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  1. Spinwilly Saiman wrote: It's amazing to me how absolutely ignorant people are. It's not at all amazing to me. You must be astonishingly naive. Teri ((Or absolutely ignorant.))
  2. That's just one of the mysteries of life. Teri ((Second Life, that is.)) (((Also, people lie.)))
  3. I think it is obvious that it will not be possible for you. Teri ((Try working up to it from Hello World.))
  4. I am astonished that nobody has yet offered the obvious, and accurate solution: 42. Teri ((And now you know what the question at the end of the universe was.))
  5. Muletta wrote: it seems to me that the best escort guys must be the ones trained by a women. No, the best ones are those who do not need to be trained. Teri ((It just comes naturally for some.))
  6. Muletta wrote: MissTeriMahn wrote: Or is it a help forum for people that are too lazy, incompetant or impatient to look things up for themselves in the right places? Do never underestimate the value of laziness regarding to some issues...It saves resources to use elsewhere, where it can be more important to do a bigger effort. And how exactly is that of benefit to me? Teri ((This is not a gratuitous charitable assistance forum; you have to find Hippie's thread for that.))
  7. Bobbie Faulds wrote: As for the answers section. I've not found it that helpful. You have to ask the right question to get your answer, phrased so the search engine recognizes what you are wanting. For some, it's not that easy, especially for ESL players. There are very experienced players in these forums and you can usually get an answer that makes more sense than what the answers section spits out. I think tha tthe essence of a discussion forum is that you give an answer to a different question than the one actually asked. Teri ((If a question is asked.))
  8. Ren Toxx wrote: MissTeriMahn wrote: [...] Would you think any different of me if my avatar name was Alan Rose? No. So you don't agree with Shakespeare's Juliet? Teri (("A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet"))
  9. Coby Foden wrote: MissTeriMahn wrote: Ohjiro Watanabe wrote: There is a great group you can join for Firestorm support Firestorm Support English. Do they help people improve their language skills as well then? Teri ((I don't use the Firestorm viewer but would they halp me with punctuation and stuff?)) Unfortunately not. You're out of luck there concerning help for punctuation and stuff. It's just a Firestorm Support group, giving support in English. There is also other Firestorm Support group, giving support in Spanish. No punctuation help available in either one. :matte-motes-asleep: Then they obviously need some English help themselves. That is help with English, not help regarding Firestorm from somebody who is English. Teri ((I would say that their name was ambiguous, but I can't spell it.)) (((And they probably woudn't understand it either.)))
  10. Benson Gravois wrote: I am taking about televisions! Then you should be more explicit, rather than making assumptions about interpretation of abbreviations. Benson Gravois wrote: You have no right to come on and talk about your disgusting perversions! 1. I have every right to talk about anything I want in the discussions forum. 2. They aren't mine. 3. I think you just upset a lot of enlightened people who might think you a bigot of the worst kind. Benson Gravois wrote: That has nothing to do with my question! If it was a question, and a badly put one at that, perhaps you should have posed it in the Answers section. Teri ((DO you think the members of the Black Watch are disgusting perverts? They wear skirts in battle.))
  11. Ren Toxx wrote: What difference would it make? Would you think any different of me if my avatar name was Alan Rose? Teri ((Would I smell as sweet?))
  12. Coby Foden wrote:“ Once you’re on Windows 10, you’re on Windows 10, and there will be no additional charge.” ANd of course, Microsoft are known globally for keeping their promises. Teri ((Or maybe it should be “Once you’re on Windows 10, you’re on Windows 10, and there will be no subsequent upgrade path.”))
  13. Muletta wrote: MissTeriMahn, I have written the same reply to you four times now, but my posts to you will not show in the thread, for some strange reason. I will get back to you, when I can. THere is something peculair going on in these forums today. Perhaps your comments are being censored by the new anti-humour algorithm that they have installed alongside the ***bleep*** checker. Teri ((FOr example the editor keeps converting the second letters of words into upper case for no apparent reason.))
  14. Coby Foden wrote: Recently I won a "Polar Loop" activity bracelet. Almost every day it's telling me that I'm sitting too much. Then it suggests that to reach the activity goal I should jog for some 53 minutes. Or as an alternative walk for 2 hours 16 minutes. :smileymad: :smileytongue: About my last night's sleep it reported: • 8 hours 16 minutes slept last night • 6 hours 12 minutes restful sleep :matte-motes-asleep: • 2 hours 2 minutes restless sleep :matte-motes-sick: :matte-motes-dont-cry: :matte-motes-yawn: Then if I'm sitting down for 55 minutes, it nags me "get some activity". Was it worth to win it? Sure, cost me nothing. :matte-motes-big-grin: Maybe it will convince me to be physically more active. Time will tell. Ihave a much more expensive version of that device. Teri ((It's called a wife.}}
  15. Derek Torvalar wrote: MissTeriMahn wrote: I just started on thsee forums and I have already been given three different ranks by some Linden who looks after the community. Does this make any difference? Do I get extra powers? Teri ((I nearly asked if I got moreprivileges which would probably hav emade Derek mad.)) Not today. Our girls took the opener over China. http://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/ Word has it that hosting the World Cup only cost us 1000 gallons of maple syrup and some gift cards to Walmart. A sweet deal. Not to be too critical Derek, but the Canada Ladies are more defensively minded than a nuclear bunker full of hockey goalies. Not a great spectacle. Teri ((Unlike the terrifying Mrs Lord, giving it some with her rendition of Oh Canada at the Grand Prix. Speaking of which I'm off now to watch the wheels going round and round - or maybe coming off.))
  16. Muletta wrote: I recently saw an ad for male escort, and maybe this is a stupid question: Are there women in SL, that actually pay for such a "male service" ... and if yes, then why? Not that I see anything wrong about it. I am just wondering, because I thought that all women in SL got a lot of "free offers" from willing men, all the time. - So I would like to know, why to pay for it? See my thread about what free stuff is worth. Teri ((Would you prefer a free bike or, if you could afford it, a Rolls-Royce?))
  17. Thank you for your courteous and open-minded response. Teri ((While I was not entirely serious on my own behalf, I am sure that your answer will reassure a range of potential sisters.)) (((I wish you luck, good company, and fun.)))
  18. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Windows 10 will be a huge step in securing the OS platform that Microsoft will be coding to [as well as 1000's of other developers] for the next 20 years before they get it to work properly. FIFY! Teri ((If only Microsoft could fix it so easily!))
  19. My favourite restaurant doesn't charge for water or the glass. I don't think they are alloed to. Teri ((But they do charge if you want ice in it.)) (((I asked them if they could put ice in and wait ten minutes before they served it to me. Then it would just be water.)))
  20. Do you have to be female? Teri ((Or is it OK just to pretend to be?))
  21. bebejee wrote: No, infact i just reported reported you and all your alts to them. That sounds like th eaction of someone very immature. Are you under sixteen?. Teri ((Don't say I ddin't warn you.))
  22. Derek Torvalar wrote: one group prefers to be willing sheep. Are you talking about avatars or Moderators here? Teri ((Or both?))
  23. Derek Torvalar wrote: Aren't all the accounts fake? Are you a doctor of philosophy, Derek? Teri ((Can you cure a concept?))
  24. Ren Toxx wrote: Both. WHy isn't it called Discussions and Q&A then? Teri ((Or Miscellaneous, including everything else as well.))
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