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  1. Sometimes just getting a new alt, and sticking to it exclusively for a bit can help (I now have 3, and I'm not the first myself 😎). You have to resist the temptation to follow the well known paths (stores, bodies, heads, meeting places, gender!, ethnicity...) The fun of SL for me was always the discovery. When you arrive it seems vast, but it's actually a very small world. Sympathy Katt.
  2. I think the key question is: 'do you take the alpha off?'. If you take the alpha off, it's really BoM. That means that all the things (system layers: skins, tattoo, non-mesh clothes), but probably not alpha textures, get sent to the LL BoM server (which explains the delay), turned into one single texture and applied to the BoM layer. You may also have other layers.
  3. anna2358

    BOM problem

    Sometimes system shoes used as shoebases are editable, and then you can change the texture to a trans. But they are ever so easy to make your own if some weird creator has made theirs no-mod.
  4. One little add-on thought to Alyona Su's excellent explanation: The order that you wear the textures that go to make your 'baked' set matters. Face skin tattoo + eyebrows = happiness. Eyebrows + Face skin = no eyebrows. Well mostly, because there are complexities. I mention it as I don't see it explained often.
  5. I have this dream that one day someone will make a cellphone that is very small, wearable, and has no screen at all, and does basically what Alexa does, but better. Then I can use it when I'm running.... I don't actually have an Alexa, but I do have a nice Google Mini, that G sent me for free. Now I found out how to get the daft ***** out of it, and get a nice young man, I find it quite fetching. He even says 'Hi' by name... For SL, I will not use voice at all. Ever.
  6. If they are in a Rez Zone when I pass over, I drop the depth charge.
  7. As a fellow Linux user with low latency (but great bandwidth) to the LL Servers, can you share the debug settings that have helped?
  8. There are many types of clothing that cannot be 'alpha'ed by a HUD using alpha-cuts. I want both a HUD with alpha-cuts and a BoM with an alpha layer. I'm finding my Maitreya Lara without an alpha-layer a pain at times.
  9. They'd make a lot of money if LL fixed the problem and all the Catwa users had to buy a new head... Maybe the best way to fix it for LL would be to make a new FREE Mesh Head that doesn't exploit the bug, then fix the bug. Everyone happy, except Catwa, Lelutka, Genius.... Personally, I'd make it a condition of sale in SL to report such bugs, or out.
  10. My favorite right now is the Stolly. Amphibious truck. Needs to be driven very slow on the street... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/stolly-boxed/7461838
  11. I am a blender user, so I will have a go myself I think. I got Blush's very kind dollarbie, but I do need an external corner too. If I'm successful I'll make them available somehow. May take a couple of days. As to the Textures, that's going to be more difficult. Edit: However I notice that the textures ARE in the Linden Lab pack, so we should be able to use those. It will be the horizontal scaling that needs tweaking.
  12. Has anyone made these yet? I tried an MP search and nothing came up. If no one makes them, I'll have a go. It's a pity they are not in the pack with the wall textures. They are needed to add things like room dividers and fireplaces.
  13. Brilliant idea. And, eventually, we need a Museum of Fine Scripts too (to teach the non-laggy ways).
  14. Isn't it nice to read this thread in the morning, and discover almost everyone is happy (for once)? I even moved my Houseboat from a very laggy location in Hunky Dory to a great open sea end-of-island spot in Catitiff. I can drive across to Kya's place in Peu Corner via a rez zone and slip at The Elms in a few minutes (using my amphibian truck). Bliss. I have got neighbors, but they are not up close and personal.
  15. Open the Lelutka HUD, Essentials Tab, Section near the top labelled 'Rerouting'. Pink-backed button 'Bakes on Mesh'.
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