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  1. Thanks again Innula, Especially for taking the time to write that out.
  2. Hey Innula, Thanks for your reply. I was thinking just now and realised I'd been over thinking this in terms of the llGiveInventory, I can use a server for llGiveInventory as it isn't subject to the Object Rez limits. The llGiveInventory i use for things like weed joints, a player can use the product table to roll them, Papers + Grams = Joints. The RezObject i use for temp things like drinks and food. The reason I wanted this type of item to rez where the player is located, is purely for aesthetic reasons, ie a drink rezzing on the bar when bought from a cash register. Your suggestion might actually be my solution in terms of rezzing at a server and moving to the required location, as this would definitely allow me to give players the product makers with only the script inside, not the actual products. Thanks for your help
  3. Hi, First I'd like to thank everyone who contributes to this forum.. I've read many helpful posts in here over the past year that have helped me learn to become a better and more efficient noob scripter. I am looking for some advice or maybea nod in the right direction regarding protecting items you give people through llGiveInventory. Let me explain... I create a combat/life meter... in the system I have certain 'product maker' items... for instance a toaster... When clicked by it's user, the toaster will listen for 'bread' being added and when Bread equals 2, the toaster will cook two slices of toast. When ready there are two things I do depending on what kind of item/product maker the player is using... Rez the object to be temporarily attached or Give the player the item to be stored in their inventory for future use. So.. My problem is this... I've had to be the owner of these items, as if I was to give players toasters, there would be nothing to stop them dragging toast to their inventory, bypassing the need for 'bread' to be bought for RP$ in game. For llRezObject I've managed to secure the items using Rez Number/Start Parameters... If the item is rezzed by any other means than the toaster rezzing bread when done, the toast will llDie(); But, for llGiveInventory, I can't seem to think of a way to protect the items, as the product maker wouldn't be rezzing the object, it would be giving it to the player. I tried to have a 'Rez Server' which worked well, meaning I don't need to store the items given inside the product maker, but then I came across the 10m llRezObject limit which negates the point of 1 on sim server... so as far as I know, that idea is out of the window as every house would need a server. Any advice or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. The Hood @ Urban City is a Roleplay sim created with the aim of providing a realistic city roleplay We are currently looking for experienced roleplayers to take on roles such as Mayor, District Attorney, Judges, Lawyers, Police Officers, Prison Warden, Correctional Officers, RP Business Owners, Barbers, Preachers, Firefighters, EMS Staff, Gang Leaders, Gang Members, Drug Dealers and more... We use EGO's Combat System to bring realism to the city, this HUD includes features such as RP Money, Banks, Interest & Robbery, as well as Hygiene, Hunger, Tiredness & Fun. The system allows players to level up, becoming stronger and earning money as they go. There is also an in depth drugs system that allow you to grow, produce and sell your RP Products or to use them and gain EXP. We also have a wide range of guns & ammunition for those who choose the more action orientated roles. We are currently in the early stages of building our community and would like to invite anybody interested in Roleplaying in a city environment the chance to join us. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spacedust/191/68/22 www.facebook.com/egoscs www.facebook.com/UrbanCitySL 
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Austerity/158/152/22 Mainland Parcel For Sale Size: 8704 Sqm (8192 + 512) Prims: 1992
  6. Due to this being a post mainly concerning Samurai Island and the Combat System; CSI (Combat: Samurai Island), I decided to post in the RP section. Samurai Island says it has many clans, I am looking to find members of those clans, and anybody else for that matter who is interested in Samurai/Ninja RP, or just Sword Fighting with a view to geting some active tournaments and battles underway. From the research I have done, It seems that of the 20 or so Samurai Island Clans, only a few are still active but are hardly ever seen. But you do see is people buying the CSI Swords from Samurai Island. There is also a Group on SL called "C: SI SPAR SEEKER", where you can find sparring partners or duels. I have met a handful of people who can teach the proper techniques for using C: SI, (Although you can buy a sword and start hacking, there is a whole other level of skill, timing, tactics and technique involved) Samurai Island has a great history of clans, duels, tournaments, which are all registered on www.combatsi.com, SI also has many training grounds and tournament arenas. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The people who created SI, those who have mastered the C: SI combat style, who buy C: SI swords, and partake in clan activities are to be thanked for all the work they have done to make such a place still possible for us to enjoy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- With this in mind, I have formed a new clan and made the SL group, "Mixed Martial Arts Academy". I named it this because wether your a Samurai, Ninja, Drunken Master, Fist Fighter or Judo Master. We want to hear from you! My hope is that those who are interested in fighting/RP'ing and are not already associated with a Samurai Island Clan, please join the group and come down for sparring/fights/register for events/relax and get to know other fighters. Those who are already in clans, please get in touch, your knowledge and skills are much needed. thanks
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