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  1. I have started to use ProtonVPN for much of my internet access (I have their fastest service), and I discovered to my delight that I can run Firestorm quite well through it. However, it occurs to me to ask if this is a good idea or not? One of my issues living in rural England is that latency in my connection seems to make region crossing (aka sim xing) a bit hit and miss, and I wonder if using a VPN to get an exit node closer to California might help, or conversely worsen that. I tried it, and the results are not conclusive, but then again, I don't really understand it. Hence the question. Anna.
  2. Check-out the use of 'Local' textures to avoid recurring up-load charges while you are trying things out, or use the Beta grid. Otherwise getting a tattoo right can cost you mucho-lindens!
  3. I don't live there, I love my houseboat, and my partners Victorian, but we love riding in the new area. So sad to see you had issues, but the Moles, as usual, are on the case. Like Wilma, I am dying to know what they will do with the buffer zones and surrounding mountains...
  4. Well yesterday, partner and I went riding horses in the new area (love the gallops in the buffer zone), and discovered quite a few nice rezz areas with sweet new 'rustic' signs. Generally not enough spare prims to rez 2 horses - which isn't a problem (rez one, move away, rez second). There were lots of plots with no house on them though. Generally, a very pleasant place to roam. (and then gallop over the plain and back through the mountains)
  5. Unlike most people here, I do apologise when I'm wrong. I also apologise to you, for getting your ire up.❤
  6. I have a very powerful computer, and a good fast connection, but with lousy latency 'cos I live in Rural England. SL is already pretty bad except for standing around trying on clothes and building stuff - with my latency every sim crossing is an adventure.
  7. Okay, I forgive you then PLEASE keep joinin' the continents. Edit. After going on-line and actually trying it. I am amazed at the number of sims between, e.g. Knapping, and SSPE1160, with nothing but mountains, and sea level at +20M. Well done!
  8. This is truly a daft LL decision. Just when I was about to applaud the new lands as moving towards joining the continents, we discover the idiots have used a different water height, so it can NEVER join the continents. Foot, Aim, Shoot. Edit: Before you react, see my withdrawal below. My bad.
  9. Fix sim crossing. Don't care about anything else.
  10. Is the Legacy body SOOOO good that every head and clothes shop needs to have an advert? I sort of the remember the makers of Legacy having a real bad name only a few years ago. But I could be mistaken. If it is so good, should I ditch my beloved Maitreya Lara?
  11. Just as long as the new landmass reaches towards the Continents to the East. Linking Sansara to Jeogeot was inspired. A landmass that makes commercial sense for LL and links to Satori would improve the fun for flyers and sailors a lot. Join up the Continents!
  12. I'm told Elon Musk believes this (Universe is a simulation). For me that's good enough. Anyone who believes they can land a rocket booster on it's ass on a floating platform in the Atlantic.... ... and then do it (time after time), has to be on to something. I don't believe in Electric Cars though, they all have tiny diesels inside somewhere.
  13. I'm a nasty ***** in both worlds, because I really do play me in both. It's not my fault, I was abused as a teenager when Mom wouldn't let my three boyfriends stay over together.
  14. No it's not American, as I keep saying. If it is I'd like the VAT on my tier back please. 🥰
  15. Perhaps that's right. We, as a species, are being punished for what we do to the world by our all-consuming greed. Call it Lock-down. It's a punishment. We should never go back to 'normal'. All it will do is kill the planet.
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