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  1. 200 linden for bland, uncommon colors that don't match anything except themselves . " 1500 for a fatpack with 15 bland, uncommon colors that don't match anything except themselves + 5 highly commonly used colors of seksyness." Genius. But yeah, I try to ignore fatpacks too.. They get me sometiems though :'<
  2. What usually happens to me is, I'll have exactly enough linden left over to buy something like a hair and it usually takes a while to find one I like . Like 20+ demos later , which is why I refuse to buy paid demos most of the time . The more paid demos , the less demos I can try, and then the less actual products I can buy . Something about wanting a 250 linden item but then having to pay a tax fee of 1$ just to get enough to buy it makes me feel like I wasted the money . Small linden purchases just aren't worth it like big ones .
  3. You shouldn't. No demo = no buy. No FREE demo = no buy anything from that creator ever ;D Then priced demos will go away. But let's be honest. Impulsive buyers don't care and will buy the demo anyway, even if they've been burned by that decision before.
  4. I never bought anything to impress anyone, but I get the feeling, maybe. It's like when you're in a single player game, you're home alone in real life. You don't care what you look like because nobody is looking. (at least, I hope they're not.) But around other people, I feel compelled to at least be presentable, respectably dressed, etc. Not so much to impress, but it is a spur to put "effort" into appearance. Not the only motivation, but a major factor.
  5. There are already methods of viewing our hidden online status and our hidden location in SL, regardless of whether we have it enabled for friends to see. All I can see, is this making loopholes to view people's inventory without their consent. An exploit. Waiting for someone to deny the currently existing loopholes, but it's against rules for me to even post the proof, sSsoooO, good luck with your inventory spies.
  6. I've seen many blogger's list of sims, and they're usually outdated :< . .. No longer exist, etc.
  7. You know how many times I've bought a hair and then realized it was WAY too much render cost due to high complexity and texture misuse!? I hope my snapshots and bad reviews of their SINGLE item (the hair) adding 100,000 render cost to my avatar is discouraging enough, but you know it's not. lolol. A way to see how complex an item is BEFORE we buy it would be nice. (for stuff that doesn't include demos as well.)
  8. Yep. I know about it, but it's a shot in the dark. Look for gatherings of green dots and jump in at your own risk. Unlike sims/parcels in a list, that have descriptions on what the sim is about :'D. I actually do the world map hopping a lot.
  9. Yes, the same stuff will show up as the most busy places, but that doesn't stop me from skipping over them to find the other ones. Seeing all of these sims that are unlisted in the search, will open up the option to become interested in NEW key words, and that's what I like. Being able to explore different parts of SL and it's cultures. Not knowing the keywords is a limitation of my own, sure, but that's why I want to see them all. Expand to new horizons. I'm willing to browse 600 pages instead of thinking " Welp, can't find a new place. Better log out of SL.". lolol Besides, I'm not saying to take away the keyword searching. It should still be available , of course, I just think it would be nice to also have a list of existing sims. Because believe me, I've tried tons of keywords. I've even tried keywords I wasn't exactly interested in, just to see what comes up, and the results are slim. Or completely unrelated, irrelevant, used as a way to pull in traffic to a sim that has nothing to do with the keyword, etc.
  10. Is it me, or does every sim on that list happen to be a Land Seller? Private regions owned by residents. Those sims that have neighborhoods of renters. How could those be as active as public hotspots? Maybe I'm reading it wrong. I'mma go mess with that site more. >_> I'm also getting this every time I click one. (the unable to find region picture )
  11. I've been wondering for like 3 years now, why SL does not have a proper search function. What I mean by that, Is a search that will bring up a list of every public sim that exists. Instead, we have to know key words to find the sims as it is now. So, for example, I don't have a specific keyword in mind, how do I find new places? I don't. I've tried the " What's hot now" section and I've gotta say it, that section is a stagnant pond. It never changes. It's always some 80s DJ club, skill gaming gamble sim, or a nude beach. I just wish there was a way to see every sim in SL, in one big list, without having to know the keywords to find them. I feel trapped, stuck in the same cycle of sims that I know, because there's no way to search for new ones. And yeah, I've seen people suggest going to "events" because those are active, but to me, it's just like the " What's Hot Now" DJ club events, but in temporary form. And temporary gathering spots are disheartening, cause they move around or they only become active at a designated meeting time. Can't just save a landmark and go back at any time, like infohubs. Infohubs use to be a good spot to see activity 24-7 (Judge the quality of the activity yourselves) but I liked them. They seem less common, less active now days though. It would be nice if as soon as you open "Places" a list showed up. Without having to search for anything.
  12. Is there something the creator can do to prevent the bouncing/flickering? A friend of mine has made a few rigged mesh avatars and he was able to reduce the bouncing/flickering to none at all after re-uploading the same rigged avatar with different upload settings. So I assume there is. Anyone know exactly what it is? I've found that by unlicking the the 1 piece body, linking each rigged piece to it's matching body part, and re-attaching them all separately has somehow reduced the amount of flickering. So maybe there's something else the user/customer could do to eliminate flickering too?
  13. Can anybody explain what is causing a mesh avatar to do this? https://gyazo.com/7a51ec02b323780ab8e4139710b03b29 (The pic) I've purchased avatars from this creator before and never had an avatar do this. The difference is this, instead of making larger rigged mesh pieces that say, cover a whole chest/arms/legs section while being one piece, this avatar is made of MANY small meshes, like each and every light is 1 mesh piece, then it has been linked to a whole skeleton made up of 30+ rigged pieces. So the upper leg is 1 separate rigged piece, the lights that go to that upper leg are a separate piece, then lower leg, then lower leg lights, etc. I found a way to prevent the flickering, and that's to unlink the whole avatar and attach each rigged piece individually, but when doing that, there's no room for adding extra attachments. The avatar is made of exactly the limit you can have attached if you attach it all individually. -- If this makes sense at all.
  14. Oh yes, it certainly is more difficult to use mesh avatars than the default avatars, but to me, it's a worthy price to pay to never have to look like a low poly 3d model from the 90s. I'm to the point where I'm using omega appliers to apply my own customized skins, clothing layers, and combining those edits with fitted mesh, and so on. It definitely has been frustrating to learn how to customize all of this through a HUD instead of directly editing it like back in the day. But when taking the time to learn it all, it's possible to edit everything as precisely as the default avatars.
  15. But it does do something other than just showing crosshairs ! Besides, I was just suggesting the closest thing I can think of that could be the problem, on the off chance that the OP wasn't being super literal. c:
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