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  1. I can make this for you! Just contact me InWorld or send me a PM.
  2. I can do it for you let's start with the rope. 300$ okay? Animations are kinda time consuming so maybe tell me how much u want to spend for it
  3. The best is to see the example to make a fair quote.. Or give a budget for the total order, I came back to SL recently so just wanting to rebuild a recent portfolio
  4. Do you want the ring rope to act with physics? so it hangs in a curve like a real rope?
  5. Hello Thanks for the quick Reply. Yes I could do that too, just show me what you need
  6. Hello can we plan a chat ?? as it's easier to discuss the real needs
  7. I can teach building and scripting all levels
  8. Okay I am just getting back into SL, but have a lot of old friends and experience. Hit me up with the details of what you want, I can bring you a payable solution!
  9. Hello this can take some time to script.... but it's def. possible! Just hit me up!
  10. have a script which listens to a channel. And wear it on the weapon. Add the shooting thing, animation + shooting bullet?? place this function within the listener....
  11. Hello just explain what you want as an end result
  12. I can do the second within short time, I can do first in a few weeks
  13. Hello I am a real world grphic/web designer... I can make some designs for you
  14. can make it for you just pm me or send me NC in world
  15. Hi I could create this for you ... just leave me an in game message or notecard to talk about the cost of it
  16. Hello I have been in SL total for over 10 years now, I am a RL programmer, webshop owner and internet marketing expert. I am always up for a challenge, if you send me a NC with the times you are online we can catch up and figure some things out
  17. Hello I am a software engineer in RL with over 10 years LSL scripting atm. Send me a NC with times which suites you to have an interview so we can talk about how long it will take, what details you want and how much you are wanting to pay
  18. Hello I could help you Just send me a NC in game
  19. We can build one for you ... If you want to pay a good price --||-
  20. Hello I can help you over 10 years LSL experience
  21. Hello I am a scripter I might be able to help you... contact me inworld please
  22. if you are still looking for a scripter, you can try to get in touch with me ingame.... I am a real life software engineer which scripts in sl as a side job... I wasn't taking any jobs for a long time, but I am right now.
  23. I am a scripter maybe I can help you ? I am also a real life software developer .. get in touch with me if you are still looking for the script.
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