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  1. Well I was really thinking about an on water one but now I'm not so sure. All of the comments about no privacy are a good point
  2. Yes. I received responses to my tickets, forum alerts. Nothing else. So it's not a gmail thing (at least not entirely)
  3. I also have this problem. Last offlines were on December 14th. Haven't changed the account email settings or gmail settings in years. Opened a support ticket and chatted with an agent. The agent suggested I switch primary email on account. I was loathe to do that as have many filters, etc set up. But did so anyways and it worked- from one gmail to another. And I've heard from others that switching back to the original email address kills it again. Very strange. Hopefully it gets figured out soon
  4. So obviously they won't have a roadmap in cement at this point, but I think we all just want to know what the plans are. Even just as a broad scope. https://twitter.com/ebbealtberg/status/1281353796174540800 It's good and exciting? Cool, why? This is huge news
  5. 23 houses on this region, so I think we can feel a lot more comfortable about knowing this will be generally closer to what the actual regions layout will be. As opposed to, say, the Victorian preview region where they only had like 6-8 out? And this is just spitballing here, but I think the distribution of this region makes sense for what the demand will likely be- about half full water, a quarter mixed, a quarter on full sand. He said there we'd be able to pick from the three - All sand, half & half, all water. Exciting!
  6. I think I'll be staying in my Loggy. Not a beach person in either reality
  7. Yep that's them. My Delaney couch is out front with that same plaid as that Pomeroy. Great options for log cabin decks
  8. One of their previous Club gifts was a 3 seater outdoor bench/sofa. I'm not in world so I can't double check my front lawn to see if this is from the same line. Definitely the same fabrics at least
  9. Yeah I actually heard several people today in world talk about getting the same thing
  10. Is there a website archiving these new names as they rotate in and out of selection? I'd be curious to see them when they do start retiring the new ones
  11. I'd love those, little islands especially. I know some people are thinking 'Why not just get a houseboat'? For myself and I think many others we're looking for some land and water, not just water
  12. That's actually a $50 group join for that one
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