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  1. The Secret Circle comes to mind, but thier clothing style is more like "goth meets nordstroms" with a bit of Forever 21 tossed in
  2. well thats the thing about this that bothers me...the fact that at least some of them are willing to grief in order to protect their little secret game. They act like "how DARE you have knowledge of what we do", as though none of us are capable of doing a bit of online research, or have friends that used to be progeny, but left for whatever reason. In one conversation, a progeny council member asked me for proof that i know the bites were being done without permission, and i told her the truth..that i have a friend who used to be progeny, and still has a HUD. I was scanned and told that i had
  3. OK, here is an example....i was talking to a friend about Progeny in local chat in a public sim. I was explaining my concerns about how the system works, and apparently some Progeny players overheard the conversation. Within 5 minutes i recieved a series of threatening IM's telling me to stop talking about Progeny or they would make my SL a living hell. I told them that i had the right to talk about whatever i felt like talking about. After a few more minutes 3 Progeny players rezzed in the sim and began to physically attack my avi with followers an bumpers, and that of the friend i was talkin
  4. I hang out at one of the social gathering sims, and i see progeny vampires come in all of the time to feed on unsuspecting new residents. Apparently, they got me too at some point, beause i read as "clammy" or "very pale". I don't personally have anything against people RP'ing as vampires, but this idea of being fed on without even knowing about it just bugs the hell out of me. I've even been threatened by a progney because i dared to say something about it in local chat. What i would really like to see is someone come up with a progeny detector for us non-progeny players, so we can self-scan
  5. One thing that you can try that might help is something that i did when making my avi. First, make sure you have a modifiable shape. Next, find or take a photo of your face from directly in front. Load that pic on your computer and tape a piece of transparent plastic film on your screen, then trace out your facial features on the transparency using a sharpie or some kind of marker pen. Then get into SL and go into "edit shape". Zoom in on your avi's face so it is the same size as your tracing taped to your screen (make sure they are superimposed on eachother), and then adjust your face featur
  6. Hello, i have been looking all over SL for these two hairstyles, and i cant quite find one that looks right. Can anyone help me locate them? Any help would be great :) thanks Style 1...hair tucked behind the ears, length about mid-back Style #2...same as #1 but with some hair tied in back
  7. look for these in search... Siren's Isle (Blake Sea) Siren Sea (Morgan Straits estate) Fanci's Deep Vernian Deep Also be sure to visit the Safe Waters Foundation headquarters at Union Passage. They have lots of resources for locating and exploring underwater areas in SL. They are mainly for merfolk, but also for anyone who loves being underwater Find the info kiosk and grab the notecard for mer hangouts, and also check the travel agency section for self-guided underwater tours.
  8. Hi Karisa I am a mermaid in SL, and i can tell you that there are literlaly dozens of places for mermaids to go. You should start with the Safe Waters Foundation at Union Passage sim. Just look it up in your search. They have a building set up just for helping people get involved in the mer life, including places to shop, dance, swim, or just hang out. Right next door are the four sims of Fanci's Deep, which are designed for mers, including parcels for rent to put a mer home on. Join both the SWF group and fanci's deep groups there and come to the mer gatherings at SWF on saturday mornings,
  9. sorry to hear about your experience, zephyr, but dont give up too soon. There is help out there Even though i havent been in SL very long, i understand that new residents used ot get sent immediately to an orientation area, but i guess they dont do that anymore. I would suggest using your search and find either Helping Haven, or NCI (New Citizens Incorporated) at Kuula. Both places should have beginner tutorials for just about everything you need to know to be comfortable with SL, and often have volunteers there who can answer questions. It does get easier with time
  10. go to Morgans Straits and ask the local pirates. They only use functional ships there and im sure they know which ones are the best for your money
  11. lily... look for Nikita's in search, or go to the marketplace and set the price values for $0 For hair, you can also go to the 2014 hair fair and grab freebies
  12. I checked on the jira bug page, and there doesnt seem to be an option for commenting anymore (unless i am totally blind). In any case, ive sent a total of 6 AR's on this one idiot, and i got delivery failure notices on 5 of them. I understand that the AR's are supposed to be going through regardless of what the email says, but just in case, i switched my email from yahoo to gmail. Hopefully that will fix the issue
  13. I have been having the exact same problem over the last few days. I've tried to file 4 AR's on the same avi who keeps harassing me, and ive gotten emails on every one of them saying they were undeliverable. Yes, i also have a yahoo email. Here is a copy of the email they sent.. Today at 4:35 PM ----- Forwarded Message ----- This is the mail system at host sim10351.agni.lindenlab.com. I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster. If you do so, please
  14. Hello :) I am looking for someone who can create a script for me that i can add to my boat. I often get unwanted passengers and the only way i can get rid of them is to derez my boat. I found an ejection seat script on the MP, and it works ok, but all it does is make them stand up, but they are still in my boat. What i want is a script that not only ejects on command, but also will orbit the person just high enough to clear the boat...maybe 10-20 meters. Im not looking to blast them into space, just dicourage them from trying it again. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) ~Cleo~
  15. Hello, i was wondering how to import a basic mesh object (not clothes or anything complicated) FROM my SL inventory TO Blender. Basically i want to know how to take a moddifiable mesh item, move it to Blender, make the changes i want, and export it back into my inventory. I have looked all over and can't seem to find specific instructions on how to do this. I have Blender 2.69. Any help would really be appreciated Thanks, Cleo :)
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