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  1. AlecDeBoeuil wrote: WIth people who also can't spell intelligent? I am going to go out on a limb and say you picked on my misspelling because it sounded rather snobbish.. Which I can agree to. It did sound snobbish. However what I was attempting to convey was that I enjoy conversations that are more about 'oh, he did this and this' and the like. I enjoy discussing ideas, or current happenings. An example being the robot that recently passed the self awareness testing leading to a tangent about how we define self awareness. Based off a conversation I had in real life with a few friends
  2. I know how you feel, I went through the same thing. I'm looking for a friend to chat and hang around with. I enjoy Rping and gaming, I'm an artist both 2D and 3D, writing, fantasy, and Roleplaying.. Actually a lot on that list. I'm laid back and open minded, I love having intellegent conversations as well as silly ones. I have horse Avatars, human avatars...basically tons of avatars so if you wanted to go horseback riding or out exploring. Right now I just sort've float around, I have a little house but it's not been loved.
  3. I played as a kid once, but I never found a family. And I ran into a creep guy.. So it sort've scared me off a bit. I know that isn't the majority of the community, but I never had a reason to try again. I enjoy being childrens companions, though. They really love riding on a little pony, and it's a really fulfilling RP. ^^ I've had the idea for a table top SL group, too. I think it could be really fun! And for the mouse gaurdians, is that based off the board game? Mice and Mystics I think it's called? I've played the one game.. lifestyle rat? I think. It's where you're a real mouse and y
  4. I've been lazing about on Second life for 11 years, and never found my SL 'home'. Perhaps because it's hard to find a steady group of friends, perhaps I'm just missing some of the biggest fun spots. In any case, I'm curious to what others are doing, and felt like some casual chatting with other SLers. So, what does everyone else do in Second life? :)
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a small group of people, whether they are for roleplay or just a set family type thing for me to play with. I'd like to be friends and able to keep in contact through other means, such as skype so that if everyones on I can get an invite to join, or even just chat with people casually. I enjoy roleplaying, I have a wolf, gryphon, horse, pony, mermaid, and several other avatars. I'm hoping to get a cat, and posibly a lion avatars in the future, if I find a good group. I'm also curious about playing as a child (to any of those species) or possibly a mother (to all species
  6. I Rp as many of those things, and am hoping to find my own pack/pride. Possibly a small group of people who like to roleplay as many of those things. I currently have wolf, horse (Ridable), griffon(ridable), mermaid, and a few other avatars (Well, a lot of them). I'm looking into buying a lion avatar if I can find a place to play it with a pride. I'm also happy to play as a human in a few diffrent settings, or at least try. Fantasy settings would be the easiest for me to get into. I'm also willing to play as the pet/companion in a group.
  7. I see, that makes sense. I've left them alone for the most part, from what I've read you just have to plug in the variables. Like.. How long pregnancy lasts, how frequently they breed, when they can breed, how long does it take for them to get hungry, how long can they starve, and things like that. Sort of plug and play. I just don't know how to plug. I think the brain was said to be the most complicated. I can understand what the script is wanting in general, but I can't give it directions. It's like the difference between reading music and writing it.
  8. Well, it wanted my Avatars UUID, I guess so it knew if anyone else was editing the particular 'pet' I was making. Sort of like a failsafe? I'm not sure entirely. ;
  9. With the market down prices on everything rising I thought I'd try and script my own 'breedable' pets to dink around with. I did some research and found an open source XS script that gives me the crates, food, breeding, brain, etc. etc. in different scripts. So I proceded to build my little pets, got them a working food bowl and apply the scripts. I figured out my UUID for the codes and kept the same names for the scripts for the brain which appears to link to the other scripts.All in all there are six scripts in the animal. One for Egg and egg cup (not sure where those should go, if the egg
  10. Hehe, I looked at my profile and seen that my account is six years and 1 month old. I missed my big 0-6 by a month! Hehe. It's so hard to believe that it's been SIX years since I first started my account. SIX. And not much has changed! XD Maybe I should hold a late SL birthday party for myself. xD Still, it's just.. really hard to believe. My how time can fly.
  11. I personally think the winning/losing point is dead on. But it's like.. I Roleplay to escape hard times, not to walk in them, right? I love plots that are more.. Settings. You know? Like, imagen if you set up a sim where the plots is.. I don't know, pirates, for example. You set up the clues for people to find the treasure, but there isn't just one treasure. Anyone who diciphers the clues gets the treasure. That removes some of the competition (besides maybe adding a reward for fastest time). So it's much less of a world made for you to work against people and one for them to work together
  12. Oooh~ Secret club. Lol, it must be interesting. When asked what you can do in Second life I normally reply 'What can you do in real life?' because I find thats often about true. There are some give and takes, but it normally evens out. I've tried to start building in SL. Trying to make a small model toy that moves around. It's.. Frustrating. To say the least. Scripting is even more confusing, though. So I've settled on building shapes for now. Working on a cute child shape for those who do family Roleplay. x3 Or just want to walk around SL as a kid.
  13. I'm bored and don't know anyone, so I figured I might as well start an idle chat thread to make a couple friends. Things about me: Like to Rp but haven't gotten a good start in SL (ferals, Centaur, fantasy, past Rps, family, etc. etc. A lot of things.) Breed and sells PreciousDragons Love lots of animals in general. Write and draw as a hobby. Generally play SL to relax and have fun. I don't really know what else to put about me. :P Tonight I'm messing with my Seawolf Gryphon avatar, considering buying an acrobatic saddle for it but not sure if I'd ever use it. What is everyone else up to ton
  14. Heh, yeah. Maybe get a square that moves around first. Thank you for your help! ^^ With anyluck my invention will one day be all the rage in SL.
  15. I guess I'm really not sure exactly what I want to make. I know I want an object, and I know I want it to move and such, I just don't know how to get there. Do you think that Meshes or Sculpties would be a better way to get that? I'll try Jass and see what I can do with that.
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