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  1. Ya, but what do I do with 43 copies of the Maitreya body?
  2. anna2358


    Drat, and I was hoping for something new to read in the Mesh forum....
  3. Back in the mists of the past, before the flood, when the Earth was new, I asked a question. At the time there were no BoM flags on vendors, and demos all universally had just the appliers. Yet the names of the creators appeared in lists, saying they had BoM-ready stuff. That was the context of the question. Now is not then. Digging up 2-month old questions and sending cryptic answers is daft. But I enjoyed venting at ya!
  4. and I can't get it to run. Might be Linux, of course.
  5. The big thing everyone misses is the latency of the connection. If you are like me, in rural Europe, a kilometer down old copper wires, before the fibre, and then the transatlantic cable, then the routing about the USA to finally get to the SL server... you will get lag. No ISP in my neck-of-the-woods offers fibre-to-the-(rural)-house yet (but you should see my mountain view.) I too have a high-end gaming desktop, and my line speed is great, but I can't do anything about being in the next universe to California. I honestly don't know why I pay for it! Must be you lot - I'm just addicted to SLites.
  6. I don't call it Lagisseria for nothing. My mainland parcel I get 60+fps. My Houseboat in Lagisseria, lucky to get 20, even when I am alone on the sim. I blame 1024 textures applied to everything, real thick (not me, I build my own stuff and it is all low LOD and small efficient textures.)
  7. Yes, we all know that Maitreya have not yet released their BoM version, what you get right now is the pre-BoM body with a BoM applier. I was talking about the promised 'real thing'.
  8. The Slink Redux bodies have 'nipples' switch in the hud that flattens them. I hope the new Maitreya Lara BoM will have that too - fingers crossed.
  9. I asked Pixieplumb Flanagan, who runs Baby Monkey, to include System Layers in her new Applier lines, and she has now done that. Her absolutely essential Baby Tee freebies already has them. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/20058 secondlife://KERAXIC/28/171/26
  10. Redmond was nice once, then Microsoft happened.....
  11. Umm, I was prepared to believe you, but when I tried, I found no such check box. I checked I'd got the head in General, then checked out every tab. The photo is of the Textures tab in edit. Nothing about BoM there at all. EDIT: However if you click the actual texture, as if you were going to apply a new texture, then there is a Bake check box under the selected texture preview, when selected you can then select BAKED_HEAD from the drop down. (This is Firestorm
  12. I tried this with my alt who uses Normie. I can't find any checkbox either in the in-inventory properties, nor in the editor for a ground-rezzed head. However the Bake on Mesh skin applier (omega), 125$L, works fine (once you remember to take off the head alpha - DOH).
  13. That's where we are unable to help. It depends what you want to make. I make houses, so I start with architecture, foundations, wall thickness, stuff like that. And the process begins with a paper design and photos of RL houses similar to my concept. I then make a high-poly model in blender, UV Map it, and export it for upload in SL Beta Grid. After several iterations, I have a working High model. Now I go for the Physics model, I use plane physics as a rule. Finally I make simplifications for the Medium, Low and Lowest LOD models. All being regularly tested in Beta Grid. But if you want to make clothes for mesh avatars... Honest, you do have to tell us what you are interested in making.
  14. Not yet BoM ready, however it is Omega without an extra-cost relay.
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