. But I've never seen any that aren't shaped for women's bodies. I love women's bodies but some male bodies rock certain women's clothes really well. Yet even after all these years, it doesn't seem anyone makes them. I get that there might be a limited market hence limited supply but considering the preponderance of much weirder *****, I can't make that assumption. All I want are various length short skirts that don't pooch out over hips I don't have. I considered learning to make my own but to be honest, I can't spend enough time in here to
  4. Pombokom is a Nisenan word for the moon. The Nisenan are the First Peoples whose home was the land I live on before Euro-Americans moved in.
  5. Six and a half years have passed and now I am asking the same dang question. It would be simple for Linden Labs to add a couple three enhancements to improve the experience. Where are people right now, for ex.
  6. Back to Blender, then. 🙂 I was able to import my design into Blender. I haven't yet spent the time to turn it into something that can then be sent reliably over to SL. It sounds like that way lies the lesser madness. Thank you both.
  7. As a draftsman I'm used to making objects by starting with a basic shape and then chamfering corners, making holes, etc in the CAD program. Even better, making almost anything by drawing the shape in 2D and then extruding it along a straight line or curve. But after trying to comprehend some videos steeped in SL-world I've come to a theory that those operations don't exist. The reason would be they tend to make lots (and lots) of polygons and that would overburden the system. So instead, say I want to create what's easiest described as a sheet of plywood with the corners rounded as if by a jig
  8. As a designer of some let's say seasoning I've made it a practice to save things in appropriately named folders of whatever depth, but that hasn't saved me from losing things, or reproducing them and saving those versions in a completely different intuitively named folder. I can see how chaos would be super easy to invite into one's SL inventory. The next thing I want to learn is how to reproduce as prims the things I've created as 3D CAD files. I thought importing as mesh would do it but I haven't got that to work satisfactorily, yet it seems the only way to import files. If I have a speci
  9. Seems to me having to click World, Places, Landmarks is about the most common action of all and should have been one of the first keyboard shortcuts. But nooo. Interesting. Does Firestorm allow you to define some shortcuts of your own?
  10. Perfect. I was wondering if Take was it, but to me that's not intuitive, and net searches resulted in a lot of uses of the verb but no explanations of the command. So thank you for that. I've read that article but somehow missed where it described how things end up in Inventory. I'll probably want to take a class eventually, but i'm still in the place of just learning by doing the one project I have in mind, and asking as needed. That's the only way I've ever really learned anything anyway. 🙂
  11. The instructions I've seen leave out a fundamental. Once I've created and edited a prim, how do I save it so I can go do something else and come back to it later? There's nothing lie a Save As anywhere and so far it hasn't magically appeared in my Inventory. Thus, there's something basic that I'm missing and that the instructions I've seen take for granted. Thank you for guidance.
  12. I use Rhino 5. If a particular program produces DAE files that aren't up to SL standards, is there another way to import designs? Or are there packages known to produce DAE files correctly? Maybe I could go through one of those, if they're accessible to me.
  13. The first was part of a structure I designed and built in real world. It was a 3D CAD representation of a piece of plywood I CnC'd to shape. I was hoping to bring in the pieces and recreate this structure in SL. I only knew to import meshes so I saved it as a DAE file for import. The second was a tetrahedron I drew in 3D CAD, a very simple shape. I feel I should be able to bring that in if anything. In both cases I have a mesh object saved to inventory but can't seem to find a way to use or see them. I am wondering if perhaps I need to create an object inworld first, and then apply t
  14. I have acquired a necklace. I have acquired a vest. Whenever I wear one, the other disappears and is no longer worn. I saw this discussed somewhere but have no idea what forum it would fit into. Do you have any clues as to how to address this? Thank you. (Both are modifiable and I have edited each, so that they would fit.)
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