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  1. EBM5555 wrote: I need to just delete all my post and forget this forum. Saounds gaood tao mao. Taeri ((Baye.))
  2. Rolig Loon wrote: It's silly to put off buying things because SL2 (or the Afterlife) is coming. First of all, it's not coming for at least a year. Then, when it does come it will not replace SL, but exist as a new alternative to SL.If you don't want to use it, you can stay right here. Lots of people will, especially those who have many years and a lot of L$ invested in this world. Of course there will still be some recalcitrants in SL. Teri (There are still Wordstar users on CP/M machines, right.)
  3. Rhonda Huntress wrote: I'm done. Excellent! Teri ((Promises, promises . . . ))
  4. I despise all politicians, whether they are from the right, left or centre. Teri ((Or if they practise sexual, racial or religious politics.)) (((Or any other kind of politics.))) ((((I don't much like anybody who wears a uniform either.))))
  5. AviayaNox wrote: what do you mean about MWI warp? Just your everyday tale of quantum entanglement and infinite realities. Teri ((Apparently, in one of them Roche is almost comprehensible, and doesn't shotgun post.))
  6. Dresden wrote: Roche Runo wrote: i am amaze at how much you know. You know which area of the knowlege base, the wiki, or youtube to send the person to I am impressed way to go:) Your write, their grate. ...Dres I absolutely LOVE this Dres! Teri ((You should post sober more often!))
  7. Theresa Tennyson wrote: MissTeriMahn wrote: Theresa Tennyson wrote: MissTeriMahn wrote: Diffferently. Teri ((I would have been concerned about the German Secret Police breaking down my doors and aresting me, since Nazi paraphernalia and indeed the swastika is illegal there, an as SL is a global platform you would have been breaching their laws by allowing the character to wear his cotume.)) (((In fact, LL would potentially be liable in a German court for allowing it.))) Which is an interesting observation considering that the OP mentioned it didn't have a swastika, O Prince/
  8. Theresa Tennyson wrote: MissTeriMahn wrote: Apparently I'm a Member. Most of us had that figured out a while ago. Some still haven't. Teri ((ANd some probably nev er will.))
  9. Why are you allowing these things to bother you? This is not the real world. Feelings are irrelevant. Everybody is lying here, as soon as they choose a name that isn't theirs and an avatar that is fantasy character, even (or more especially) those who claim not to be; they are generally lying to themselves primarily! Don't trust anyone, and if you don't feel comfortable, exit. That doesn't mean that you have to quit SL, or even logoff, just make sure you have a default tp spot you can make your escape to. Mute those who annoy you, ignore those who pester you, and leave groups as soon as you
  10. Rhonda Huntress wrote: they just acknowledge their feelings sooner, louder, more frequently, more foul-mouthedly, and more irrationally than men. FIFY! Teri ((I could go on.))
  11. Apparently I'm a Member. That must be some kind of recent record for longevity. Teri ((I'd better prepare a new forum avatar.))
  12. I find everything you write funny, Roche. Teri ((Actually, that's the wrong word; incomprehensible is more like it.))
  13. zomg! I thought for one moment that Dogboat had been disinterred along wit hthat other half-dead Rhonda Monster. Teri ((All we need now is for Sus to start shouting Bravado!))
  14. WHat did you expect after a badly managed announcement of SL V2? Teri ((Who would rationally want to invest in something whose planned obsolescence was accelerating?))
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