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  1. Thank you everyone. I am so glad I asked. Your replies have been most instructive.
  2. The outside cylinder would have to start above head-height though.... Otherwise I'd never be able to get in.
  3. I'm making a very detailed spiral staircase in Blender 2.8. I use the array modifier for the steps using a circle as the Object Offset, with a Constant Offset in Z. All well and good. But now we get to the physics. I could make a simplified step and edge, and use the same array modifier, but that will end up with 3 planes per step, and there are 19 of them! Okay, I can apply the modifier and simplify, but maybe I am missing a trick here. What would you suggest?
  4. anna2358

    Login pose

    Sorry for the noise, it was the Lelutka Bento head HUD.
  5. anna2358

    Login pose

    Hi, I have an alt who always logs in in a fixed pose. I've use Firestorm. I have to do a Avatar Health->Stop Animations to give the Firestorm AO to run. What do I do to get rid of this? (I knew once, but have forgotten) Thanks.
  6. Probably not. The most likely scenario is that when you abandon your present place you will miss the sale of the new ones. My advice is to wait a year, this mad rush will all calm down. The new homes are quite nice, but you could buy a 1024 plot on mainland somewhere and put up your own, even nicer, home - and do it with much less stress. If you buy up to 1024 sqm, it is included in your Premium Fee.
  7. And it's free. (See my motto)
  8. Revelation! I was thinking about it backwards. I thought the cap was on the number of offline IMs sent as emails. But the cap is on the number held in-world. So you get an infinite number of emails, but only 80 (now) stacked in-world. It's not IM's sent to you offline, but IM's held for you while you are off-line. Doh! Now, how to turn it off... (not the emails, the remembering) Thanks Wulfie!
  9. It's so much trouble moving the Bentley out of the drive. Doh!
  10. All the replies are interesting. I just never felt the need. If I like someone enough to friend them (Partner plus 3, at last count) I usually give them my protonmail account for privacy from spying misgovernments and corporations.
  11. Oh great, another new LL word/phrase. I'm compiling a dictionary Some day = not in your lifetime. we're working on it = we'll probably stop talking about this for a few years. Soon = eventually, maybe this year or next. Very soon = could be within 6 months.. in 24 hours = before the end of next month.
  12. Oh so mainly for commercial work. Okay that explains why I never needed them.
  13. Same reason it's not available for Linux. They aren't paying the moles enough.
  14. Been in SL for a few years (7+) without feeling the need for an offline IM. What are they? Why would I want one? And now I can have 80 a month what can I do with them? (Physically impossible answers will be ignored).
  15. Sorry, they are in COBOL, and no one understands that any more. Besides which, they are not open source.
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