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  1. I'm planning on opening a store and rather than make my own crappy logos and watermarks I'd rather spend some money to have an expert do it. Reply or shoot me an IM in-world if you're interested. Thanks!
  2. Hey : ) How much experience do you already have with Blender? If you're using Marvelous Designer with the sole purpose of making clothing items for Second Life then it's probably not worth the money for the subscription. MD is a good platform for concepting but not so ideal for production when used in conjunction with blender because of the difficulty retopologizing. Some other programs have ways around this but I haven't found any for Blender. It's easier just to use the internal cloth simulation.
  3. Do you have any reference pictures of the style you have in mind for your club?
  4. I sent you a notecard as you seem to be offline at the moment.
  5. Sounds simple enough. Just shoot me an IM. I'm usually on in the evening. U.S. Central time.
  6. So, I went out of town for two weeks and used SL just fine on my laptop. I came back and tried to use it on my desktop and found that I couldn't even log in. When I run the program it gets stuck on the little pop up box that says "Initializing VFS." This problem occurs exactly the same on every viewer I've tried. Both Linden Labs and third party. I've tried reinstalling and doing clean installs. And yes, when I say clean install I mean everything. I went through my files and made sure nothing was left, especially from the caches. I even updated my graphics card driver to the latest version. Tried running as Administrator Tried changing internet connections (I've got two services) Tried reseting modem This is really confusing because I used to run SL just fine on my desktop. I've researched the issue and have tried everything everyone else has suggested on other threads. I'm really out of ideas. I'd appreaciate any help I could get. Thanks : )
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