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  1. I don't have a big list. And I regularly clear it anyway. Everyone needs a second chance now and then - and the ones who need three seem to get bored and wander off...
  2. De-Rez and Mute is your friend. Don't get even, get rid.
  3. anna2358

    LoDs creation

    I apologise. I keep forgetting that some people make a living from SL. For me it's just a hobby.
  4. anna2358

    LoDs creation

    Ya, well, I read it. Decided you were a lot cleverer than me, and richer too, since you use Maya, and that was that. The sarcasm isn't really all that helpful, which is a pity, because most of what you say is worth reading.
  5. I don't use the 'friends list', except for my partner. Reason: Log-in, chorus of 'Hi, How are you?' messages, usually before your butt has rezzed. The one remark in RP that will get you an instant block/de-rezz is 'add me!'. Most don't even say 'please'!
  6. Thank you all for your very interesting replies to my serious question. I still don't understand, but at least I now know. I don't ban/kick or anything, visitors to my parcels. But I am a strong supporter of block/de-render, maybe I just don't see them any more....
  7. I just don't see it. It's not like an intruder can steal anything, and they can watch from outside by camming in. So what do you lot want an <expletive deleted> security system in SL for? I think it's just for your feeling of POWER over other people passing through.
  8. To be quite honest, once I got there I couldn't find anything, never mind 'my way around'. Maybe I'm just too thick for it.
  9. I'm just hoping I can change it's name back from B-Lag-issaria sometime too. Otherwise I can see no point in going there. I just wish the T&Cs for the mainland stopped the cretins putting up zero-delay security orbs and those terrible photoboxes - that is one of the things LaggyLabs got right in B-Lag.
  10. Mainland is often a whole lot less laggy than B-lag-issaria, too.
  11. Sounds more like the connection than the viewer to me. You are not trying to do SL through a VPN, by any chance? I tried it once, and got something like what you describe.
  12. Is there a video of that? I don't have time to read it....
  13. Oh, yes, I know about that. But it's always helpful in these threads to complete the list. Then it won't become next year's necropost.......
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