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  1. actually, it isnt a separate issue in my opinion, but im not going to go back and explain it again for the 10th time.
  2. Perrie Juran wrote: We see clearly what you are saying about Progeny. What we disagree about is whether or not it's a problem. But I do see a bigger problem with someone who would not only engage in potentially felonious activity and not only that, who would solicit others to join them in that activity. Kind of a big difference there, don't you think? well im getting a little tired of people always going back to the biting thing, and completely ignoring the griefing abuse problem that i have brought up several times. If you have issues with what Snow proposed, then take it up
  3. you do actually bother reading what ive posted? I swear sometimes posting in here is like talking to a rock. Do i really need to explain...again...that my issue isn't specifically with the bites themselves? I also think you are making a HUGE assumption about how much of my time i am investing in this. "Life's blood"...really? You act like my entire SL is based around trying to solve the progeny problem. You don't know me, and you have no idea what i do with my time. How about you actually ask before making assumptions? i will say one thing.;..judging from your 10,000+ post count, i spend FAR
  4. irihapeti wrote: but isnt that how vampires actual do see humans. as a food source has really only been since TV shows like Angel and Twilight that vampires have been given the previous unnatural (unvampirey) ability to empathise with their food a vampire (the creature of legend) has no empathy. None. nada. Is a creature on the same level as a mosquito. That a person playing a vampire might imagine or wish it otherwise is a bit delusional. You a mosquito dude !!! And your relevance to me is exactly the same. No matter how much you the mosquito might wish/dream it otherwise. Own your rea
  5. Innula Zenovka wrote: I think you make a good point about how people who don't see your point of view are going to be hard to win over to it. I understand that you and some others are genuinely upset about the activities of these Progeny people, but, as an outsider, I equally genuinely find it difficult to understand what the problem is. As I've mentioned, I'm involved in running a large estate of entertainment sims and I'm very aware of the sort of problems our staff have to deal with day-to-day. We have people trying to rez griefing objects for the hell of it, or harassing other vis
  6. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Unfortunately, you don't walk your talk. Not only are Dres and I not worth your time, but the Progeny folks who've annoyed you aren't either. As you continue to engage them, you provide them all the fuel they need to continue annoying you. Until you learn not to spend time on people who aren't worth it, things will not improve. But I can understand why you don't actually take Snow's advice. She doesn't either. ;-). excuse me? I have decided that dres isnt worth my time because he is, in my opinion, a troll. I don't consider you to be one (at least not yet) ,
  7. They are also sometimes referred to as "poofers". Type that into the search bar on the marketplace, then look under gadgets > particle effects, and you should find quite a few of them
  8. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Oh, I understand perfectly, sweety. One person was rude to you so, instead of just blocking them and going about your merry way, you chose to start targeting Progeny players in order to instigate confrontations with them. Then, once you receive the sort of negative reaction for which you were hoping, you use it to justify you're own inappropriate behavior and come here to proudly post about it, in hopes that one of the other fools here will give you a supportive pat on the back. Unfortunately, by posting here, you open yourself up to the ridicule of those of us
  9. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Until you start respecting people's wish to roll play in peace and private, you've no room to talk about being disrespected. ...Dres Dres, you seem to not be getting how all of this has worked out from my personal experience. When all of this started, all i had done was have a discussion about progeny with a friend of mine in local chat. I wasn't interfering with anyone's RP, nor was i disrespecting anyone's wish to do so. The next thing i know, my avi was being physically assaulted by a progeny player, and when i asked him what the problem was, he threatens me in
  10. Madelaine McMasters wrote: ... I'm also now of the opinion that you and the other complainers have let anger cloud your perceptions, your logic, and your morality.... ok, whether or not you have a problem with Snowgoose's idea of hacking doesn't mean you can make a blanket judgement about the "morality" of the rest of us "complainers". Some of us have every right to be angry because of the type of behavior the progeny system promotes. Anger doesn't mean we can't still be logical, but our logic is going to be based on our perceptions...that's just how things work. You might not get it
  11. Oh, and i just found out today that i have been bitten enough to be a shade, and i know exactly who was responsible. Two days ago, i was at social island 1 (apparently progeny's fave new hangout), and had to go afk. When i came back 30 minutes later, i recieved an IM from a friend who said that two progeny vamps had been standing right next to my avi for at least 10 minutes. She also told me the names of these progeny...botiRD, and lidyaLL. boti has also attacked two of my friends, and has also physically come after me more than once. In an IM conversation, lidyaLL told me that she would stay
  12. First, i think that your use of an alt to reply just shows how little faith progeny players have in their own system. You say you are afraid of being "profiled", yet you willingly participate in a system that has proven to be controversial. What amazes me is people like you who refuse to even acknowledge that people with differing opinions have a valid concern. That just shows how narrow-minded people can be. You claim that our point of view is rediculous and trivial, yet you can't even show your true self and have to hide behind an alt. You claim that people can "escape" from Progeny vampire
  13. so, let me see if i understand all of what Oberon said... for non-players who have no knowledge whatsoever of Progeny, it is a non-issue. Because they are unaware of what is going on, it doesnt matter what happens to them in the course of the progeny rp. Non-players who do have knowledge of progeny (like myself) are basically screwed and have no choice but to just deal with things like being physically griefed by progeny vamps when we discuss it in open chat, or choose to "out" progeny vampires when we warn people about their existence. We have no recourse for any abuse except through the
  14. I totally agree with this, especially the mesh item filters. I have switched over to mostly mesh clothing, but i still use older system clothes for layering under the mesh. I really hate having to look through 50 pages of mesh clothing just to find one non-mesh item.
  15. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Let me see if I understand you, Ima. If I come up to you and say I'm biting your fairie-ness, that's a violation. I won't disagree. I'd could call that harassment. Yet that hasn't stopped me from pinching butts all over SL, and getting consistently good results. Maybe it's the delivery, not the message, that counts. But it's also a violation if I don't say a thing? The OP said (three years ago) that Progeny bites require neither notification nor particpation of the victim. Well then, I challenge you to imagine all the violations I may nor may not have comm
  16. well of course thats what makes people unique. We all have to do what we think is right, even if we dont always agree. I respect that.
  17. I think you may be misunderstanding things a bit. We arent proposing that we literally waste our time sitting in a sim with a sign warning the world about Progeny vampires. I am just as opposed to the progeny system as it exists at the moment, but i also spend my time in SL doing what ive always enjoyed doing...boating, swimming, shopping, clubbing, and socializing. Some of us are capable of multitasking so its not a big trouble to talk about the problems with progeny when the subject comes up, and still be able to enjoy our SL. You do make an interesting point about the difference between P
  18. ok, dres..then let me make myself perfectly clear here. It is very obvious to me what you are trying to do. I dont have to convince you about anything, and i dont have to explain myself in a way that makes sense to you. Ive seen people like you on many other forums, and from my point of view, you are a forum troll. Yes, i get that this is a discussion forum, but i am already tired of your assumptions, your veiled insults, and what looks to me like a condescending attitude towards people who dont "discuss" to your level of personal standards. You dont know me, you dont know what thoughts i have
  19. well, once again, what we have here is a differing point of view as to what is and is not a problem with the progeny system, and apparently, a little something called free speech. Just because you dont see my point of view, that doesnt make me wrong and you right. Just because im concerned about the principle of something doesnt give anyone the right to attack me for being vocal about it. Just because i have spoken up about it doesnt make me "sticking my nose where it doesnt belong", nor does it give you the right to assume that i enjoy drama. That particular statement of yours comes off as ex
  20. Oh, just a little update on why this is a real problem...i was at this sim earlier this evening and three progeny vamps from La Sombra clan show up. I mentioned in local that progeny vamps were in the area and feeding, so people would have the chance to avoid them, and the next thing all three of them attached followers to my avi, and followed me around the sim. I had enough time to AR two of them with screens before i TP'ed out, and reported the last one. Im sure i am dead by now but it shows that they are willing to become not just RP'ers, but griefers to protect their little secret.
  21. Honestly, im not sure how it works, but it does. I rarely use FS as my computer isnt happy with it, but a friend of mine found a way to detect Progeny fangs. In FS, go to "world" > "area search". In "filter" deselect attachment and physical, then type "progeny" in the search. I tested it and it works. It shows any avatar wearing Progeny fangs, and can either be refreshed, or auto-updates when new people rez on the sim. The downside is that the official LL viewer doesnt have this feature, and i would rather be able to do this as a HUD rather than an open dialog box.
  22. i have filed several AR's, so we'll see what happens. I am already checking on the possability of someone making me a detector/scanner. I know that outright preventing bites isnt likely, but if the official Progeny HUD can scan and detect other progeny, im sure it is possible for someone else to make one as well.
  23. I cant speak for the others but you might have missed the part where i said that my avi and that of at least one friend of mine has been subjected to physical griefing over this thing. That goes far beyond just being "butthurt" over being unknowingly exploited by an RP game. Also, i dont really care what goes on with other RP groups...Progeny is the subject of this thread. BL doesnt bite without knowledge or permission, and Gor doesnt do anything at all without RLV, so you cant really compare them to what Progeny does. Of course you arent going to understand the level of frustration (or butth
  24. also check out Vaxer, AVid, Vengeful Threads, Anarchy, and Fashionatic. Sanguinus Keep has a goth/vampire mall where you migh tbe able to find some other shops.
  25. Tala Alisa First, i would totally agree with the suggestion of going to the Safe Waters Foundation headquarters at Union Passage. Join the group and you will have access to some of the best mertail designers in SL. That place will be your number one merlife resource. TSL (The Siren's Lair) has a very nice freebie tail (the sardine), that is mesh and also materials enabled for an awesome texture. It is also mod so you can tint it any color that you like. You can also contact JJ Yowahoshi inworld, or check out her shop in the MP.. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/140931? She made m
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