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  1. Needed to tell you I appreciate this witty joke
  2. Celeste has 'Fairy Grasses- Unicorn' and 'Fairy Grasses - Earthy' out for only 50L each. Wanderlust Weekend item sales so they could poof at any moment http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark Beach/116/132/22
  3. I went to pick up this lovely rug but it doesn't seem to be touch-able? Edit: Also I need to say your house spot is amazing and I would die for it
  4. Uh, that's not a normal thing. Use the sound explorer to see if one of your neighbors has a pet rezzed or something
  5. I stopped by a friend's house and she had some items out. Notable was a gorgeous water well with bucket attached. Hefty at 21 li but lovely looking
  6. I had faith OF THE HEART! 🎶
  7. As soon as I logged off, I knew it
  8. Looks like my alpacca swallowed me
  9. Hi I need this in binary, thx!
  10. In preparation for the Fantasy homes I will be abandoning my beautiful Loggy that I've had since day 1 of release. It backs up to a very wide river and in fact is located on one of the few "islands" on the subcontinent!! A real find. Hope the next owner loves it as much as I did http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Windsock/235/102/58 I will be abandoning it at 7:40 am SLT
  11. That's really pretty. Is color change included? Adult or PG?
  12. 🐉I would be happy to be proven wrong if it's this week and not next week
  13. Viewing party won't quite be the same though without the land connection. The previous ones have been fun community events
  14. I'd want to be in MIthrandir
  15. Some of those names are deep cut nerdy. I'm lovin' it!
  16. O awesome Patch, I'm on vacation next week...is that going to intersect with "very soon"? 😬 ⏳ Cause there's no way I'm missing the opening of this one
  17. I guess it's time to pack up my Loggy
  18. What's the evidence for this?
  19. https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/fantasy-town-names.php A great resource for possible region names!
  20. In preparation for Fantasy homes! And a few more, at the current round of Chronicles & Legends! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nymphai/62/112/3118
  21. I do agree with you. However I think that sadly, this is probably going to be the closest to a "non-real" house that we're going to get. Thus I will look for an awesomely landscaped spot and make it my own
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