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  1. ⭐Hello there I am also interested in making friends what kinda music are you into ?
  2. Hello everyone, I am seeking friendship I am easy going person, enjoy shopping, doing hunts,dancing please leave me a note card in world if you'd like to chat <3
  3. im always open to new friends <3
  4. I'm looking for friends also if you would like to chat
  5. Hey, Guys, I need some friends here I am a free spirit, come & go often, I don't want to be someones only reason to log on. Not asking for a 24/7 thing just someone to talk maybe do some shopping or a cuddle Family welcome , I will not be a sub Leave me a note card in world and lets talk <3
  6. Looking for someone who wants to be controlled , please message in world
  7. I spend most of my time alone, I enjoy 80's music,taking pictures,shopping just hanging out ,chatting or being silly
  8. I spend most of my time alone, I enjoy 80's music,taking pictures,shopping just hanging out ,chatting or being silly
  9. What kinda shows do you enjoy watching ? I am standing around most of the time myself
  10. Looking for friends who enjoy sim exploring,shopping,photography. I am an easy going girl, if youthink we could be friends please leave me a message in world or here :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  11. I am looking for someone who is open to being friends and love Female,male trans welcome I find myself to be rather lonley here lately, i do have siblings but they are not on to much so its just me most of the time. I enjoy photography ,exploring sims, dancing , shopping, cuddling, chatting. I am a laid back girl.... anything else you want to know just I.M. me KalelCashmere
  12. So I posted in the forums before looking to take friends met a couple people but seems we are not on at the same time, so here I am again lookingfor friends. I id like to meet people who are intrestined in more than just pose ball hopping. I enjoy hanging out talking or going to a clubdancing, shopping, hunts, exploring the grid,photography 80's music, 90s music, im not to hip on the music that is being played today if I havent board you to death and you might want to be friends send me an im or notecard (kalelcashmere)
  13. I'm an easy going person who enjoys dancing & shopping exploring secondlife. I am open to making friends with everyone just so long as you dont bring drama Sent me message inworld and lets meet :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
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