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  1. Zsigmond Alcott wrote: I don't know the avg age but as a side note in my 8.5yrs in SL I can tell you one of the first questions quys ask me is how old I am. Over the years I have said everything from 18-50 and 90% of the time the other persons replies and their age is within 5 yrs of mine...interesting huh? *rolls eyes* Zsigmond Alcott wrote: one of the first questions quys ask me I suppose another one is "why did you choose that name I can't read, spell or pronounce"? Teri ((Is the "g" silent, like in paradigm?)) (((If the "d" is silent too, you are effectively Simon, I guess.)
  2. Alwin Alcott wrote: this page https://community.secondlife.com/t5/help/faqpage/faq-category-id/ranksroles#ranksroles Do you think you could you be a dear and cut and paste it here for me? Alwin Alcott wrote:if you now also start reading the messages you will find it Oh, I couldn't do that! If I read messages from LL they'd probably be full of accusations about stuff I haven't done. Teri ((Like obey them.))
  3. Taeem wrote: Did you type that on your phone? ((Just curious.)) No, I typed it accurately then went back and edited errors in to it so I would seem more approachable to the less literate participants in these forums. Teri ((Backin carachter now))
  4. YOu should tag-team up with Jumpy. Teri ((A double whammy! You could go out on the pull with him and exchange examples of bad grammar between failed conquests.))
  5. THis is a really stupid question. Girls know how girls feel and boys know how boys feel. How canthey know how the other sex feels to make any sort of valid comparison? Teri ((ALthough I know that real boys don't actually have feelings, just chemically induced urges)) (((My perception of girls, although by definition second-hand, is that they don't actually have feelings either, but they would feel left out at having nothing at all to talk about if they admitted as such.)))
  6. Quinn Lysette wrote: i myself have had over maybe about 100 billion harcore perverted sexual encounters with girls of difrent ages they all lie THEY lie? Teri ((You're a paragon of virtue, really, aren't you.))
  7. I htink quite a lot of guys look at their sister's roommates. Teri ((Some using hidden webcams.)) (((I have heard.)))
  8. EBM5555 wrote: the genative form. Right? Wrong. It's genitive. Teri ((Is failed intellectuality better or worse than faux stupidity?)) (((Perhaps that's another thread topic.)))
  9. EBM5555 wrote: Ya'll gave him rational advice to an irrational problem. Isn't this what the discussion forum is for? Or is it for giving Irrational advice to a rataional problem? That sounds like mor efun. Teri ((But not as much fun as giving irrational advice on an irrational problem.)) (((Which might even turn out to be useful.)))
  10. Venus Petrov wrote: Which one are you? Does it really matter, Venus? Teri ((I'm the other one, of course.))
  11. DejaHo wrote: bebejee wrote: a smart alec court jester/attention seeker <snip> no one screaming look at me. Bebejesus, Bebe, oh my, how I envy the skills he demonstrates day after day, post after post, meme after meme. Man, I've been screaming look at me since my 1st post in 2010. I'm a tad sad that you didn't hear me. If only I could achieve such notoriety! Teri ((I have heard you golf Deja. IS that sufficient recognotion?))
  12. Kevin Rowlands knows how to pronounce it. Teri ((Even if he can't spell it.)) (((And his dress sense is execrable.)))
  13. Even the MOderators seem to agree wit hme. I especially like GregMilter's comment about moving threads to a "more helpful forum" Teri ((He should move more of them though.))
  14. That is very kind of you Aislin. Teri ((But why are you smiling like that?))
  15. Muletta wrote: Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and your points of view on…drama. You are right, I think. The border, when one’s expression of feelings turns into a drama, is subjective and depends on how the “audience” sees it. My border is, when my toes begin to crumple up under my feet, because I feel embarrassed on behalf of the other person who is “showing feelings”. Maybe feelings are to be compared with underwear in this way: We all have them, but we don’t all expose them to everybody and everywhere, anytime. Syo: You have a good point that drama can also be about “Look at me! Look at me! I am sooooo in love!”. Drama doesn’t have to be only about negative feelings always. Venus and Spinwilly: Hahaha.. maybe you are right…But I also know a person, who likes drama, and seriously tells so in her profile: Drama makes her feel alive, she claims. Irihapeti: I am not sure I understand. What is a “good drama” worth, if there are no audience to watch it? Dejaho, no no…I don’t assume they are mutually exclusive, hehe. Madelaine: True, so true, in most cases. But can anyone honestly say, that we haven’t made a drama ourselves, just once in our life? Just a single little teeny-weeny small one? :matte-motes-bashful-cute: Ren, you wrote: “For me, drama starts the moment when there is no further positive purpose in airing one’s feelings (…)” – A very wise defination, I think. Maybe it is because I am a fairly new forum avatar but it seems to me from what I have seen and what you have summarised here that drama is a response by sensitive people to things that don't really matter that much. Teri ((Real drama is when the cops burst into your house in the middle of the night.)) (((Looking for the guns and drugs that they say the terrorists left here when they broke intoi the house last week.))) ((((And you have to explain that this is 101 Walnut AVenue and their warrant is for 101 Walnut Drive)))) (((((And give them a handout for the adult literacy classes that you teach.))))) ((((((And they trash your grden anyway on the way out))))))
  16. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: ...borrows Maddy's stash of walnuts so I can make my Sugar Glazed Walnuts for the salad tonight. Do you work in marketing for the ADA? Teri ((WHy don't you go the whole hog and dip them in chocolate too?)) (((And not bother with the salad.)))
  17. REport them. You can't lose 1. If they are 11 they deserve to get banned. 2. If they are telling you stupid lies they deserve to get banned. Teri ((Clever lies are a different thing, of course.))
  18. I just started on thsee forums and I have already been given three different ranks by some Linden who looks after the community. Does this make any difference? Do I get extra powers? Teri ((I nearly asked if I got moreprivileges which would probably hav emade Derek mad.))
  19. that was worth what you paid for it? I had some free food on the street theother day but they wanted me to buy a plastic fork to eat it with. It was really messy but I wasn't going to pay for a fork so I ate it with my hands. Teri ((The vendor then offered to sell me a paper napkin to clean myself up with!!!))
  20. Or is it a help forum for people that are too lazy, incompetant or impatient to look things up for themselves in the right places? Teri ((And where is the fun stuff around here?))
  21. Carmsie Melodie wrote: Windows does state they'll enable a roll-back WHy would they need to do this if they were confident that it would work? That's like buying a car because the salesman says they'll pay your medical bills if you are in an accident because the steering doesn't work. Carmsie Melodie wrote: a free upgrade I have never had anything free that was worth what I paid for it. Teri ((I hate every software maker except Google.))
  22. DEar Spatulated I can see why people here in Discussions get annoyed wit hyou when you ask questions like this that it is obvious even to a new forum member like me sshould be asked in the Answers part of the website. I am surprised that people give you answers here when you could find out most of the stuff you want to know by looking at Answers and the wiki and googling other stuff too. When I went to school the teachers didn't give me all the answers. They taught me to learn. Like that bible story about teaching people to fish. Are you lazy or impatient (like the person I am married to, LOL!) or do you have learning or memory problems and if this is the case maybe you could say that so we could be more simpathetic althogh if you want help you should still show that you are trying hard yourself and not just using up the goodwill of the kind peopl ehere. Teri ((Sorry but I joined the discussion forum to have fun not be bored ith questions that you can find answers to somwhere else.))
  23. Derek, what you are saying seems to make sense from somthing else I have read about a provilege being a right temporarily given to the weak by the strong. Teri ((I suppose that by weak they meant that they couldn't do anything about what the strong decided.)) (((Also I thought this was a discussion forum not a help forum. Maybe I should ask what is the difference.)))
  24. Ohjiro Watanabe wrote: There is a great group you can join for Firestorm support Firestorm Support English. Do they help people improve their language skills as well then? Teri ((I don't use the Firestorm viewer but would they halp me with punctuation and stuff?))
  25. IS there an online instruction booklet or something that you can use to learn? If this guy went to the Answers part of this website perhaps he would get useful infomration which they seem to offer there. Teri ((Not like here where it seems a bit unhelpful.)) (((If you don't mind me saying.)))
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