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  1. Could you not use a Load and go pre paid Visa that you can top up? Im not sure you have them where you are, but in Australia we can get them from the post office you can also do it online. It works just like a credit card but its a top up siuation and more private I've never tried it myself but i don't see what that wouldnt work.
  2. Qie Niangao wrote: The tricky bit here, though, is that the lost object is going to try to teleport the owner as soon as they're in the same region, so there may not be enough time for that owner to deactivate the object once they find it.* For that same reason, I think it may not have worked to form a group with an alt, unless the land were already deeded (or at least set) to that group. If it's not an isolated island, the owner could maybe still set that up from an adjacent region, although I don't actually know that llTeleportAgent() is limited to agents in the same sim as the script.
  3. I would have but i didnt seem them online so i read the 30 or more comments about the hud incase anyone had the same issues. It's been solved now, She come online and i gave her permissions to go onto my land and stop the hud. Thanks for your replies I will delete the thread in a little bit so it dosnt clutter up the forum Disk xx
  4. So i was chatting with somone about how i couldnt get into a area for two weeks because the region was full and they kindly suggested i get the lazy guy get me in hud! It worked straight away and i was in that region.....yay! But heres the thing silly me can't get home now -laughing Every time i TP back to my land pacrel where i dropped the hud, it boots me staight back to the destination i dropped into the hud. oh dearrrrrrrr Any ideas on how to fix this? Ive been into my preferences and blocked TP requests ive logged in and out and also swapped viewers. Ive spent about 30mins reading differe
  5. Alwin Alcott wrote: Im sure if there was a house/ garden forum i might have been able to find my answer your question there was about something so basic you would have found it at any first builders class, ... or ask anyone inworld, i really don't see a reason in that to start a new subforum I didn't say i wanted a new forum so i could find my answer smart arse, i SAID i might have been able to find it easiar lulz. And if my question was so basic how about you pop into that thread and give me a detailed step by step answer on how to do it..... because it's still not completly sovle
  6. steph Arnott wrote: Assume that would be covered by Building and Texturing, IDK never looked at that one. I had to post in that forum yesterday with a texture decor issue and i noticed most of the posts were regarding mesh bodies and textures related to fashion ect. I did get my answer but had to wait a little while. Im sure if there was a house/ garden forum i might have been able to find my answer
  7. bebejee wrote: I would love it if a separate forum existed for decor and landscaping. I doo too!! . fab idea.... It would make it easiar to find posts
  8. Cleo - Love you little island its cute, and the aussie flag is awesome I want one! and the boat hehe Christin - Thats nice.... was that block of land flat before and you did all that yourself? I was pretty lucky with my block i got... it was already landscaped. I guess when i get a little more adventurous i can try that! Alwin- wow thats so pretty Love your house! it suits the land so well and the garden is really pretty, i love cottage style gardens, youve done a great job! Parhelion - Nice sitting Area, I like the water feature with the flowers looks great, Im jelous of your be
  9. Hooray for the SL forums!!! I would never of sussed that out on my own, but i did it thanks to you two. I was getting ready to snap my carrot lol! ..........it's not perfect but it will do for now until i can be bothered to tweak it. Thanks again PS Rolig 100 million dosn't seem that old 
  10. Thanks for clearing it up you made it a bit easiar to understand now. Because i didn't understand the first reply, it went over my head ..... It might be EASY FOR YOU, because youve been on here 5 billion years ...but i've only been on here just over a month...:matte-motes-bashful: No harm in asking or posting? So ive clicked on another wall on the house and looked at the details of that (wich i should of done before i posted luls) now i know! And im going to do like you said and change the vertical and horizontal scales, like the other wall. Thanks for both of your replies Youve been
  11. Just incase anyone else has an answer here is the box with the numbers.  
  12. Thanks for your reply Yes your right the vertical texture on the left hand side, was originaly where it was beige now. I was hoping i had just missed somthing small i could tick or untick That seems like a bit to much effort to go to just for one feature wall incase i bugger up the whole house. I guess i will have to come up with plan 2 now... Thanks again Disk
  13. Hi i was wondering if anybody would be able to help, Im having an issue retexturing a wall inside my house. I have two walls in my house that are coming up with mutiple small boxes I would like to retexture the wall in a brick pattern but because of all the small boxes,.... instead of one large one, it looks rubbish........ It only works with a vertical pattern or plain coloured wall Is there a way i can change it so i dont have the multiple small boxes? Thanks  
  14. That's a mansion not a house! Showoff Anyway......Great potos that looks amazing, looks like you have put a lot of effort into that. I hope you you can afford to stay there, it's a shame that renting land isn't affordable to most people, i was reading somewhere as little of 10% of people have land. =/
  15. Parehelion Palou - That looks great, I love the fall colours of the birch trees. So many people have mentioned Skye to me now so it's a must do for gardneing then. GrimSoul - wow that looks pretty, awesome job. Steph Arnott - Nice steph, i love the bali style tiki huts / houses. they work so well with a beach them. Madelaine Mcmasters - What a shame your favorite sime closed, that was one thing i looked into before getting land was to see how long the person had been around forand how many reviews they had. That would be horrible putting in all that effort and then having to ta
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