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  1. The best sailboats i have seen in SL are made by The Mesh Shop (Bandit). Their inworld store is at Dutch Harbor, a couple of sims north and west of the Hollywood Airport in the Blake Sea. They have demos of every boat they have ever made available to try out. You also might try talking to some of the people at Tradewinds Yacht Club. They should have all of the information you want about good quality, realistic sailboats. Bandit boats use SL wind, but i believe you can also set your own wind direction. Either way, they are true sailboats, not just driveable vehicles. The amount of detail that g
  2. ok, so let me get this straight...Lazar actually admits that non-players are justified in feeling violated when they become aware that they have been bitten, and it seems that Lachile sort of agrees with that. The question i have though is this...does Lachiel actually give a damn about non-players? or os this 20% thing just meant to protect their own reputations? As honestly as i can say this, I would have far less of an problem with progeny if they would just put a few features in place...one, some method of protection from bites for people who are aware of progeny, similar to the garlic neck
  3. That is the nonsense I was referring to specifically. While you scoff at the way some of your posts are treated by some of the forum members here, you fail to appreciate that we were once as inexperienced in forum protocol as you and others are, but seem to be hellbent on remaining, however our styles evolved through observation of other's postings. Rather than indulging in ego-centric obstinance, defiance and hyper-emotional hysterionics you might do well to heed some of the advice and modify your forum conduct such that you will earn the respect of the more experienced posters here. Fran
  4. Derek Torvalar wrote: CleoSertorii wrote: My very first reply was from Derek, who didnt actually say anything, but posted a screenshot of the "answers" section of the forum, which just happens to be the place i have already looked when doing my homework. But you didn't ask your question there did you? And why is that? Because you didn't want to. That other stuff is all nonsense. The Answers section is populated with some of the oldest most experienced residents of SL just waiting for a question. There is nothing wrong with a little order and structure. It makes things, li
  5. I would like to offer my opinion here, since i have been the recipient of some of LL's scorn on this exact subject. As you can tell by my post count, i don't post often in here, rather i tend to just read threads to find what information i am after. Recently i had a question regarding sending an abuse report when there wasnt any obvious and straightforward way to do it. I "did my homework" by searching existing threads on the subject, both here and even over at SLUniverse, but was unable to find a satisfactory answer. I made a deliberate decision to post my question in the GD section in the ho
  6. I can also highly recommend a movelock as your best defense, short of just TP'ing to another sim. I spend a lot of time at one of the welcome areas and the amount of pushing/bumping done by greiefers and trolls about equals what i get from newbies who havent mastered their walk controls yet. It is a scripts disabled area, so many attack huds dont even work. In my case, i use a movelock with a passive bump back feature that i can turn on and off with one click. I only use it with especially annoying pushers who are obviously doing it on purpose. Random bumps from newbs are expected and tolerate
  7. i went home to my island, set the sun to midnight, sat in the chair by my campfire, and listened to the surf
  8. yes, i have tried that, but those settings cannot change the spacing between the brows, and that is the most important part of what i am tryting to find. I know it is subtle, but it makes a difference.
  9. Derek Torvalar wrote: That would be both a polite and considerate thing to do, don't you think? You just might make some good friends of the people here. I am sure it would not take hours and hours, and it need not be done on every single post you make. However, if you are going to insinuate yourself into the middle of a discussion I think it is prudent and wise to know just who you are getting involved with as well as to be damn sure you are aware of the subject under discussion. Remember, we are having a discussion in the General Discussion area. But then you weren't here for the re
  10. Derek Torvalar wrote: Thank you for making my point for me. I posted the pic in the hope of mollifying you as you seemed to have needed a pic rather desperately. It is usually a good practise (watching McMasters?) to familiarize yourself with the players before wading into the fray. For instance, Caitlin and I have been good friends for 5 years and if she had a problem with my posting to the thread in the manner I have she would have told me to back off. And out of repsect for her I would have. But then Caity knows what I am referring to as she has read a number of the threads poste
  11. LlazarusLlong wrote: CleoSertorii wrote: the photo doesnt violate any of SL's rules. Isn't it invading the privacy of Cariba Heine, Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin? Or is it OK because you haven't given their names, or the names of the avatars they use in SL? fine, should i just pull the damn photo if it will make all of you happy? They are public figures and their identities are well known by anyone who takes the time to look.
  12. LlazarusLlong wrote: The clue is in this forum's name . . . well i guess some people just enjoy creating drama in places where it doesnt need to be
  13. It seems to me, from past experience, that accusations of trolling are your go-to thing. ...Dres they only are when it seems to me that is what is happening...and since you are the only other person in the entire forum that i have ever accused of being a troll, then i think you are sort of overgeneralizing a bit.
  14. Dresden Ceriano wrote: CleoSertorii wrote: Derek Torvalar wrote: Derek did make a point. I don't necessarily agree with his point, but I absolutely support his right to make it. I also support your right to insinuate that he's a troll, even though it exposes you as someone who would rather try to discredit an individual than just simply refute what they've got to say. ...Dres seriosuly, dres? It was a question, not an accusation, and i DID try to refute what he said more than once by pointing out that the photo doesnt violate any of SL's rules. What i would like to know is why
  15. Firstly Cleo, I do not take orders from you, regardless of how you word them. I will post as I see fit. Secondly, the concerns I raise are relevant to the thread. And you need to understand that my original post to you was a little joke. I don't care personally, who you post pictures of in here. You have, as I noted, completely missed the point and remain oblivious to it. Which is ok, most will probably not understand it unless they are aware of what I am referring to, which I can't divulge because to do so would be a violation of policy here and result in my being banned. Thirdly, you have
  16. Derek Torvalar wrote: No thank you. You are in over your head Cleo, and a long way from shore. Derek, did you come in here just to troll, or do you actually have some point to make? Nothing in the photo qualifies as "disclosing personal information" of any resident, or anyone else for that matter. As i already said (and you seem to have overlooked) is that the people in the photo are three actresses portraying fictional characters from a tv show that is the RP basis for my avatar. The photo was posted online by the studio who produced the show. They are not SL residents, and unless y
  17. Bobbie Faulds wrote: Take a look at some of the WoW skins. They have a very similar shape they have the shape, but not the spacing...thanks for the info though
  18. maybe you should ask me what (or who) is in the photo first before assuming anything Its MY home, and MY photo, so i think it is safe to say i am allowed to post it. However, since you seem to want to totally derail this thread over this, let me reassure you that the photo isnt what you think it is. It is a publically available photograph of three fictional characters from the set of a tv show that my avi is based on (and they arent SL residents), and it isnt copyrighted, so please take your legalism and let this thread get back to its original purpose ok?
  19. this is the wall of my bedroom in SL. It is a work in progress and at the moment, and the only actual photo i have is on the nightstand At some point, ill be adding more of my SL adventures.
  20. Hello :) I have been looking all over SL for a skin with a very specific eyebrow shape, but have only found one that even comes close. I have probably tried on literally hundreds of skin demos, and looked at dozens of skin shops, but i still cant quite find what i want. Right now, i am using the Rose skin from !Soul, and it seems to be ok for the moment, but since my avi is based on an RL actress (Phoebe Tonkin), i really want it to be correct. Phoebe's eyebrows are VERY unique (see the attached photo). They have a narrow gap no wider than the bridge of her nose, an obvious sharp angled arch,
  21. I dont expect Lachiel to police welcome areas, and thats not my point. As i have said multiple times, Progeny DOES have a disciplinary system IN PLACE to handle cases of abuse, but ONLY between other progeny members. It would be an easy step to include complaints of abuse from non-players. As you and others have said, there probably arent many of us having problems, but then again, who knows how many there really are? In my experience, quite a few non-players were aware of progeny, and that was even before i knew about them. Maybe more people might come forward if they knew something could be
  22. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Madelaine McMasters wrote: I'm not sure Cleo has misbehaved. I'd have to go back and read every post (not gonna do it!), but I think RevengingAngel and Snowgoose are the two vigilantes. By misbehavior, I simply mean her going out of her way to publicly call out every Progeny player for whom she obviously, actively searches, thereby creating a situation which will eventually lead to some sort of altercation. If she'd simply ignore them, there would be no further problems; thus, by not doing so, she's creating more problems for herself rather than alleviating th
  23. Madelaine McMasters wrote: And if some Progeny asshats got you all flustered, I imagine they're happy about it. Don't give them that satisfaction. If they're regulars at a place you like to frequent, as Dres says, you might talk to the venue owner to see if there's something that can be done. If you visit again and are harassed, the owner may take action. If your encounter with them was on their home turf, you're probably never going to see improvement, but then you probably don't want to visit there anyway. this is where it becomes a problem...the place where i encounter them the mos
  24. believe it or not, but it is possible to be both angry AND rational at the same time, and yes, i know exactly what i write in here. My point was that irihapeti was going on about what vampires would be like if they were real, and i was trying to point out that doesnt matter with the way that many progeny players treat other people. Im not even talking about roleplay because i have yet to see any real evidence that they do ANY roleplay at all outside of their own sims. Everyone keeps excusing these people's behavior because they are suppsedly RP'ing vampires, and im saying that, based on opbser
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