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  1. Wear and Add seem interchangeable, but I'm sure there are distinctions too subtle for me to figure out on my own. I haven't found yet the place where this is simply explained.
  2. Can we undock Firestorm windows? By this I mean drag a window -- Inventory, Places, Conversations, etc -- out of the main window to a separate screen. If you have two identical screens you can just fill them with your view. But usually one has a laptop screen and an attached monitor, and you can't just fill them with one Firestorm window. Better to undock various utility windows and drag them to the non-viewer screen. I don't think this would be difficult technically so wondering if there's a way.
  3. This question has two parts. 1 - Once I tp into a place, how do I find out about it? I do a lot of walking around. I enjoy dropping in somewhere unknown from the big map. A lot of places are empty. Some tell me to leave. Seems to me the owners will have a description somewhere but often there's nowhere to find it. 2 - Sometimes I seem trapped within a small part of the place with no clues given how to get out into the rest of it. Joining the group doesn't seem to change anything. So, again, what are the pointers to useful information? Thank you. I have searched for these answers. No dice.
  4. As a new user I would like to be able to sort through my inventory without opening a viewer. In the default viewer (the only one I've used so far) inventory is managed in a pop-up that is not full-screen hence is a squinty hassle to go through. Any ideas on how to do inventory work without being in-world appreciated.
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